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Lieutenant JG V'lera

Name V'lera

Position Chief Counselor

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Vulcan Orion
Character Type pc

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 153 lbs
Hair Color Raven Black
Eye Color Lavendar
Physical Description V’Lera is strong and slender. She has pointy Vulcan ears and signature lavender eyes. Her skin is Orion green and she still has the standard Orion Pheromones but it can be controlled with monthly shots. She has the IDIC symbol tattooed on her right inner wrists, a deep lavender rose on her right hip
Specialized Equipment Monthly shots that she takes to control her pheromone production.


Spouse/Significant Other None
Children None
Father Soral
Mother Kolarin Betoris
Brother(s) Unknown
Sister(s) Unknown
Other Family Pet: Raccoon named Surak

Personality & Traits

General Overview V’lera (pronounced Va-leh-rah) is a calm and quiet presence. She is a great listener and is great dishing out advice to others. She somehow cannot dish out advice to herself. In her work: She is an out of box thinking, honest to the point of ridiculousness and sometimes her tough honesty can be termed rude. She is a people person when at work and seems outgoing and fun. In her private life she is quiet and shy and withdrawn, never quite certain on how to maintain and make friends. She often uses the shield of professionalism to avoid it. She avoids parties and if she must attend will stick to the back. As a voracious reading she is an expert on many topics including history and archeology.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
+Outside the box thinking
+Loves her work

-Honesty (too honest)
-Not can be called rude
-Withdrawn in real life
-Work wises she speaks her opinion freely
-OCD (A little…bit…maybe a…little lot)
Ambitions To better herself, to be more daring and stop playing things safe in her private life. To fall in love. To find herself and her soul’s purpose
Hobbies & Interests Reading, Writing, Painting
Horse riding, meditating, swimming

Personal History V’lera was born on Vulcan in a small village just at the foot of Mount Seleya. Her birth, on Vulcan, was considered a bad omen. A storm of epic proportions blew across the region on the night of her birth and she was the only child born on all of Vulcan that night.

Not much is known about her parents or upbringing but it is a sore spot for her and one that Starfleet has not been able to pull out of her. All they know is that at the age of 16 she sought, from the Vulcan council, to be termed an adult to look after her own affairs.

This was granted and she set up camp in a Vulcan monastery of Knowledge where she was school in defense and a regular curriculum. At 18 she left Vulcan, never looking back and entered Starfleet.

She majored in Clinical Psychology and Basic Medical preferring to go the route of Counseling. She also did a minor in galactic history as it was a fascination for her.

Upon her graduation she continued her education, earning her masters and then getting herself assigned to the USS Flame. She served there as Junior Counselor, Counselor and Assistant Chief Counsellor while earning her PHD in Xeno-Psychology.

From there she was assigned to the USS Hera as Chief Counselor.
Service Record 2361 – Born on Vulcan
2379 – Starfleet Academy Entrance
2383 – Graduate of Starfleet Academy
2383 to 2385 – Starfleet Master’s program
2385 – USS Flame Junior Counselor (Distance PHD Program Entered)
2388 – Counselor USS Flame
2389 – Assistant Chief Counselor (Promotion with Distinction)
2389-2392 – USS Flame Assistant Chief Counselor
2391 – USS Hera Chief Counselor