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Lieutenant Commander Sonak

Name Sonak

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcan
Age 66 (193)
Sexual Orientation heterosexual
Character Type pc

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight 180lbs
Hair Color black
Eye Color grey
Physical Description The typical slim Vulcan albeit more athletic looking than most. His pale eyes are somewhat rather rare.
Specialized Equipment Standard tricorder he has however upgraded to display data faster to his convenience.

Under his service shirt he inconspicuously wears a black Vulcan Anh Woon as a belt when going on a potentially hazardous away mission.


Spouse/Significant Other Lieutenant Commander Rita Paris
Children none
Father S'Kon (deceased)
Mother T'prell(deceased)
Brother(s) none
Sister(s) none
Other Family none

Personality & Traits

General Overview Utterly calm and composed even beyond Vulcan standards.

In his original timeline, (Kelvin timeline) he was the last surviving kolinarh master of New Vulcan who chose to serve in Starfleet in order to ensure a better chance of survival of his kind after the destruction of Vulcan.

While most Vulcans learn from childhood to strictly control their emotions, He is utterly devoid of emotions, having been submitted to the kolinarh discipline at an unprecedented age. The reason; he was born with uncanny psionics abilities, able to perform telepathy at a distance as easily as an adult Betazoid and even capable of telekinesis as the Vulcans of the Time before the Awakening. the kolinarh was the only sure way to prevent him from going insane from the constant bombardment of outside thoughts and learn enough control so as to not become a danger to others with his powers.And thus, he became a master at 16, the youngest in Vulcan History.

As a consequence, He never experienced Pon Farr.

Now that he has reached the prime universe, he has found his psionics greatly diminished by the different quantum resonnance of this new reality; down to the normal level of the Vulcans still alive and prosperous on the still existing homeworld. Accepting the logic of the situation, he adapted to his new life with the typical stoicism of his kind.

That acceptance was greatly facilitated by his reunion with his Thy'la; human Lieutenant Commander Rita Paris, another refugee from his own universe.

Strengths & Weaknesses Extraordinary composure in times of stress but very little ressources to deal with emotional situations around him. But he is slowly but surely learning, thanks to his intimate relationship with a Human woman.

As a kolinarh master, Sonak purged himself of all emotions and learned advanced forms of logic, philosophy, History, sciences, meditation, teaching and martial arts

As a Kolinarh master, he has become immune to the Pon Farr cycle and his stable, unique relationship with a human female is operating changes in his psyche and physiology even he can't envision yet.

As all Vulcans, he is a pacifist at heart;that will make him follow to the letter the Starfleet Rules of Engagement, sometimes too rigidly. He would only use lethal force when there is absolutely no other option and he could prove quite stubborn in this regard.

In the same manner, he will be a by the book officer, unless logic would dictate a better alternative. Emotional appeal will always fall on a deaf ear with him. He simply does not understand it.

Ambitions In his original life, it was:
-to perpetuate and widen the achievement of Kolinhar beyond logic,
-Ensure the survival of the Vulcan people and culture
- Promote the IDIC philosophy as a starship captain.
-Bring that knowledge and experience gained in Starfleet to achieve the previously listed goals.

Now in a new life, in a new time and place, he hopes to resume his career in Starfleet, the one his counterpart in this prime universe had been deprived by accidental death a century earlier. Since here Vulcan is whole and prosperous and his people well, he feels free of his obligations as a kolinarh master and thus to explore the wonders of the universe and contribute to knowledge and wisdom... starting with his revived relationship with Rita Paris.
Hobbies & Interests Very curious about human behavior

Interested in all sciences

Sonak is most interested in the study of other sentient species especially through their martial arts, the rationalization of violence that is most telling of a species outlook, nature and developpement. He is already a master of those of his native planet (Pon-Ifla, Kareel-Ifla &Suus Mahna and especially the V'Shan or telepathic pressure points) and has knowledge of Andorian Hsvalath and the rules of the uushaan, Klingon Mokbara as well as Terran Ambojitsu and a few old Human forms like Taekwon-Do and Hapkido. He is most fascinated by the approach of Jeet Kune Do and of Aikido in particular.

