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Jaeih Dox-t'Aan

Name Jaeih ir-Korthre Dox-t'Aan

Position R&D Support and Logistics

Second Position Infiltration Specialist

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Romulan
Age 75
Birthday 3, December 2322
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Character Type npc

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 145lbs.
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Lean and stern looking. Jaeih has high cheekbones, and upswept almond shaped eyes and full lips. Her hair is long but always pulled into a tight pony tail, with the culturally standard v-shaped bangs common to Romulans.

She has a slightly flat chest and broad hips.


Spouse/Significant Other Dralath tr'Rul - Father to Jaeih's daughter.
Children Lieutenant Mnhei'sahe Dox - Daughter
Father Tha'torth tr'Aan
Mother Fethraie ir-Korthre
Other Family Lhi t'Aan - Niece.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Stern and authoritarian, Jaeih keeps her emotions very well contained save for any contempt she may harbor for someone. She is extremely direct and not one for verbal subterfuge.
Strengths & Weaknesses She defaults to assuming that most people have an ulterior motive which leads to to assume the worst, often missing clear signals to the opposite. As such, she has extreme difficulty trusting.

While she has trusted humans in the past, her experiences with her former partner, the human Declan Dox, has reinforced a strong distrust and racism towards humans.
Ambitions Her chief ambition is to work her way free of her service to Starfleet Intelligence as a part of her plea agreement to avoid a prison sentence for smuggling.

For year, her primary motivation was to work towards Romulan/Vulcan reunification, which she still believes is the only hope for the Romulan people. She believes each people's strengths will make each better.

Personal History In 2364, a Number of Romulan outposts were destroyed on the edge of the Romulan side of the Neutral zone. On one of the outposts, was a science and research Penal station where political prisoners with useful skills were put to work developing the next generation of Romulan cloaking technology. A prisoner of this station was Mnhei'sahe's mother, Jaeih t'Aan. A former engineer and Tal'Shiar agent, Jaeih was imprisoned after refusing to utilize Tal'Shiar mind wiping equipment, the Neural Extraction Converter, on a Romulan moon colony that had attempted to secede from the Empire in an early attempt at Vulcan reunification.

The station was destroyed by the Borg. When the unknown ship appeared on the station's sensors, Jaeih destroyed almost all of the computers and equipment to keep the information secret but utilized the technology to conceal a bunker hidden beneath a subsection of the station containing herself, survival supplies and the stealth technology from view as the rest of the outpost was wiped away completely. She remained in hiding for 17 days until a passing ship appeared to investigate. The ship was a small smuggling vessel called the Forager, captained by Declan Dox, a human criminal investigating for equipment to salvage from the site. Jaeih revealed herself and used the stealth equipment to barter for passage out of Romulan space.

Declan reciprocated, bringing Jaeih and the stealth equipment on board. In a short amount of time, the two became business partners as Declan was staunchly against the federation and authority in general, which appealed to her own feelings of disillusionment with the Romulan Star Empire. The smugglers decided to incorporate the stealth tech in the ship and Jaeih joined him as a smuggler, and they moved a variety of black market goods back and forth across the neutral zone for years. Shortly after her escape, Jaeih was tracked down by a Tal'Shiar Investigator named Dralath tr'Rul, who had been romantically involved with her for a number of years. In defiance of his orders, he hid his discovery of Jaeih's survival and fathered a child with her: Mnhei'sahe.

For a number of years, this went on with Jaeih and Declan working together on the Forager as smugglers and Dralath visiting as often as his duties allowed him to slip away on investigations. After a while, his absences were becoming noticeable, and the couple began to become concerned that if Mnhei'sahe were discovered to be Dralath's daughter, then his mother, Verelan t'Rul, inventor of the Mind Wiping technology and head of the Tal'Shiar, would stop at nothing to possess her, and a plan was hatched.

At the age of 4, Mnhei'sahe was submitted to a series of surgeries and genetic manipulation designed to create the illusion that Declan Dox was, in fact, her father. Her ears were cropped to appear human and her DNA was overwritten with his, causing her now auburn hair to become prominent as Declan was a red-head. And though they believed it neccessary, the experience was extremely traumatic to Mnhei'sahe, causing her to block out much of the memories of her life up until that point. In order to complete the illusion, they changed her name from Mnhei'sahe to Melanie and Declan agreed to the ruse, marrying Jaeih in a mock ceremony and pretending to be a family for a time in exchange for a greater percentage of their smuggling profits. But Jaeih's interest in using their resources in aiding in efforts of Romulan/Vulcan reunification, a cause she had come to believe in, cut deeply into their profits causing Declan to leave their partnership and abandon them and the Forager.

