Welcome to the USS Hera NCC-79010

"A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. LLAP"
-Leonard Nimoy (1931-2015)

"Pain of the heart makes pain of the body seem trivial in comparison."
-Azmaria Post (1980-)

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After the USS Bonchune was refit and renamed the USS Hera, she was placed in a science and reconnaissance role across the Federation. That's the 'official' mission. The actual mission is a much more sinister and top secret affair that no one on board, not even the Captain herself, yet fathoms the complexities of.

Now that the Hera has undergone yet another refit supervised by Starfleet Intel using technology they're not happy letting be public knowledge, what dark and sinister secrets will the crew of the Hera discover as they embark on their new missions? What will it cost them? And most importantly, will they survive with their sanity intact?

Join Captain Enalia Telvan and her crew as they travel the stars under the command of the Hera's senior staff and her many experienced officers, as they discover the secrets of deep space.

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Latest News Items

» Escaped Pantheons and More!

Posted on Thu Nov 1st, 2018 @ 1:43pm by Captain Enalia Telvan in Sim Announcement

Happy November!

We had a wonderful October, we broke both our goals, and a lot of good writing has been done! We even got through an amazing mission and are in final wrap up posts now.

That being said, over the course of the next couple weeks, a couple things need to happen.
- We need award nominations - most of them will be put in by the Sr Staff, but if you think someone is deserving, put in a nomination!
- All remaining Hera v Hera posts need to be wrapped up and posted. If it takes place after we leave Meroset 347 it can take place during the start of Escaped Pantheons. I'll probably close Hera v Hera in a few days, either way.
- It's time to gear up for Escaped Pantheons! The planning document will be available for reading soon, so please look over it at your leisure by using the magnifying glass on the right to read it before editing it.

To try to align with the announcement of fleet awards, we'll be announcing mission awards on the 15th. (Or trying to) I expect there will be quite a few, so please look forward to it!

Captain Enalia Telvan
USS Hera NCC-79010

» September and Recent Awards

Posted on Tue Oct 23rd, 2018 @ 11:26am by Captain Enalia Telvan in General News

Hello again everyone! I've realized that I didn't tell you all about all of our recent awards! Let's start with the Theta Fleet September awards that we won first, shall we?

--Unit of Distinction Gold Area 51 - We literally blew the competition out of the water with 207 posts and an average of 18.82 entries per user. That is a record! Go us! You are all amazing and deserve all the praise!

--TGCO Unit of Merit 51C - We so impressed our task group commander on our reopening they had to give their award to us. The site is the same, which means, this is all you!

--Writer of the Month Area 51 - Lt Cmdr Rita Paris - She's the one that coordinated everything and helped get us all in line so we could make such an amazing comeback. She also recruited most of you and taught you what you needed to know about Nova, collaborative writing, the Hera, or anything else you needed to get into the crazy world we're writing in. But without all of you, she and I wouldn't even be here.

And now for the USS Hera awards! For the sake of brevity, I'm leaving out any awards that were handed out for the prior mission if they pertain to the time before the relaunch. There are still quite a few, even without them. If you're not in this list, don't worry - it's likely because you weren't part of the crew yet or were just joining us. I can guarantee you'll all be in the next batch of awards!

- Spirit of Hera
Lt Asa Dael

- Enigma Ribbon of Excellence
Lt Samuel Clemens XV

- Unsung Hero
Lt JG Melanie Dox
Crewman Ila Dedjoy

- Paris-Kim Friendship Ribbon
Lt Cmdr Thex sh'Zoarhi

- Scientific Discovery
Lt Sonak

- Hera's Crew Choice
Lt Cmdr Rita Paris

- Recruitment Ribbon
Lt Cmdr Rita Paris

- Cupid's Arrow
Lt Cmdr Rita Paris
Lt Sonak

That's it for now! More awards are being determined as I write this for the current mission! Once October fleet awards are determined I'll go through all the Hera nominations and I'll put out another news item like this so please look forward to it!

Captain Enalia Telvan
USS Hera NCC-79010

» Official Relaunch

Posted on Sat Sep 1st, 2018 @ 12:07pm by Captain Enalia Telvan in Sim Announcement

First of all, I want to thank everyone for all their support over the past month or so. Everything you've done has been greatly appreciated and I look forward to exploring the future of the Hera with all of you.

Second offf, today is our official relaunch day. It's been an emotional road and I've gotten some good counseling for what happened that led to the closure of the Hera, but today is a day for celebration! Today we start putting out all those posts we've been backlogging! The First Officer and I have a schedule of posts that are going to go out and the goal is to get all the current posts out by the end of the 14th so we can start the next mission on the 15th. An OOC document detailing post order for those posts will be put out shortly so everyone knows the chronological order of the posts so they get posted in the same order. If you have a post not on there, please add it and indicate if it's finished or not.

