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Ensign Avendar Jurot

Name Avendar Jurot

Position Chief Counselor

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid
Age 50
Sexual Orientation Bisexual
Character Type pc

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10" / 177 cm
Weight 175 lbs
Hair Color Auburn
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Avendar is very tall for a betazoid. Her skin is very pale, and her auburn hair reaches the small of her back. She is very curvy and busty, which she occasionally uses to her advantage.


Spouse/Significant Other Dead
Children None
Father Yorgot Jurot (deceased)
Mother Calliope Jurot
Brother(s) Jakos (older)
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Avendar is generally a pacifist, but has a deep hatred for the Borg, who assimilated her Imzadi. The agony of his assimilation shocked and overloaded her empathic abilities through the mind bond they shared. As such, her ability to control her empathic abilities is compromised- she can't filter out the emotions of those around her. It remains to be seen what effect his death will cause, as her abilities were compromised by her possession.

Her record shows that she accepted a demotion to take starship duty instead of base duty, as she wanted a chance to face the Borg. (This is only partially correct.) Since then Avendar has proven herself a capable officer, and has once again become a counselor.
Strengths & Weaknesses Due to her obsessive study, Avendar's knowledge of the Borg is superior to all save those who had once been assimilated.

She was still linked to her Imzadi, and when he was in regeneration cycle an she was at rest, received thought impressions from him. Recently, she felt his death.

Due to her empathic overload, she feels the emotions of everyone near her. She does her best not to react to them, and to prevent them from overwhelming her, but this discipline is still ongoing. She euphemistically calls this "passive scanning."

When the possessing God Gaia was abjured from her body by Hera, Avendar's innate abilities were all but stripped away as well. She hopes that through practice, she can rekindle these abilities.

Avendar's obsession with the Borg sometimes overrules her good judgement.
Ambitions She wished to save her Imzadi from the Borg, until his death. Now she is a little bereft of purpose. Save that, she wishes to be the best counselor she can be, rise in the ranks, and contribute to Starfleet's mission of exploration and peace.
Hobbies & Interests Avendar is obsessed with the Borg, and spends a great amount of time on research. Aside from that, she meditates, and tries to piece her life back together after being possessed for over a year.

Personal History Avendar Jurot was named for the first Betazoid warp capable ship, which her ancestor helped design. She is of the First House, and her auburn hair is common in her family.

She grew up near Iscandar, which is on the coast of the Thexian Ocean on Betazed.

She was married to her genetic partner early in life, just after graduating from Starfleet Academy (where he attended as well.) Not a year later, the scout ship upon which he served was assimilated by the Borg.

After the assimilation of her Imzadi, Avendar became obsessed with the Borg. Although still assigned to Starbase 410 (Dept. of Temporal Investigations) she requested a transfer to starship duty multiple times. When she threatened to resign as well as refusing what she considered unethical orders, she was assigned to the Olympic class ship, the USS Nobel. Her record states that she accepted demotion to assistant counselor for this assignment.

After a successful several years aboard the USS Nobel (including being awarded the Starfleet Decoration of Gallantry), she was re-promoted to Counselor, and transferred to the USS Hera.

While recovering from the action on Azyek VI, Avender was possessed by Gaia, who held her for over a year, and amplified her mental abilities. She recently had the possessing spirit ripped from her, causing a loss of her innate abilities.

Soon after that, her Izmadi was killed. She doesn't know how.
Service Record 2387: Graduated from Starfleet Academy. Assigned to Starbase 410, department of Temporal Investigations
2388: Assimilation of Avendar's Imzadi
2390: Demotion to assistant counselor. Assigned: USS Nobel
2394 Awarded Starfleet Decoration of Gallantry for actions while on Away team during Plasma Flu outbreak, Azyek VI. Possession by Gaia
2395: Assigned USS Hera; Ship's Counselor. Gaia removed. Death of Izmadi