Welcome to the USS Hera NCC-79010

"A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. LLAP"
-Leonard Nimoy (1931-2015)

"Pain of the heart makes pain of the body seem trivial in comparison."
-Azmaria Post (1980-)

After the USS Bonchune was refit and renamed the USS Hera, she was placed in a reconnaissance role at the Klingon-Romulan border. That's the 'official' mission. The actual mission is a much more sinister and top secret affair that no one on board, not even the Captain herself, yet fathoms the complexities of.

What dark and sinister secrets will the crew of the Hera discover? What will it cost them? And most importantly, will they survive with their sanity intact?

Join Captain Enalia Telvan and her crew as they travel the stars under the command of the Hera's senior staff and her many experienced officers, as they discover the secrets of the Klingon-Romulan border.

LGBTQ Safe Haven

This game is rated 18+ for adult audiences only.

Latest News Items

» Future of the Hera

Posted on Tue Oct 11th, 2016 @ 4:16am by Captain Enalia Telvan in Sim Announcement

As many of you may know, my health isn't the best and hasn't been very cooperative lately. Due to this and other issues, I've decided to place the Hera in Narrative status for now so I can focus on real life and dedicate what little time I have to my other command, the USS Katana.

What does this mean for the Hera crew and our wonderful writers? For now, the plot is on hold. You can continue writing character development as you like. We'll just be in a holding pattern of the ship resupplying other smaller ships and scanning random things in the JFS47 stellar nursery. Yes, people have still been kidnapped and returned, but without any solid leads, the plot will not advance for now.

How long will this be? That I can't say. For now I'm going to aim to get things moving again early next year, that way we can all try to get through the cold weather and the holidays without worries.

Thank you for your understanding.
Cpt Enalia Telvan

» Harassment and Discrimination Policy

Posted on Fri Jun 17th, 2016 @ 3:00pm by Commander Angelica Fairchild in General News

The Split World Alliance is a sisterhood of peace and friendship between role playing simulations and the writers who make these simulations possible. We are committed to maintaining a safe environment for all writers involved in all of our simulations, and that unfortunately means we must make and revise rules and policies in order to hold to our commitment.

The harassment and discrimination policy is designed as a guideline to keep all interactions civil and as loving as possible. It will be regarded as a living document, one that will adapt to our changing environment as the Alliance grows. It is by no means meant to cover every possible situation; rather, it serves as a reminder that we are all learning to love and respect one another as one does a cherished sibling.

The policy may be reviewed at this location: http://wiki.split-world.com/doku.php?id=harassment_policy

» Orlando

Posted on Mon Jun 13th, 2016 @ 6:46am by Chief Petty Officer Ginifred Klem in General News

First, I want to apologize for taking up space on the news section, but I felt some words would be good to be said. The USS Hera like many sims in fleets and elsewhere is a global community with writers from across the globe. Some of us come from far reaching countries and even myself (though a native of the United States) am presently living in Japan.

In the state of Florida in the United States there was a horrific event that has taken place that has taken the lives of at least fifty men and women at a Gay club in the city of Orlando. Many more were injured in this ordeal and it has sent ripples of pain throughout various communities, not just the LGBTQ community but to friends, family, and vast communities regardless of gender, sex, sexual orientation or religious beliefs.

Today and for some time to come, I will be mourning for the loss of so many lives and the hundreds of lives effected by this atrocity. I am sure that I speak for many when I say our hearts go out to these families and to the greater communities coping with the aftermath. I wanted to personally say thank you to everyone here and on several sims because you have been welcoming to lGBTQ writers and characters, providing a safe space for the creative expression of myself and others. Thank you truly.

» IRC Chat Migration

Posted on Mon Oct 26th, 2015 @ 5:25pm by Captain Enalia Telvan in Website Update

Due to continued technical issues with Ace IRC, we've taken steps to move chat functionality to a new server that promises better reliability and is used for charities. The info is listed below if you use your own IRC client. Otherwise, please just click on the 'Chat' tab at the top of the page. ^_^ Thank you for your understanding.

Server - irc.ourworldalliance.org
Room - #SWAlliance


» This is a test message

Posted on Sun Sep 27th, 2015 @ 1:38am by Captain Enalia Telvan in General News

This is a test since my last news entry was blocked by outbound spam filters.


