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Ensign Raymond McBain

Name Raymond McBain

Position Infiltration Specialist

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 30
Sexual Orientation Hetro
Character Type pc

Physical Appearance

Height 6'3"
Weight 219lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Sky Blue
Physical Description He appears even taller with broad shoulders, piercing sky blue eyes that smile when he is happy and look piercing when he is angry. Light brown hair and beard kept at a 1/2" length. He is fit with solid facial features, a hawkish nose, although his face is a bit narrow.
Specialized Equipment will fill out later need more info


Spouse/Significant Other N/A
Children N/a
Father Brad McBain
Mother Sandy McBain (decreased)
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) Nancy McBain (12 years younger, born 12 march)
Other Family Other Family four adopted uncles, John Clevertree, a retired starfleet fighter pilot; Mike Mender, a retired starfleet bay deckhand; John Alton, a retired starfleet MACO shuttle pilot; Frank Canteni, owner/operator of a small west Virginia aerospace port.

Personality & Traits

General Overview McBain is relaxed and easy going, nothing seems to bother him and has a 'can do' attitude about most anything, Has great confidence in himself and his abilities. Refuses to accept failure in himself and will go to extreme measures to succeed at a task. Despite his size he is one of those people no ever really notices.

More of an action type then a thinker McBain normally makes a quick judgment and then dives in. Most consider him reckless but he seldom makes mistakes. He takes calculated risks based on his proven abilities. He is polite and tries to be friendly but doesn't really know much of proper etiquette. McBain is mild mannered and normally quiet, he seldom attempts humor as usually gets jokes wrong with the telling. He grew out of his competitiveness and now only worries about challenging himself.
Strengths & Weaknesses +excellent eyesight
+strong spatial awareness
+Agile, strong, and quick
+Very aware of his surroundings and reacts swiftly
+Excellent memory, almost never forgets whatever he has seen, read, or heard

+ learned the value of teamwork as a MACO team member

-Loner, no close friends outside his family

-Skeptical still but is trying to get over his distrust) This is still a minus as he has trouble with authority in many circumstances
-no musical aptitude at all (but can dance)
Ambitions Only to make the Galaxy safer for common folks to live in
Hobbies & Interests Painting portraits to relax
Flying vintage aircraft
Martial Art katas to stay in shape
Running to free the mind, Normally 3-5 miles a day

Personal History Raymond was born and raised in the mountains, His Father was a middle class freight Hauler, His Mom was a stay at home mom-mostly due to poor health. His Father worked long hours and spent most of his free time helping his ailing mother. Raymond grew up taking on responsibility from a very young age. When He was nine He met Mike Mender, the parts truck had slipped on the icy road and slipped off the road. The jarring stop had overturned several boxes and parts where scattered all over the place. Raymond was walking home from school and stopped to help. Was nearly two hours till had everything picked up and still no sign of a wrecker to haul the truck free. Raymond brought Mike home and His parents who invited him, then his Father drove out and helped get the parts truck free. After that Mike started taking Raymond out to the Aero port on weekends at first then nearly everyday. The other three older fellows took an immediate liking to young Raymond and wasn't long till he was their assistant in just about everything.

He spent as much time with his friends as possible, learning to navigate, basic repairs and how to use flight controls all as he worked putting parts away and answered phones. By age of fifteen He could practically run the place without help. His Mom passed on giving birth to his sister during that time and his Dad started drinking. The Sister was given to his Mom's Aunt to raise and Raymond started spending even more time up at the Aero-Port.

John started giving him flying lessons at fourteen and there was a strong competition between John and John as to who could teach the young McBain the most. Clevertree pulled out all the stops when he bought an old peregrine courier and started teaching Brad actual ACM/SCM. Alton started to teach McBain assault combat landings and methods of rescue ops. McBain enjoyed it all and was a dedicated student, at least here. All the time he spent with his 'Uncles' actually hurt his grades in school due to missed homework assignments. Given a choice of plotting a course to Pluto and then flying there and back was much more interesting then english grammar or a science homework project. McBain didn't participate in school activities at all, He worked at the Aero port, a lot of times he slept there as well. He and his Dad had become strangers. All four of his Uncles helped Raymond get his grades back up. From the beginning he had trained with them in martial arts every morning and evening. They felt it was important to stay fit and each had their own style. As with the pilots they all competed to show Raymond who had the most effective techniques.
Service Record He joined the MACOes right out of school only a few months after he turned eighteen. He had tested well and applied for flight training. He was put on the list of accepted applicants. Once in basic training he did well in the various military skills hands-on training and in classes. Always in the top three of any group. Raymond helped others whenever asked and was patient and polite, but he seldom offered help and never asked for it himself. The D.I.'s had a difficult time trying to figure him out, but he never caused a problem and worked well in a team. His marksmanship was outstanding and he was chosen for Scout/Sniper training. With no word available for flight school he accepted. Being the top graduate in the cycle he received a promotion to lance corporal upon the completion. He was offer additional training for insertion into hostile territory. He accepted the training as it looked interesting as well as challenging, Parachuting, HiLo, LoLo drops as well as space jumps were all part of the training. The course also included zero-G training and scuba diving familiarization. He toughed out the training, even enjoyed much of it. Especially the space jumps and scuba parts.