He is also very curious about human cinema, Andorian theather and Klingon opera and a skillful payer of the Vulcan lyre.

Tridimensional chess, Vulcan Kalto and human Go are his prefered games.

Having done the Desert Trial on Vulcan in his youth, he is quite adept at Desert Survival... and as of now, has still not learned how to swim.

Personal History Sonak was born in the 23rd century of an alternate timeline and reality created by the displacement of a Romulan terrorist and a Vulcan ambassador from the prime universe. The son of geneticist S"Kon of the Vulcan Science Academy and of T'Prell a priestess of Gol, he was born with excepional psionic abilities, including distant mind meld and limited telekinesis, he was seen as a revival of the Vulcans of antiquity; something to wonder about... and be cautious about as well.

Since childhood, he was entrusted to the masters of the Gol monastery until starting to serve in Starfleet prior to the destruction of Vulcan.

The last living kolinhar master of his original universe, he had a residence in the new Kolinhar temple on new Vulcan but spent almost all of his time on Starfleet facilties.

He served several decades in Starfleet, his careerculminating with the command of the USS Exeter as flag captain to Admiral Michael Stuart until a freak transporter accident snatched his first officer and intimate life partner, the human Rita paris, from his reality. Failing in getting help and authorization from Starfleet to attempt her retrieval, he resigned his commission and returned to New Vulcan, apparently to resume a life of contemplation and guidance as the only living kolinarh master.

A few months later, after communing with the preserved katra of prime universe Spock and covertly getting DNA samples from the Spock of his own universe, Sonak managed to steal the experimental scout ship that had brought the deceased one in his reality, use the slingshot effect calculations learned from him and the quantum resonnance of his thy'la's last message to break the temporal and transdimensional barrier.

Upon his arrival in the prime universe of the 24th century in search of his lost Thy'la, he reunited with his lost homeworld and it's people before applying again to Starfleet. After strict security screening, he was allowed to work up to modern levels of proficiency and graduated with high Honors in half the required time due to his already several decades of space experience and after exhibiting proficiency well beyond even serving officers, up to and including defeating the famous Kobayashi Maru no-win scenario by pitting the computer against itself. This unprecedented success promoted him to full Lieutenant and he was assigned to the USS Hera at his well-earned request... and thus reunite with his lost thy'la, also a refugee from his own former universe.

Service Record In his original life, he had a distinguished career as a Starfleet officer:
- Joined Starfleet Academy and graduated 1st of his class in Sciences; second vulcan in Starfleet right after Commander Spock who acted as his Academy tutor.
- Cadet cruise on board the USS Excalibur
- Joined Starfleet command school and graduated 1st of his class in starship command. Never took the Kobayashi Maru test, dispensed after a successful request for it involving a commended dissertation about the dubious validity of the test itself.
- Officer cruise on board the USS Columbia
- Distinguished service on board the Vulcan-crewed USS Intrepid from Lt JG to Lt Cmdr
- Serving as a Starfleet Academy martial arts instructor for MACO units and advanced security officers
- Service on board the USS Exeter as first officer and chief science officer with the rank of commander
- Promoted to captain of the USS Exeter and then to flag captain of Admiral Michael Stuart during the genesis crisis.

then came the last moments of his life in his native quantum reality:

- Resigned his commission six months later when Starfleet and the new Vulcan Assembly refused to help him recover his human mate from a transdimensional displacement accident.
- Stole the jellyfish scoutship from McKinnon station and crashed into a red supergiant while fleeing pursuit.
- in reality, succeeded in performing a quantum displacement during a slingshot maneuver to reach the time and universe where his thy'la ended on and immediately went looking for her by reporting himself to Starfleet of the prime universe and returning the Jellyfish to the Vulcan Science Academy.
-Reenlisted in Starfleet after proper debriefing by Starfleet intelligence and the Federation Science Council.

Now in the prime universe of the 24th century, a new life is starting:

- Six months of intense reeducation at the Vulcan Science Academy
- Reenlisting in Starfleet; join Starfleet Academy and graduates with Highest Honors of the entire graduation after only two years because of his already forty years of actual experience in space, in command and in Starfleet operations.
-Assigned to the USS Hera with the rank of Lieutenant and the position of assistant chief science officer.