During this time, Jaeih became deeply connected with the Artan Pirate Family, which began to fund her Reunification missions in exchange for the Forager aiding the Family in smuggling slaves away from the Orion Syndicate.

Shortly afterward, Dralath was captured and interrogated by his own mother to explain his many absences. It is believed that she applied the Neural Extraction Converter to attempt to discover the truth, but that when he resisted, it lead to his being functionally lobotomized.

After that, Jaeih raised Melanie with a stronger emphasis on Romulan and Vulcan Culture, choosing to support the reunification efforts she had grown to believe would be the salvation of the Romulan people. All the while, Jaeih began training Melanie in a number of skills. She learned not only her native Rihan language but human English, Vulcan and Klingon as most of their clients were Vulcan or Klingon. She was extensively and brutally trained in the Romulan martial art of Llaekh-ae'rl. And she was trained as a pilot all before her tenth birthday. While Melanie has never set foot on Romulus, she had met a number of Romulans through colonies on moons and stations that Jaeih moved resources to where she began longing to escape from her life on the ship and began resenting her mother.

When Melanie was 14, business connections brought Jaeih and Declan together again, although no longer pretending to be romantically connected. Declan was largely distant with Melanie, who still believed he was her father.

When Melanie was 15, political turmoil on Romulus (which would lead to the events of Star Trek: Nemesis in the next year) forced the reunification movement to lose steam and go largely underground and Jaeih stopped her involvement with it completely to protect herself and her daughter from detection. It also increased tensions on the ship between Jaeih and Declan which caused Melanie to begin planning getting away from her life.

During a mission in Federation space the following year, requiring both Declan and Jaeih to leave Melanie alone on the Forager while they made a deal on a small asteroid pirate base, Melanie switched a clean and fresh exhaust filter on their impulse drive with a corroded one she had kept after performing repairs months earlier that would cause the ship to leave a detectable trail even if cloaked if she ran at full impulse. When a Federation ship appeared to investigate the pirate outpost after the deal had been done, Melanie put the ship to full impulse while cloaked and as she had planned, the ship's exhaust trail was detected and they were forced by the Starship to uncloak and surrender. However, Jaeih had built a failsafe specialized transporter system that, when triggered, beamed key components of the stealth system into nothingness so it couldn't be taken. When they were taken aboard the starship, Jaeih initially lied, claiming that Melanie was, in fact, their cargo and that they were traffickers of sentient beings to try and protect her from any responsibility but, being interrogated separately, Declan revealed that that was not the truth hoping to make a deal that fell through. However, Jaeih HAD leverage to bargain with and she demanded Melanie be protected from any legal connection with their smuggling operation and kept safe in exchange for what she knew about Romulan stealth technology. Determining that Declan, whom Starfleet had no reason to doubt was Melanie's real father due to the convincing quality of her genetic modifications, had estranged parents on Earth that would agree to care for Melanie, Starfleet promised to bring her there and not connect her to her parent's illegal actions as she was only 16 anyway and not legally responsible for such actions under the circumstances.

As such, Melanie was sent to live with her (believed) paternal grandparents she didn't know in Ohio on Earth, Declan was sent to the Penal Settlement in New Zeland and Jaeih was put in protective custody on Earth in order to work with Starfleet to not only reveal her secrets but also aid the Romulan people through hopefully being able to aid reunification through the Federation.

Because Melanie was well educated by her mother, she was able to get caught up quickly and completed her education on Earth only slightly behind the average time. Melanie received monthly recorded messages from her Mother who tried to follow her daughter's development as closely as possible. Declan, however, stopped talking with Melanie immediately upon his capture as he no longer had any incentive to maintain the facade, but also didn't reveal the truth as, even from prison, he feared Jaeih's wrath. Jaeih was more supportive, although insistent that Melanie not forget her heritage as Romulan. While their relationship was strained and remains strained, Melanie still loves her mother but didn't reveal that she sabotaged the Forager until very recently. However, Jaeih had figured it out after her interrogation when the Starfleet officer told her how they found her. She has hidden her guilt over giving her daughter reason to do this and as such, has chosen to not burden Melanie with this knowledge.

In order to repair her relationship with her daughter, Jaeih revealed the truth and now is serving her sentence onboard her daughter's ship, the U.S.S. Hera.
Service Record Former Engineer for the Romulan Star Empire, specializing Cloaking technology.

Former enforcer for the Tal'Shiar

Currently a consultant as part of a plea agreement with Starfleet to avoid actual prison time, working with Starfleet Intelligence on board the U.S.S. Hera.