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Petty Officer 1st Class Cicero Delacroix

Name Cicero Delacroix

Position Chef

Rank Petty Officer 1st Class

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Napean | Human
Age 29
Birthday 2367
Sexual Orientation Homosexual
Character Type pc

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Chocolate Brown
Physical Description Cicero Delacroix is has small frame of a body. He is below average height by human standards, but taller than a Ferengi. His Napean heritage is most evident by the crescent like organ within his forehead which is necessary in Napean anatomy for the species' subtle empathic abilities. Cicero has a very bony chiseled facial structure, a somewhat angular sloping from his cheek leads to a somewhat prominent jaw line. His eyes are a lush chocolate brown which almost match his full head of curly and often disheveled hair which falls down to nearly the base of his neck in the back and hangs over his ears on the sides.

He is a lanky lad who for someone who is always around food hardly looks like he partakes in too many meals. He is a gangly specimen of a Starfleet service member and by the standards of most humanoid cultures, he is not an aesthetically pleasing individual. However, attractiveness is in the eyes of the beholder and he has been known to beheld some individuals for one reason or another.
Specialized Equipment Knife set


Spouse/Significant Other N/A
Father Dr. Armand Delacroix
Mother Korva Delacroix

Personality & Traits

General Overview Almost always ready to greet you with a friendly smile, Cicero is a tender warmhearted individual with a vibrant extroverted personality. He enjoys the friendship and comradery of others, doing whatever he can to give them a little slice of home to comfort them on long voyages, deep space explorations, or remote postings on podunk space stations. He himself has experienced these sorts of assignments as well. Being away from family and friends can be difficult. So, he sometimes goes out of his way to sneak in an extra cherry on top for someone who needs it.

There are of course a few times where even an extrovert like Cicero needs alone time. Being around so many people and exposed to them for several hours at a time can be tiring. So, when he is off duty and out of the kitchen, he likes to spend his time alone in his quarters or in the holodeck albeit he will ask for some company once in a while; Because the holodeck programs he runs tend to be best with someone to enjoy them with rather than simply being alone with holographic images and computer generated individuals. Though he of course has a great deal of respect for holograms.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Cicero has wonderful focus and years of experience handling knives. He can effectively and efficiently run a kitchen.

Weaknesses: Though Starfleet has trained him with the basic training any enlisted member of Starfleet would normally receive, Cicero spends most of his time aboard the starships and stations that he has been assigned to. It's not common place for him to be assigned to away teams or landing parties.
Ambitions Cicero's current ambitions are to continue to be useful, run the starship's mess hall and galley effectively. He would like to complete his current degree, but the uncertainty of what would come next in his career frightens him.

Personal History Cicero Delacroix was born on the Napean home world in 2367. Though his formative years were spent primarily on the Napea, he was not a sheltered child. His family were always encouraging him to not only make friends, but to make diverse friends. Napeans were a Federation member and had been for quite some time by the 2360s. Naturally inclined scientist and physicians many of Napeans whom had served in Starfleet often did so as scientist, nurses, physicians and such. However, you could find Napeans in any and every position imaginable. They were known for their patience, dedication, and focus. Some thought of them as very much like the Vulcans with the exception of their emotions. Napeans were emapthic and quite prone to socialization and a sense of community. This placed them in close association with species such as the Bolians and Betazoids.

Cicero's childhood saw him accompanying his parents to several different planets within the Federation and some that were not officially members as of then, but had protectorate status or were in the middle of being admitted. Cicero's mother was a Napean diplomat and his father a human scientist. They both had found their way into working for the Federation, with specializations in first contact procedures and cultural anthropology respectively. They would sometimes be posted as a family together on worlds for months at a time.

The family settled down on Earth before Cicero turned ten though due to his mother being appointed the Federation Deputy Ambassador to Evora. His father was stationed on Evora as a geologist. Cicero's education was continued and completed on Earth in the Rhone Alpes of what was historically France. It wasn't exactly where his love for cooking started, but it was definitely the incubator that helped mature it. He was a natural when it came to gardening which he did in order to grow herbs and spices as a teen. He was interested in the “old ways” of doing things before the assistance of or arguably dependence upon technology such as food replicators. He was very into learning how to live off the land, but also how to actually prepare food and cook it by hand. It was magical to him how you could make something out of practically nothing and with hard work and dedication, one could make incredible creations.