Third off, a bit of an administrative note... Anyone that is not part of a post by the 14th will be assumed to not be an active writer and will be dropped from the Hera. This should be fair as the time period for this includes the posts we've been working on the past few weeks and the ones we'll be able to write over the next two weeks.

Lastly, where are we in the story? When we left off, we had just arrived at the Artan Family Orbital Fortress for shore leave and resupply. What does this fortress look like? Well, it's a 140km wide platform with a half globe clear dome over it. The center pillar is a silver castle. The platform has lakes, forests, hot springs, horse riding racks, a beach... Imagine Risa but in a snowglobe. There are massive support structures hanging below it in a city-like manner, but the crystal and silver castle and grounds surrounding it are the main attraction. In Enalia's bio there's a painting I did of it - not the best, but it should give you a visual idea of the scale (there's a tiny Hera on the right side).

Anyway, after the two weeks of shore leave and a LOT of crew transfers, Starfleet Intel Command has a new assignment for us. Hera, the goddess, is pissed off for some reason and harrassing people across the galaxy with her minions. She's been tracked down and we're being sent to find out what her problem is and deal with it.

On the 15th please look forward to the next exciting mission! Hera v Hera!

Captain Enalia Telvan
USS Hera NCC-79010

» Major Update

Posted on Thu Aug 16th, 2018 @ 11:31am by Captain Enalia Telvan in Website Update

The SWA custom version of nova, and thus the Hera, has been updated from 2.3.2.AZ1 to 2.5.1.AZ1. There are still some php issues because of so many incompatibilities with nova and php 7.2 but 2.3.2 just doesn't work on it. On the bright side, at least now the error logs aren't twice the size of the entire sim and we have some cool new features to play with! ^_^

As for the one bug that I can identify so far, it's just a warning saying that 7.3 isn't going to support something we're using so we need to fix it on every... single... page... load...

So yeah, I'll be working to fix that before I push it out to the rest of the SWA hosted sims. ^_^ My deadline is December so I should be able to get it done in time. I'll try to use the Hera's clone to troubleshoot this on so don't worry about service interruptions.


» Final Awards

Posted on Wed Jul 25th, 2018 @ 11:43am by Captain Enalia Telvan in General News

So it's come to my attention that even though the sim is closed now and though the chances of it being reopened are slim, some of you may care about the awards that were being awarded right before the closure. There are a few awards missing as the award selection process wasn't complete, but here's a list of those that were selected.

- Black Blood Survival Ribbon – For surviving the infection (PC and NPC)
Commodore Farenia Meowlith
Chief Warrant Officer Daytona Ral
Staff Warrant Officer Nexi
Ahreva Malana
Aewia Larani
Lieutenant Commander T'Pral Jordan
Lieutenant Commander Eneas Clio

- Master Campaign Survival – For being alive when he died (PC only)
Captain Enalia Telvan
Commander Mal Xustos
Lieutenant Commander T'Pral Jordan
Lieutenant Commander Thex sh'Zoarhi
Lieutenant Commander Eneas Clio
Lieutenant Vaemyn
Akira Zhuri

- Team Dynamics
Lieutenant Rita Paris
For coordinating the crew during a time of crisis in the middle of a dark matter ion storm that was wreaking havoc with ship systems as well as coming up with the basis for the plan that eventually got us out of it quicker than waiting it out.

- Clara Barton Nursing Ribbon
Lieutenant Marci Ulfred
For her support and abilities during not only the power loss over Granweh, but also the health care of Daytona Ral when he only had one leg to stand on.

- Scientific Discovery
Lieutenant Vaemyn
For the work done researching the dark matter ion storm the ship was almost lost in.
Ensign Mona Gonadie
For literally flying us into dark matter ion storm the ship was almost lost in.
Crewman Ila Dedjoy
For the work done researching the dark matter ion storm the ship was almost lost in.
Lieutenant Rita Paris
For helping coordinate the work done researching the dark matter ion storm the ship was almost lost in.
Lieutenant Commander Thex sh'Zoarhi
For the work done researching a way out of the dark matter ion storm the ship was almost lost in.

- Paris-Kim Friendship Ribbon
Lieutenant Commander Thex sh'Zoarhi
Lieutenant Rita Paris

- B'Elanna Torres Treknobabble Commendation
Lieutenant Commander Thex sh'Zoarhi
Thex can casually rattle off things about the Hera's engines that most people don't even think about and did so in a tour of Main Engineering for Rita.

- Cross of Valor
Lieutenant Commander Thex sh'Zoarhi
Cut open a power conduit and crawled through it to get to the other side of a sealed door to save a fellow crewmember, suffering nearly fatal injuries in the process while being chased by another crewmember taken over by a mind controlling black blood infection.

- Diane Duane Citation for Excellence in Writing
Lieutenant Vaemyn
His portrayal of Doctor Who and related characters during the Holographic Horrors mission was superb and without reproach. There was even a fez.

