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Ensign Tanaak Sado

Name Tanaak Sado

Position Medical Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Oriasi
Age 29
Birthday 6 May 2367
Sexual Orientation Bisexual (It is more likely that Tanaak is pansexual, though he grew up without this concept in his culture, and therefore identifies as bi.)
Character Type pc

Physical Appearance

Height 7' / 213 cm
Weight 250 lbs. / 113 kg
Hair Color Steely gray
Eye Color Violet
Physical Description The first thing non-Oriasi notice about Tanaak is his massive frame. Like most members of his species, he stands at around seven feet tall and is much wider than most other Federation species. In fact, his head (which houses a skull roughly the same size as a human's) appears ever so slightly too small for his neck and shoulders. The second things non-Oriasi notice are the black, ram-like horns that curl back from his jutting forehead, slope downwards, and finally point forwards and up again. His horns frame a neatly trimmed crop of steely gray hair between them. The third things non-Oriasi notice about him are his intense violet eyes, though their color is only half of what makes them so captivating. Tanaak's nose rests high on his face, with sharply slanted nostrils. His prominent forehead, beastly nose, and thick lips give him an appearance some might associate with primitive or barbaric species, but his eyes immediately convey intelligence and kindness to those brave enough to meet them.

If a non-Oriasi touches him, they will note his unusually warm skin. Oriasi body temperature rests at 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit (37.5 degrees Celsius), resulting in naturally warm handshakes and the occasional human accusation of having a mild fever. Although he seems to be the very model of an Oriasi in his prime, other members of his species may note his unusual coloration. Rather than having a warm tan, his skin has a dark blue-purplish tint, and his hair is unusually dark as well. Finally, his build is just a touch on the husky side. While he is obviously very fit, there is softness to his appearance that tends to put people at ease. He wears a single gold earring on his right ear when out of uniform and a silver medallion around his neck.
Specialized Equipment Because of his horns, all of Tanaak's tops must zip or button up the side or front; he cannot pull anything over his head.


Spouse/Significant Other Vandor Varaasrat (Male Oriasi, alive, long-term faithful separation)
Father Sado Kor (Deceased)
Mother Mernok Ananaas Sado (Alive)
Brother(s) Harkos Sado (Younger than Tanaak, alive)
Sister(s) Maagus Mernok Sado (Younger than Tanaak, deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Tanaak is kind, gentle, a little awkward, and very passionate about his philosophies. He is steadfast in his beliefs, but loves learning, and loves to encourage learning in others.
Strengths & Weaknesses Tanaak is highly diplomatic and empathetic. He was raised to abhor injustice, and is only a part of the third generation of his family to outwardly oppose slavery. Although his is naturally diplomatic, he values honesty first, and will shut down a conversation less than gracefully before he would pretend to support anything he considers unjust. He is very intelligent, especially when it comes to his emotional intelligence. However, he is not always very smart. Tanaak makes up for his high intelligence with his lack of common sense, a trait that was mercilessly mocked by his younger brother throughout their childhood together. As an adult, Tanaak still hesitates to act without guidance. He is often good at remaining calm when others become angry or panic, and considers it a failure when he is unable to do so.
Ambitions Tanaak became fascinated by the Federation in his youth, and it has always been his dream to serve on a Federation ship. He wants to expand the horizons of his soul, and is particularly interested in how other species handle politics. Someday, he wants to return home and share what he has learned with his people. Ideally, he wants to reunite with the partner he left on his home world, and raise a family of his own.
Hobbies & Interests Aside from politics, Tanaak is interested in alien anatomy. He studied medicine at the Academy, and is fascinated by the physical differences between species. He collects stone figurines.

Personal History Tanaak grew up in a progressive family during a time of great change for his society. He lost his father when he was very young, and helped his mother raise his younger brother and sister. He attended school, but as he grew older, he became increasingly aware of and dissatisfied with the involvement of politics in education. One year, he got in a great deal of trouble for his outspokenness about the standardized history test. He vowed to keep out of trouble only so that he could one day attend Starfleet Academy. When his sister fell ill, Tanaak had to postpone his education to help support his family. He worked in the city at the university’s library and met an avid reader, Vandor Varaasrat. Tanaak and Vandor had similar passions, and soon became passionate about each other. They spent the next few years encouraging each other to work to better themselves and to better their world. Vandor consoled Tanaak through his sister’s death, and eventually encouraged him to re-visit his dream of joining Starfleet. It would mean separation. It would mean starting over in the second half of his twenties, but Vandor helped Tanaak realize that if he didn’t try, he would always feel unfulfilled. Vandor suggested they devote themselves to the betterment of themselves, and that when Tanaak returned; they would once again devote themselves to each other. So, Tanaak became one of the first Oriasi to apply for Starfleet Academy. He was thrilled by the differences in the way the Academy structured its curriculum and sometimes entertained the idea that he might return home and fix the education system in which he was raised. He poured himself into his studies and realized his fascination for alien anatomy. He took human biology classes, and after discussing career opportunities with a counselor, decided to focus on becoming a combat medic. He graduated with honors, but rather than attend his own graduation ceremony, which his family could not have come to, he packed up his belongings a few days early and decided to visit his home world one more time before departing on his first assignment to a starship.
Service Record Tanaak is recent graduate of Starfleet Academy and a hopeful combat medic. He graduated with honors and a biomedical concentration.