Latest Mission Posts

» Wedding Bash

Mission: Talosian Perversions
Posted on Thu Jul 7th, 2016 @ 5:02am by Captain Enalia Telvan & Petty Officer 2nd Class Amelia Takethen & Aewia Larani & Maica III 47 & Commander Angelica Fairchild & Commander Sinek & Lieutenant Commander Ethan Chaparral MD & Lieutenant Ventarus Nosplet & Lieutenant Daln Hadren & Lieutenant Taro Ishakawa & Lieutenant Dylan Santiago & Chief Petty Officer Ginifred Klem & Nexi

-=Bridal Prep Room=-

Enalia had snuck into the bride prep area where Angel and Amelia were being prepped for the wedding. Hair, nails, makeup... the whole nine meters were being done by the ship's professional makeup artists and hairdressers. "How's everything going? Everyone excited?"

"I've thrown up twice, and I…

» Party Prep

Mission: Talosian Perversions
Posted on Thu Jun 30th, 2016 @ 3:58pm by Captain Enalia Telvan & Maica III 47 & Lieutenant Daln Hadren & Lieutenant Taro Ishakawa & Chief Petty Officer Ginifred Klem & Nexi


Enalia was back in her quarters and back in her love's arms, the insanely beautiful Maica III. But rather than have a wonderful reunion, they both had work to do. It wasn't long after that both were heading off their separate ways for various preparations. The saucer was almost…

» Away Mission Resupply P2

Mission: Talosian Perversions
Posted on Sun Jun 12th, 2016 @ 9:36am by Captain Enalia Telvan & Lieutenant Daln Hadren & Chief Petty Officer Ginifred Klem & Nexi

Enalia was in one of the bunks doing some light reading when her alarm went off. That alarm meant they'd be arriving at the joint Federation Romulan station to get the 'care package' that they were here to tow back to the Hera. The trip had been uneventful and unusually…

» Saucer Seperation

Mission: Talosian Perversions
Posted on Sun Jun 12th, 2016 @ 9:05am by Captain Enalia Telvan & Commander Angelica Fairchild & Commander Sinek & Lieutenant Ventarus Nosplet & Lieutenant Taro Ishakawa & Chief Petty Officer Ginifred Klem & Ensign Julián De Rivera


Enalia sighed heavily. It had been a long two weeks, but they were finally back. Well... Relatively back. They were at stationkeeping at the moment, about six kilometers from the starboard side of the Hera. They had released the tractor on the cargo pod and were waiting for the…

» Curiouser and Curiouser

Mission: Where Angels Fear to Tread
Posted on Thu May 19th, 2016 @ 6:17pm by Commander Sinek & Lieutenant Ventarus Nosplet

Lieutenant Commander Sinek had no issues keeping himself busy. He knew that with the Captain Telvan down, Angel would be the acting captain. Since he was the Second Officer, Sinek would have to assume Executive Officer duties to lift that burden from the one he chose to love.

He had…

Latest Personal Logs

» The Basis of Logic

Posted on Wed Feb 17th, 2016 @ 2:01pm by Commander Sinek

The personal log of Lieutenant Commander Sinek

In an interview today with Petty Officer Takethen, I was caused to reflect upon my own logic. This logic dealt with life and death. My logical stance has always been if something is dead, it should remain dead. For all other living around,…

» Snacks not to be served at memorials

Posted on Mon May 11th, 2015 @ 4:14am by Captain Enalia Telvan

Captain's log, stardate... I forgot again. Computer, just put a time stamp on this your damned self...

Today was the memorial. Twenty nine people. If Angel hadn't been there, I wouldn't have made it through that eulogy. There's so much I want to say... need to say... but it won't…

» Changes

Posted on Fri May 8th, 2015 @ 7:27pm by Commander Angelica Fairchild

I never signed up to be a command level officer. Didn't go through all that fancy command school training. I mean, sure. I wanted to command a ship someday, but doesn't everyone in Starfleet? I just figured it would be way on down the line as far as my career…

» Being Chosen

Posted on Tue Apr 28th, 2015 @ 11:18pm by Commander Angelica Fairchild

I always swore I'd never date a fellow officer. And I kept good on that word... until now, anyway. Funny thing is I wasn't given much choice in the matter, and I don't mind that at all. That's not the only odd bit about it though.

You know how it's…

» To Love Verses In Love

Posted on Mon Apr 27th, 2015 @ 3:25am by Commander Sinek

Chief Science Officer's Log

Tonight I informed a human female that I loved her. There are many who would argue that this is not the Vulcan way. We do not show affection; we do not love.

I learned from my first meld with a human, also today. Love is not…