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Lieutenant Samuel Clemens

Name Samuel Langhorne Clemens XV

Position Chief Intelligence Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 25
Sexual Orientation Modern
Character Type pc

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 173 lbs.
Hair Color Flame Red
Eye Color Bright Blue
Physical Description A wiry gentleman, this young man is in good trim, and boasts a more-than-full head of difficult-to-control hair, including a full-on handlebar mustache.


Spouse/Significant Other N/A N/A
Children None yet. That he knows of.
Father Samuel Langhorne Clemens XIV
Mother Angela Darcy (Newberry) Clemens
Brother(s) None yet. That he knows of.
Sister(s) None yet. That he knows of.
Other Family None yet. That he knows of.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Mister Clemens has a knack for getting not-quite-into-trouble, but he is quite genial, and generally well-liked among his peers. He is loyal to a fault, once that loyalty is given.

Quote: "Ah do one thing verah, verah well, and th'other one's Engineerin'. Ah'll leave you to yer own devices on figgerin' it out, friends an' neighbors."
Strengths & Weaknesses Samuel has a weakness to three things- gambling, dalliances, and flamboyancy.

His strengths include a love of language, intricate machinery, and a good ship. He always throws himself into engineering (and other) endeavors with gusto.

Ambitions Currently, Sam is trying to live up to the tenets of his fifteen-times removed grandfather, the original Samuel Clemens. It specifies that the entire Clemens estate will rest in perpetuity to the first of his descendants to enlist in "Star Fleet" and succeed in attaining the rank of "Commander". The will was drafted late in his great-ancestor's life, and given to a solicitor whom he trusted, with directions to have it opened and announced to his descendants in the 24th century, no sooner. The solicitor was further charged with making sure the will survived to that time, even if it had to be passed on to other trustworthy parties in order to do so.
Hobbies & Interests Sam whittles, smokes scented and unscented "cigars" with no harmful substances, gambles casually, tinkers with whatever the latest engineering marvels are, and tries out new and interesting beverages.

Personal History Samuel grew up in a family that largely regarded the Clemens Inheritance to be something of a joke in modern times. The will had been broadcast in the early part of the 24th century, and, at first, had had a lot of interest. But very few petitioners were willing to invest their entire lives in a Starfleet commission, to inherit what technically amounted to very little, since monetary concerns were minimal in the Federation. The specifics of the holdings of the Clemens Foundation, established in the early 20th Century to preserve and grow the value of the estate were not published, and would only be divulged to the heir that qualified under the terms, and not before. The only public stipulations were that the heir had to have been named, from birth, "Samuel Langhorne Clemens", and that he, she, or it must attain the rank of "Commander" in "Star Fleet". As a result, since the commissioning of the Earth "Starfleet", the Clemens family generally had at least one branch of the family that followed suit with the naming. However, none had thus far succeeded in the latter qualification.

Samuel, who had, from an early age, been something of an adventurer and more than a little of a vagabond, had always had a fascination with the will, and had determined that he would be the one to meet those terms, as a sort of wager with himself.

As a result, he gathered as much esoteric knowledge and experience as he could, from apprenticeships and internships as far and wide as he could travel. This fed his hunger for knowledge, as well as improved his literacy considerably.
Service Record Dependent upon approval. Ideally, Lieutenant assigned to this ship directly from Academy. Good to Excellent marks in Academy curricula.

OOC Information, to be utilized by staff and writers as needed. Some pieces of this will almost certainly come to IC light, as events play out, but as of the character introduction, none of this is known:

Author: "Sam's a helluva engineer, and also a gambler, moonshiner, and something of a womanizer- all with panache and wit, of course. He's named after his extra-great granddad, as part of a family inheritance thing. dating from the time of Samuel Langdon Clemens, who instituted the trust. In our timeline, Langdon died of diptheria at 19 months of age, leaving no male heirs for the elder Clemens to pass the name to. But something remarkable changed the course of Mark Twain's life, shortly before Langdon was born, though he never mentioned it to a soul. Whatever the event, it left him with a profound respect for the power of disease, and the need to maintain cleanliness to combat it. This likely saved his son's life, starting the continuous chain of male heirs to the Clemens name."

The following is related to the events of the TNG episodes "Time's Arrow, 1 & 2":

Author: "You might be wondering how an event in original Sam's future could influence his past. Well, frankly, chronitons. 500 years is a LONG way to go back, especially with a device that a) is made by out-of-phase aliens with different corporeal structures, and b) it was a two-way trip. That's one man travelling 1000 years in time, within a couple of days, without a capsule. His last trajectory was against the flow of time, which means any chronitons would shed backward during the final bleedoff from his reentry point in 1893. He was 58 at the time, and his son was born when he was 35. I'm going to write up a prequel post about the original having vivid nightmares just before his son's birth, with the details so rational and logical that he clearly recalls the horror of the Cholera epidemic in 1893, and how it could have easily been prevented by basic measures, which Crusher couldn't help but lament about. This made the notion of disease prevention, at least in his own family, a much more noticeable thing than it would otherwise have been."