He was assigned to a recon unit on the *Horus*, a destroyer, patrolling the Border with the Breen Confederacy. The Breen were reported to have begun terrorist, slave dealing, and outright piracy since the war ended. The *Horus* first assignment only a month into their first patrol was to intercept a Breen Raider fleeing back to their own border. It was suspected of having kidnapped a Diplomat's child. The *Horus* pursued the Breen across their border and caught it there. The MACO bordered the vessel but no child. We returned only to learn we had chased a decoy ship.

Our second mission was to space jump from a shuttle onto Dasika well inside Breen space. We were to locate and take down a Militant Breen terrorist. The team was only four people for that mission and we were on planet for two months

The entire team dropped onto Corneria. The MACO team dropped in a mountain range on Corneria to locate a suspected Smuggler operation. An Intelligence team was to be inserted near the major population center. Then the *Horus* was to pull back and patrol just outside the system. The ship's shuttle transport made the insertion by a HiLo paradrop for the marines as passed their sector. The shuttle than landed with the excuse to drop off medical supplies for the Intel team to make their insertion. After four months of no results if was being considered to pull the teams out early. The MACO team detected a power source though, and saw a Condor class raider lift off. They moved toward the launch location and spotted a hangar-bay door, several other personal size access points, plus four sentries. The MACO team watched the base for two weeks. They spotted three disrupter canon turret guarding the base during that time. The Raider ship was captured during a raid so there was no reason to wait any longer. The MACO were to take out the defensive bunkers to clear the way for the local raiding force. This would be McBain's second mission as a sniper. He performed flawlessly taking down all four sentries and both door guards at ranges between 350yds and 600yds. His spotter Jake Spangler was an old sergeant, who had was the senior member of their team. The team Sapper took out one weapons bunker and the door. The weapons team used their missile launcher to take out the other two weapons bunkers. When the local team arrived it was a mop up operation. The marine team was picked up by the shuttle from the *Horus* four days later a few miles from the skirmish site. The Intelligence team was transported back to the ship the same day.

Only a month later they were to try the same style mission, this time on Tarkalia. This time the MAKO were just transported down, as the place was more densely populated and the energy would be less detectable then the aerial insertion. Even at night. The Intelligence team was also sent in once again. The *Horus* returned to space outside the system to patrol. This was a coastal watch and much more exposed, with no where to run and hide. It was the local people who spotted them, looking back it was believed to have been a fisherman who ratted the MACO team out. The same fisherman that ferried the Smugglers out for a stealthy insertion during the night. From the air four shuttles swooped in and dropped off armed raiders. The night was not the cover the raiders had expected as the MACO's visors had several spectrum of enhancement. Still there were a hundred of them and eight MACO. McBain created a hole for the team to slip away that night. Spangler called the targets and then picked to shift points after each shot. Just the same two MACO were wounded. Nine raiders were dead before they began lobbing explosives into the area. Spangler and McBain rode out the shelling and then sneaked through the enemy lines. The days became endless as the MACO over and over again were located and had to fight their way clear. The local authorities feared the Raiders but not the Federation so they did not lift a finger. Replacing losses revealed the Smugglers' base to the Intelligent infiltrators though so the mission was a success. When the *Horus* returned three MACO's were dead, Three others were wounded. Spangler and McBain had been missed, nothing more then scrapes and bruises. Intelligence made note of McBain, they already had given up on Spangler years ago.

The MACO losses were replaced and an untried 2ndLT was given the command. The *Horus* moved to patrol the Phendan drifts and there were involved in six boarding actions, four were hostile. McBain was promoted to Corporal during those few months. He had been on the *Horus twenty-four months when the snafu was found and his orders came through for flight school. He left the *Horus* on a courier Danube and was whisked away to Berengaria. Flight school was a breeze and he enjoyed it, was like giving a kid all the best toys to play with. He left flight school as a Warrant officer. He began the fighter pilot course and breezed through. McBain's spatial sense and sharp vision made him a top candidate for advanced fighter tactics training. There he was one of only a very few trainees that got through the course with never being defeated in mock dogfights. He did not win every time but he was never declared destroyed. His first assignment was not a replacement pool as expected though.

