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Captain Enalia Telvan

Name Enalia Telvan

Position Commanding Officer

Second Position Queen of the Artans

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Joined Trill
Age 39
Birthday 31 December 2354
Sexual Orientation Lesbian
Character Type none

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 160lb
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Long black hair, dark brown eyes, usual joined trill spots, about 5'10”, athletic.
Specialized Equipment Pair of 2150's style Phase Pistols upgraded to modern standards but still using energy cartridges to select mode
- Transporter cartridges for both
- Medium stun cartridges for both
- One disintegration cartridge

Custom MACO Tactical EV combat suit coated in vantablack camo Combat Armor

Hand engraved platinum plaque with the names of all crew that have died under her command


Spouse/Significant Other Maica III Copy 47
Children Moira - newborn daughter that's an augmented clone of her mother with injected DNA of the Orion dancer that MAICA was modelled after and Enalia herself.
Father Havren Artan - Deceased
Mother Arenara Artan - Deceased
Sister(s) Regina Artan - Deceased

Personality & Traits

General Overview She's a troll - loves messing with people's minds. Confident and calculating. Cynical after her last encounter with pirates.

Personal History Before being joined, obtained level 6 pilot credentials and degrees in Warp Mechanics and Astrophysics. She was class president for 2 years during her schooling and immediately made the rank of Lieutenant in the Trill home defense force. Passed the symbiont candidacy selection, and was in line to be joined with a young symbiote having only 2 prior lives but due to circumstances out of her control, never happened. The symbiont had to be joined with another Trill on the way back to the homeworld. Applied to Starfleet Academy. It is rumored that her Pirate Queen mother spent a small fortune to get her to the head of the line for the selection process.

After 2 years of further study at Starfleet Academy, selected for a refit Nebula class starship and to be the first host of a young symbiote, which is a very unique honor and classically confusing experience for both Trill and Symbiote. After a trip to the Trill homeworld and a successful Joining she reported to the USS Hera and upon arrival, was assigned as Captain at the rank of LtCmdr based on her prior credentials, skills, and training. Also joined the ranks of those that have beaten the Kobayashi Maru no-win scenario during her time at the Academy by adding in sensor profiles of her family's pirate fleet and placing them at her disposal.

After the first tour and a trip through time from 2388 to 2392, the USS Hera was refit and reassigned to Intel Command. Much has changed in the intervening years, including the removal of all trainees and the severe increase of the lethality of the missions the crew undertakes.
Service Record 2354 - Enalia Artan born
2366 - Kidnapped, father killed in the process, rescued by her younger sister
2368 - Began running pirate missions for her family
2370 - Rescued Schwein
2372 - Joined Trill Home Defense Fleet
2374 - Joined Starfleet
2378 - Graduated Starfleet Valedictorian after beating the Kobayashi Maru
2378 - Assigned to courier duty for Intel Command, worked her way into the ranks
2387 - Took Command of the USS Hera
2388 - USS Hera was lost in time for 4 years
2392 - USS Hera returned from the past