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Crewman Sharonne Washington

Name Sharonne Washington

Position Civilian

Rank Crewman

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human with Charon infusion
Age 23
Sexual Orientation Unisexual
Character Type npc
Main Character (Rita Paris)

Physical Appearance

Height 1.6m / 5' 4"
Weight 60kg / 132 lbs
Hair Color Black, bleached blonde currently
Eye Color Unnatural violet
Physical Description Her body is bisected in color, black on the right side, white on the left. A little fashion trend that has gained popularity in society, particularly binary focused social groups. Sharonne just thinks it looks cool, and when she gets bored with it she'll get some other pigments and do what strikes her
Specialized Equipment Goddess Salon, Deck 10, not far from 10-Forward in the collection of civilian serves on the deck. If it can be done to hair or skin in the 24th century, she can do it.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Flirty, fun, a good listener and an efficient beautician. isn't that all you really want?
Strengths & Weaknesses Not good at plucking, would rather wax the area.
Ambitions This is the life, you kidding? This job is like a paid vacation in a luxury hotel and she has a huge clientele!
Hobbies & Interests Hair. Skin, Makeup. Fashion. Gossip.

Personal History "Don't ask and I won't lie!" Felony rehabilitation program, technical school, signed on for a fresh start.