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Lieutenant JG Tovanna Mah

Name Tovanna Mah

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species El-Aurian
Age 93
Birthday 2303
Sexual Orientation Pansexual
Character Type pc

Physical Appearance

Height 5’5”
Weight 118lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Despite her youthful appearance Tovanna has almost a century of life experience she brings to the crew of the Hera. She presents a quiet, yet comforting presence no matter where she goes. She has a practiced efficiency of movement when in medical and is fastidious about the comfort her patients. When not in medical she has been assigned the additional duty as ship’s Counselor to help with concerns any of the crew might have.

She can easily be described as the bookish type who has no idea of her pretty looks or regard for them. When not on duty she can be found taking a break from her formal uniform reading up on Psychology, Medicine, Theology or various other subjects. She is much more comfortable in her long dresses and sandals reflective of the remote coastal area she grew up in and will find all sorts of unexpected spots around the ship to get lost reading.
Specialized Equipment Tricorder


Spouse/Significant Other None
Children None
Father Amiasos Mah 2150
Mother Xzyia Mah 2184
Brother(s) Cyprianos Mah 2381

Personality & Traits

General Overview Tovanna is an interesting study in innocence and wisdom. She is very knowledgeable about much, having lived longer than most humans, yet chooses to retain a youthful outlook toward life. Her focus on helping others has led to her additional degree in Psychology in addition to Medicine as she studies Theology and Thanatology. She believes in being open in her approach to others no matter their background.
Tovanna is perceived as shy at times due to her bookish nature and quiet demeanor. In reality she merely comes from a traditional El-Aurian home that focuses on listening more than speaking. She appreciates being part of a crew and community since the loss of the El-Aurian home world her family still mourns and seeks a place she feels comfortable.
Strengths & Weaknesses Tovanna has a strong sense of purpose and self. She is flexible in her approach to problems and finds strength in adversity. Her ability to listen helps with her diagnostics and bedside manners. Her skills in both medical and therapeutic fields are above reproach. She has honed her abilities for over 50 years in the field to bring the best skills possible to those she serves.
Her consistent desire to study and learn, eat into her time to relax with the crew. She can be difficult to connect to because of her habit of disappearing into little nooks and crannies in the ship to read. She often neglects her social life in an attempt increase her knowledge. She often needs a little push to be reminded to socialize with others and get her nose out of the books.
Ambitions Tovanna’s primary ambition is to become the top medical officer in Starfleet. Her goal is to help in the repopulation of the El-Aurian people since their numbers have dwindled so low. She recognizes drastic measures will have to be taken to bring their population to a viable point of return after their genocide by the Borg.
Hobbies & Interests She loves cooking, martial arts, teaching, listening to music and spending time on the holo-deck in nature. She also loves reading and medicine of course.

Personal History The Mah family were among the few that finished the journey to Earth after the Nexus incident. Her mother and father settled in a remote area on the ocean to raise their daughter and assimilate themselves into their new home world. Tovanna’s father, Amiasos hoped after his daughter reached her age of majority she would be married to another of the El-Aurian families he stayed in contact with. Her parents kept her at a reasonable distance from outsiders and ensured she understood what was expected of her to ensure the continuance of her people in the future. While she was a child she excelled in her studies and was noted among academic circles for her multidisciplinary studies in scientific pursuits. Little did most realize her academic success was due to her seclusion and abundance of time spent in study. Her parents were approached on multiple occasions about her future in scholastic and Starfleet careers which was not shared with Tovanna until she was about 20 Earth years. At that point she decided to take part in Starfleet Medical training with the understanding that she would be staying on Earth until she was no longer considered a “child” by her culture and would be learning about the possible medical applications for improving the El-Aurian population. Her parents agreed with the conditions of her enrollment to Starfleet and she began her career in medicine. After finishing he standard medical training she added genetics and Psychology to her studies to increase her time studying per her agreement with her parents. As she stayed on with Starfleet Academy she finished her training and took on assignments at Command to finish her time until she was no longer obligated to stay. During this time her parents tried setting her up with multiple El-Aurian men, many of whom were not within a reasonable age range for her due to the dramatic decline in their population. Her parents had her brother so she might get to know him and she left for her first mission off shore, the Hera.
Service Record 2323 – 2326 Starfleet Academy
2626 – 2332 Starfleet Medical Graduate with Rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade specializing in Genetics, Psychology and Xenobiology. She has Contributing articles in papers on Theology and Thanotology
2332 – 2399 Starfleet Academy Assessment – Working with Starfleet for testing of all cadets in preparation of service to Starfleet
2399 Assignment to USS Hera as CMO