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Ensign Fiona O'Dell

Name Fiona "Leprechaun" O'Dell

Position R&D Test Pilot

Second Position Support Craft Pilot

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Mariposian
Age 27
Birthday March 17th, 2369
Sexual Orientation Catholic Guilt
Character Type npc
Main Character (Rita Paris)

Physical Appearance

Height 1.45m / 4'9"
Weight 40.2kg / 90 lbs
Hair Color Bright red, long kinky and seldom controlled
Eye Color Bright green
Physical Description Aye, I'm an offensive racial stereotype, how'dye do!

Call sign: Leprechaun

Just a wee tiny Merida in a flight suit. It's easy to picture.
Specialized Equipment Very small, tiny hands. Pilots Thunderchicken in 'urban warfare' modes as she describes them, surprisingly well for a beginner.


Spouse/Significant Other N/A
Children Nae fuir me til I've met me a good man!
Father Angus Joseph O'Dell
Mother Elizabeth Vallis O'Dell
Brother(s) In order, half brothers (on the O'Dell side by Margaret Mary O'Dell):

Wallace O'Dell
Donalbane O'Dell
Duncan O'Dell
Maxwell O'Dell
Fergus O'Dell
Malcolm O'Dell

And aye, that's right, I'm the wee bebeh of the family! I was a happy accident, I was!
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family Cousins. Lots of them. The McGills and the O'Darby's and the Macneilles...

Personality & Traits

General Overview Perky, sarcastic, cheerful and happy to be here. Loves to fly, was thrilled for the chance in the Thunderchicken cockpit. Comes from a long line of drunks and weird cloned scientists.

ST:TNG S2:E18 'Up The Long Ladder'

Not an experienced space heroine, prone to freak out when things get weird or dangerous. Sloppy affectionate drunk. Secretly hates being tiny but makes the best of it and cracks jokes on her own height.
Strengths & Weaknesses Tiny. Technically a midget for a humanoid, a result of the recessive genes of her Mariposian mother. Not strong at all. Lightweight, short legs, has to hustle to keep up.

Hops around well, not acrobatic, but light on her feet and dexterous like an exuberant child, good with her hands. Fast typist, great at video games, shows with high scores in the simulators. Lacks time behind the stick. Mettle untested in a fight.

Poor follow-through, poor understanding of orders structure. Is still an ensign because she has not filed the paperwork to advance to JG for over a year now. Easily intimidated by difficult tasks, or people larger than herself invading her personal space.
Ambitions Enjoying a career in Starfleet, as it isn't home with all the drunks and weirdos of her homeworld. She loves to fly, and it shows.
Hobbies & Interests Plays the harp, mandolin, the harpsichord and a squeezebox. Weaves wool into thread into tartans to relax.

Personal History The "Bringloidi" colony (after brionglóidí, the Irish word for "dreams"), now led by an Irishman named Danilo O'Dell, are followers of an early 22nd century philosopher who advocated returning to a pre-industrial agrarian lifestyle, and when taken aboard the Enterprise, must quickly adapt to the 24th century technology. When the transfer of the colonists is complete, O'Dell informs Picard of another colony, also planted by the Mariposa. The Enterprise proceeds to the second colony—which has named itself "Mariposa" after their ship—half a light year away. The colony's Prime Minister, Walter Granger, is happy to see the Enterprise and welcomes them to visit, so Commander Riker beams down with Lieutenant Worf and Chief Medical Officer Doctor Pulaski.

The Mariposa colony is strikingly different from the Bringloidi colony, as the Mariposa colonists have kept their advanced technology, and appear refined and cultured in contrast to the Bringloidi's relatively primitive existence. Pulaski quickly ascertains, however, that all of the inhabitants are clones. Granger reveals that their ship crashed while landing, and only five survivors were left to start the colony. As this was insufficient to establish a stable gene pool, and the survivors were all scientists, they turned exclusively to cloning instead, and consequently no longer have any desire for biological reproduction. For almost three centuries, every Mariposan has been a clone derived from one of the five original colonists, and now the colony is in danger of dying out because of replicative fading: each subsequent generation introduces additional minor flaws in the genetic code, which within only a few more generations will make further clones nonviable.

The Mariposans ask the Enterprise crew for samples of their DNA to create new clones. Riker refuses, as he values his uniqueness, and Picard advises the Mariposans that the rest of the crew is likely to feel the same, so the Mariposans decide to kidnap Riker and Pulaski to steal their DNA instead. Upon discovering this, the away team beams directly to the colony's cloning labs, where they are repulsed to find copies of themselves being grown, which Riker destroys. Granger is furious, and appeals to Picard, but Pulaski argues that a new batch of clones will only delay the inevitable. Instead, she advises that they consider partnering with the Bringloidi to create a viable gene pool. Initially, each colony's leader treats the other society with disdain, but they eventually agree to merge their colonies and disparate cultures.
Service Record Starfleet Academy 2388-2392
Starfleet Flight School 2392-2394
Maintenance crew flyer, DS9 2394-2396
USS Hera, support craft pilot 2396-2396
USS Hera, Test Pilot 2396