Cicero Delacroix would go on to continue his education with a commitment to his passions. He attended Walnut Hill College on Earth where he studied Culinary Arts and Pastry Arts, completing two two year undergraduate degrees; He received his Associate of Science in Pastry Arts and his Associate Science in Culinary Arts at age twenty. Whereas most young culinary students his age would be looking to get their foot in any restaurant to gain experience, possibly finding an apprenticeship under a chef, or continuing their education and polishing it off with a bachelors, Cicero wanted to gain his experience by other means.

With the support of his parents and extended family, Cicero met with a Starfleet recruiter who advised him on the best pathways to get where he wanted to go within Starfleet. He gave himself over with full commitment by enlisting in Starfleet. With several weeks of basic training and completion of A-School to earn his rating of a CS (Culinary Specialist), Cicero was tosses onto a Federation starship heading to the Delta Quadrant. It was an old Curry class, the USS Dozovic which carried heavy machinery and a crew compliment that was comprised of mostly engineers and technicians. The Dozovic was destined to be a workhorse in the Delta Quadrant tending to the needs of the fleet in the area of its Delta Quadrant operations. He spent the next three years with the Dozovic, but left the starship when they last docked at Starbase 38. He had been transferred to the starbase to work in one of its galleys.

The Dozovic may not had been the most glamorous posting, but there was plenty space and elbow room to work in the mess hall there. Starbase 38 felt like a posting that he had just been slapped onto as an extra body in the kitchen. There were just “Too many cooks in the kitchen” as the Earth expression went. Everyone was clamoring for recognition and attention, trying to edge on another out for a more important duty assignment or shift. Some of them wanted to claw their way to the top of a list to get transferred elsewhere, but Cicero just obeyed instructions, followed orders, and let his skills do the talking. There was not much room for creativity when you were just a low level CS, but every little bit he could do for the Station Commander and senior officers he did.

A few months into his posting on Starbase 38, the USS Medea, and Intrepid class starship docked for supplies. It was a bit of a gamble but Cicero requested the transfer anyways. He was apparently in the good graces of somebody because his request for transfer was not rejected; The USS Medea had a functional mess hall with a small galley, but not dedicated culinary specialist or civilian cook aboard. The crew had been making due and abusing the replicators. Deep space exploration and being limited on chances to resupply, it seemed logical for a CS to be assigned to the Medea's galley. Cicero was given his orders to report and did so immediately.

He had a lot of freedom aboard the Medea due to the starship's smaller size and the lack of cooks in the kitchen. He had to get a little creative sometimes, but it that creativity that had landed him the position as he quickly learned. Resources may become scarce at times and replicators were a luxury that sometimes would need to be shut off in order to conserve energy. Aboard the Medea, Cicero learned how to be more than just a starship cook. He learned how to take inventory, keep his cold storage well stock, and to study the dietary needs of various species serving aboard. He went well beyond the basic duties of a culinary specialist. He would sit down when he could and listen to how peoples' days were going, what foods they missed from home, and what the replicators simply could not get right. He learned some basic technical skills in order to repair the galley technology and tweak the replicators when they needed a little simple maintenance.

Cicero Delacroix spent a few years aboard the USS Medea before it was time to turn over the galley to someone else. Cicero found his way back to the Alpha and Beta quadrants for the rest of his Starfleet career. He served a couple of years with a “shore” posting at the K-7 space station. He took on more of a supervisory position, overseeing a handful of culinary specialist.

In 2396, Cicero Delacroix was reassigned the Nebula class starship Hera where he would take over meeting the culinary needs of the crew and running the mess hall and crew lounge aboard the USS Hera as Lead Culinary Specialist. By this time he held the rank of Petty Officer 1st Class and had been taking classes remotely for the past few years, little by little working on completing a degree from the University of Arcadia IV in Hospitality Management in hopes of someday soon applying for either an LDO or CWO program in order to advance his career. However, part of him is hesitant to do so because it very well may mean leaving the galleys and mess halls behind.
Service Record USS Dozovic
Starbase 38
USS Medea
Space Station K-7
USS Hera