- Bard Citation for Beautiful Literature
Lieutenant Rita Paris
In the hort time that she's been here, she's literally written a novel's worth. It hasn't all gone well, but much of it has gone better than expected.

- Spirit of Hera
Lieutenant Vaemyn
For his outstanding portrayal of the Doctor.

As I said above, there are a few awards missing, like Captain, XO, and 2O Awards of Merit. There were also some flavor awards I was hoping to go through as well. Overall though, of the 28 awards that were awarded, I think everyone did amazingly well. Thank you all for being such amazing writers.


Latest Mission Posts

» The Continuing Adventures of the Gold and the Blue

Mission: Escaped Pantheons
Posted on Tue Nov 13th, 2018 @ 4:07pm by Lieutenant Commander Thex sh'Zoarhi & Lieutenant Commander Rita Paris

The blue eyes of the ship's engineer were staring at the alien words on the computer screen. She'd taken her computer apart and rebuilt it to make sure what she was reading was real. Even then the virus checks had found nothing wrong with the lines of digital code. They…

» Breakfast On The Hull

Mission: Escaped Pantheons
Posted on Tue Nov 13th, 2018 @ 2:10am by Lieutenant Commander Rita Paris & Captain Enalia Telvan

In order to allot the time, Rita Paris had slid it into the captain's schedule of meetings. Likely she'd be in her ready room when she got the alert, would grumble about what the hell was on deck 10, assume that Rita was planning to demo some wackadoodle idea and…

» Luncheon Debrief

Mission: Escaped Pantheons
Posted on Sun Nov 11th, 2018 @ 11:25pm by Lieutenant Samuel Clemens XV & Captain Enalia Telvan & Lieutenant Commander Rita Paris & Lieutenant Commander Thex sh'Zoarhi & Lieutenant Seregon French & Lieutenant Sonak & Lieutenant JG Melanie Dox & Lieutenant JG Asa Dael & Ensign Avendar Jurot & Lieutenant Alex Sexton & Maica III 47

The USS Hera had left Meroset 347 a few days ago, Hera herself was behaving very well, all the reports were in, Command was happy, and the last of the details that needed to be handled had been handed over to the crew of the USS Forthright. Enalia couldn't have…

» Office With A View

Mission: Escaped Pantheons
Posted on Sun Nov 11th, 2018 @ 1:45am by Lieutenant Commander Rita Paris

On the lengthy list of 'things Rita Paris was getting to', looking into her new office had thus far been remarkably low on that priority list.

While the official manifest had listed the office of the executive officer on Deck 1, opposite the Captain's Ready Room, Captain Telvan had indicated…

» Questions For A Goddess

Mission: Escaped Pantheons
Posted on Sun Nov 11th, 2018 @ 1:14am by Lieutenant Commander Rita Paris & Captain Enalia Telvan & Lieutenant Commander Thex sh'Zoarhi

Thex didn't want to do this. Having to talk to any lifeforms that a phaser wasn't going to affect and had the ability to create minotaurs terrified her. Well, besides that jellyfish of hers, but he'd never taken over any planets.

Still, she needed to get some answers for the…

Latest Personal Logs

» Medical status

Posted on Sun Nov 11th, 2018 @ 3:32pm by Ensign Avendar Jurot

Chief counselor's log.

I just returned from meeting the being called Hera. Also present was Lieutenant Commander Paris, with whom, I deduce, Hera has some history. The purpose of my meeting with her was to determine, if possible, why the being "Gaia" possessed me, and for what purpose.

Hera's answers…

» First Day as Chief Flight Control Officer

Posted on Tue Oct 30th, 2018 @ 2:00pm by Lieutenant JG Melanie Dox

Lieutenant Junior Grade Melanie Dox, personal log.

Maybe I should say Chief Flight Control Officer but that still sounds weird to me. That said today was my orientation and my first day as the head of the department and I suppose it went well. At least, I hope it went…

» Chief Counselors Personal Log

Posted on Fri Sep 21st, 2018 @ 1:06pm by Ensign Avendar Jurot

Starfleet is sending us on a mission to neutralize yet another Higher Order being with delusions of Godhood. Their orders are specific on this, yet I think there are things the Captain are not telling us.

Also, my security clearance is high enough to know all about this ship, yet…

» Counselor's Log: New Billet

Posted on Sun Sep 16th, 2018 @ 5:54pm by Ensign Avendar Jurot

Chief Counselor's Personal Log, Stardate 72681.4

I've been checked into my new assignment as Chief Counselor on the USS Hera. We have yet to leave drydock, so I've started my assignment of "onboarding" new crew, as well as reviewing the files of current crew as well. I've also started conducting…

» Out of the ashes rises a Phoenix

Posted on Fri Sep 7th, 2018 @ 5:24pm by Lieutenant Seregon French

When Seregon was a girl, she read old comics. And because of the color of her hair, she Identified with one character in particular. The Phoenix of a group they called the Xmen! Earth had long given up on finding super heroes to worship, but who knew what could happen…