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Ensign John Carrott

Name John Lee Carrott

Position Nurse

Second Position R&D Medic

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 23
Birthday May 9
Sexual Orientation Straight
Character Type pnpc
Main Character (Asa Dael)

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4"
Weight 210
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Tall with a shocking red hair, Carrott has fair skin covered in freckles that almost give him the appearance of a tan. He is of average build, but seems to hunch down at times to make himself more on level with his shorter peers. An excellent nurse, he is quick to act in medical situations and usually with a smile.
Specialized Equipment Medical tricorder


Personality & Traits

General Overview Carrott is affable and good natured, although a overawed a bit easily. He likes to make others laugh and is uncomfortable around emotionally serious situations, often acting nervous and skittish to try and mask his discomfort. A dry sarcastic wit can sometimes be wrong by those who don't know him, but the impish light in his eye usually tells his audience when he is joking. Fresh from the Academy, he knows he doesn't know everything, and is excited to start his career in Starfleet.
Strengths & Weaknesses He learns quickly and speaks what he means. This can sometimes come across as blunt to those who do not know him. He is not a master of combat either and completely unfamiliar with combat environments.
Ambitions Fatherhood is his primary focus now. Recently married, his wife was one of those impacted by the early days of Hera's residence on the Hera and become pregnant in spite of her birth control. After a moment of shock, Carrott has embraced his role as a father and spends his off hours reading books on how to be a good parent, and considers this to be his primary ambition for years to come.