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Lieutenant Asa Dael

Name Asa Dael

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Androgyne
Species El-Aurian
Age 27
Sexual Orientation Asexual
Character Type pc

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 120 lbs
Hair Color Chestnut Brown
Eye Color Violet
Physical Description Walking on gangly legs, Asa has the natural grace of a newborn giraffe. Their over-long legs and almost undernourished frame do nothing to belie the onlooker’s initial assessment that this this person is unlikely to willingly engage in physical combat. Slight of build and all sharp edges, Asa’s robust constitution can best be seen in their healthy, light sand colored skin and a twinkle of intelligence in their violet eyes.

During a pique of exasperation at the expected long hair in their family, Asa has shorn theirs off eight years ago, and has been studious about maintaining the close crop ever since. Upon acceptance to Starfleet Medical Academy three years prior, Lt. Dael had the ancient El-Aurian symbol for healing tattooed on their left shoulder.
Specialized Equipment Medical tricorder


Father Keres Dael, El-Aurian, 517
Mother Kendra Dael, El-Aurian, 479 when deceased
Brother(s) Brother- Brennan Dael, El-Aurian, 13 when deceased

Personality & Traits

General Overview Asa has a dry sense of humor and an overwhelming desire to be accepted and perceived as competent. Among the El-Aurian it is highly unusual for a child to leave home until the age of 50, much less 20. Due to personal experiences in childhood (see history please) Lt. Dael is openly contemptuous of organized religion and views the arbiters of religion to work to the detriment of those they allege to serve. Somewhat paradoxically, Asa sees those who believe in religion to be simply misguided and can treat their belief with pity or indifference unless the believer seeks any form of proselytization. They are especially drawn to refugees and outcasts, seeking to help others feel at home. Although life has forced Lt. Dael to be fiercely independent, there remains a longing for community that drives a deep well of compassion. When comfortable among friends, Asa shows a goofy sense of humor and enjoys harmless practical jokes. Although Asa has yet to experience any form of romantic or sexual attraction, Asa does not feel this to be a deficit and worries about this changing as they exit puberty.
Strengths & Weaknesses Gifted with a sharp mind, Asa can quickly see patterns, learn new languages, diagnose problems, and learn new skills. Although they are somewhat awkward in more physical pursuits, such as dancing or wrestling, Asa is a highly skilled surgeon with a sure hand when operating.

Lt. Dael’s slight empathetic abilities have not developed in any significant or noticeable way, although they do feel it is possible these abilities are attuned to understanding a patient’s body language or pain signs to better interpret the results of medical scans. The same empathetic abilities may also be what enables them to learn new languages quickly when speaking with others.

While Asa’s medical skills have flourished, their people skills are somewhat diminished. They always fixate on appearing knowledgeable and competent (sure that everyone expects an El-Aurian to be a calm, wise guide) , unaware this can be perceived as aloof or uninterested at first glance. To add to this confusion, Asa is in a final stage of puberty for the El-Aurian biology and frantic to not let any of their comrades know of the extreme mood and hormonal shifts they are frequently enduring.
Ambitions Time living on Bajor taught Asa the importance of monitoring illness and seeking new cures for current diseases. Asa desires to be an expert immunologist and to develop methodologies of administering medicine in ways all races will accept.
Hobbies & Interests History, archaeology, painting and music, with a special interest in Earth piano and Bajoran lutes. Asa thinks themselves an excellent cook, although this is somewhat up for debate, but enjoys the pursuit nonetheless.

Personal History As a member of a worldless race, Asa grew up as a relative refugee as their parents sought a place of security to raise their long desired child. At the age of seven, the family moved to Bajor with a small community of other El-Aurians. At first this seemed to be an idyllic haven, and the Dael family was largely left to live amongst the El-Aurian community without any real interaction with the Bajorans.

However as religious fervor rocked Bajor, the refugee community came under the influence of what can only be considered a cult, the Order of Na’Toth. The order taught that medicine and science were the reasons for the woes of the universe. At the urging of the order, the El-Aurians expelled their own doctor and ascribed to the teachings to only use herbal remedies to alleviate any illness.

Asa’s mother, Kendra, became pregnant with a second child during this period. The pregnancy was difficult, but she elected to not seek medical attention and rested until she gave birth to a son, Brennan. As the family patriarch Keres celebrated Brennan’s birth, Kendra lay dying of a complication that even the meanest doctor could easily have cured.

It was in that moment Asa knew the Order of Na’Toth was wrong and began to seek ways to subvert the cults influence. Keres mourned Kendra deeply, but remained stalwart that to preserve El-Aurian souls, the family must avoid medicines. Brennan grew into a sickly child, often unable to get out of bed, and never able to walk far enough to leave the family compound. Despite this, Asa loved their brother deeply and spent many days playing simple card games with him or pretending to go on journeys together through the stars.

As the need for treatment for Brennan grew, Asa was able to secure immunizations from a nearby Bajoran doctor for themselves, but the doctor refused to allow Asa to return any medicines to the El-Aurian community as he felt it would interfere with the right of the community to decide what is best on their own.

Then the outbreak came. For the Bajorans, the Ran’shi fever was a mild inconvenience, endangering only the elderly and infirm in any significant way, and easily treated with a subdermal implant. For the El-Aurians, the fever was deadly. Between the differences in biology and the refusal to seek treatment, over 1/3 of the community perished in the first year…. including Asa’s brother Brennan.

Upon being told Brennan had perished, Asa immediately packed their things to leave to join Starfleet. Keres yelled and pleaded with them to stay but would not concede how his choices led the family to ruin. Vowing to never speak to him again, Asa was on the first transport to Earth.

They were a model cadet, graduating a year early with honors in Xenobiology and immediately entering Starfleet Medical academy. Although of the same age as many of the other cadets, Asa could tell the others were somehow…. older. They wondered if it was due to the difference in life span and endeavored to never appear to be less mature than their fellows. Despite this, Asa did not make friends easily and became an unwilling recluse with few exceptions.
Service Record 2389-292 Starfleet Academy
2392-2395- Graduated Starfleet Medical four days prior to arriving on the USS Hera with a grade of Second Lieutenant.
Received multiple accolades in xenobiology and linguistics but required two attempts to pass hand-to-hand training.