He was assigned to a the USS Dallas as a pilot. They were assigned to patrol the Tzenkethi / Badlands sector from SeepSpace-9, pretty much a wilderness assignment. Things went well for the first few weeks after arrival. While on a patrol a call came from Barisa for help. They were being attacked by a rogue Tzenkethi Pirate Lord. The *Dallas* was nearly a week away but they went in anyway to offer medical aid and logistical support. They were nearly to the Barisa system when a Federation supply ship made a call for help they were being surrounded by Raider craft and would be forced from warp speed in no more then twelve hours. The *Dallas* responded as was within the window of time to be of assistance. That was when things began going wrong. The *Dallas* itself was intercepted and delayed. They arrived in time to save the Federation supply ship and escorted it all the way to high orbit above the planet. The *Dallas* and her MACO compliment were called in time after time to support the legal ruling body. The supply ship once unloaded tried to make a run to escape but was destroyed. The *Dallas* fought their way in an attempt to support but could only rescue the survivors. The *Dallas* was beginning to show the strain from a prolonged engagement and no relief was being sent? McBain himself was feeling the strain. Flying more then one patrol a day, often engaging hostile forces. Even on his down he found himself being needed. Like when a shuttle had taken supplies to a mountain village. Raider troops had ambushed the MACO as they were off-loading the supplies and both the pilot and his crew chief were slain. McBain had been flown in by a shuttle for a LoLo para insertion. He had to infiltrate the Raider's lines and then flew the shuttle with wounded back to the *Dallas*. As the small craft were lost the Tech teams were moved to replace MACO riflemen, things were that desperate. It was six months before the relief fleet arrived. The *Dallas* limped back to DeepSpace-9. It took a month to repair and refit the ship. There were few MACOs left, and the detachment was reassigned. The Greyhawk's flight was down to McBain, one other pilot and eight out of twenty tech support people. The Flight was replaced from the base. Except McBain who was kept on due to his combat experience. He was put on a promotion list as well.

Things moved slow this far out, the *Dallas* completed another patrol with no excitement. They were on their third patrol after the Darisa incident when the ship was recalled back to base. The Captain of the *Dallas* and several people in leadership positions as well as Warrant McBain were being arrested and put on restrictions to the base for ^War Crimes^. It was resolved quickly for the type of problem it was. Still six months is a long time on restriction. McBain took a Sapper course to kill time. He sort of found it fun to blow things up during that period of time. He did fine on the deactivation and disposal side of the course, but not nearly as well he did making the boom! He was acquitted as were the others. Which made his life complicated! He was no longer part of the *Dallas*. It was gone and had a new command staff.

McBain found himself reassigned to a MACO team that was not listed on any manifest. It was a Black ops team and he was assigned due to his many skills. It was a confusing time, but one person seemed always around. An Intelligence LtCommander Jacob Farrington. Over the eighteen months based on DS-9 Farrington had been working on McBain, at first trying to develop him as an asset, then trying to recruit him into Intelligence. It was no surprise to Farrington when McBain accepted a transfer to fleet service in Intelligence When his MACO team was disbanded. McBain found himself on a fast ship back to Earth to attend the Academy. He spent four years back at the Academy before re-joining the fleet as an Ensign, part of the Intelligence infiltration section. He had not long to wait before boarding a transport to his next assignment.

Service record:

12 months: BCT, AIT (as a Scout/Sniper), Insertion training ((Recruit to Lance corporal)

24 months: aboard the *Horus* (Border patrol along Breen border as a marine scout/sniper Green and Black ops as required (Corporal)

31 months: Flight school, OCS, Fighter Pilot training, Advanced fighter combat tactics training, stealth insertions/extractions ((Sergeant upon acceptance, Warrant officer upon completion. (training on Berengaria)

11 months: Fighter/Shuttle Pilot w/ Greyhawks aboard the Dallas. Tzenkethi / Badlands sector

06 months: Restricted to base DS9 under investigation for war crimes. During this time keep busy with Marine Sapper training (05 months) charges dropped,

12 months left on DS9 Return to MACO black ops team as a Scout/Sniper/Sapper (recruited by Intelligence while on this team. Accept offer to go to academy when team disbanded.

48 months: Return to Earth, admitted to the Academy, four years trained for Intelligence, Infiltration specialty (Ensign in Fleet service)