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Lieutenant JG Airi Saxa

Name Airi Saxa

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human / Trill
Age 23
Sexual Orientation Bisexual

Physical Appearance

Height 158cm
Weight 57.5kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Hazel brown
Physical Description She's not the most perfect or the most impressive, but has that certain roguish charm to her, with a tell-tale smirk and wary stance.


Spouse/Significant Other None
Children None
Father Tanigawa Tsukasa (deceased)
Mother Zia Tida (deceased)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Her family was small, and while she might know of a few distant relations, family doesn't have much bearing in her life. Even though she has the memories of others...

Personality & Traits

General Overview Fighter pilot, part-time gambler, and a quick-draw with a phaser, she has a bit of a roguish streak to her. But, beneath quick wit and daring ways she has a heart of gold, and once friends with someone she would be loyal and perhaps even take a shot for them..or deal it out for them.
Strengths & Weaknesses Three strengths: Her flight skills, her wit and charm, and her phaser marksmanship

Three weaknesses: Not very strong, doesn't like to get hit(and would prefer to dodge them), and the occasional headache from her symbiont's memories, Also likes shooting first and asking questions later.
Ambitions To fly those in her charge through thick and thin while being a daredevil and playing the heroine where possible. Appreciates it when people don't talk overly technical to her, even though she can follow it.
Hobbies & Interests Gambling, flying, swimming, a kind of dirty fighting that has no honor to it, but one does survive that way. Also likes to cross-dress, being something of a tomboy. It's just how she came up.
Loves beaches and casinos.

Personal History Born aboard a starship to a Trill mother and a human father, she'd travel around to quite a few places before the age of 12, picking up various tips and tricks of the trade from her parents. She identified more with the boys than the girls growing up, and her parents allowed that to an extent. They loved and cared for her equally, despite her half-breed status.

At the age of 12, her parents died in a pirate raid on their ship. A Starfleet vessel responded to the distress call mid-raid, and after a short battle sent them running. A young Airi watched through a viewport, singularly impressed. While she grieved for a time, a fire of adventure was lit in her. And thus spurred her drive to join Starfleet Academy. Which she managed to pull off at the age of 15, but only after a lot of hard work and moving around.

It was during her academy tenure that she was contacted by the Trill Commission, indicating that she had been chosen among 500 others to undergo the testing to determine compatibility with a symbiont. Requesting a leave to do so, it was granted by the Headmaster. Thus was her first real trip in her new life.

After a long and almost boring process, she was contacted. Test results had confirmed her compatibility with it despite her human heritage. That was more than she had expected or wanted...but she went with it, and the joining was successful.

She took the name of Saxa Airi, and her past lives were several. One was a man, who had been a farmer who lived off the land, and knew many survival instincts, along with a sense of danger. He had also married, and had children. Through this come the pains and joys, the anger and the love. Much of it, she didn't understand at the time. But she would...and this is responsible for the occasional maternal instincts that she feels, along with the loyalty, in part.

Another, was a young man who had been an adventurer. He had traveled, looking for treasure on an independent outfit. he'd also had eyes for many forms of gambling. Some of which he was better at than others. From this also came memories of hiking, climbing, EVA walks, and flirtatious memories with various genders. She would also understand these in time.

Third, was a Starfleet engineer. Memories of the female host's knowledge inspired her to learn more about fixing things. Whether by the kick of a boot or the multi-tool modulator, it was by this that she knows something about repairs, though her focus is fixing up her fighter.

Fourth life was a female intelligence operative, fifth was a male fighter pilot, sixth was a herm diplomat who was a good negotiator, and seventh was a mother of two who also served as a tactical officer.

Prior lives aside, she would go on to graduate at the age of 19, with special entry into the fighter program. First, she flew a Valkyrie, but was transferred to the Javelin, which is where she shined. That, and runabouts, are her favorite things to pilot, but she can handle starships good as well. It's all about the feeling and the flow...

Departing her last assignment, where she had been doing okay, she was sent into deep space, on a heading that would take her towards the klingon and romulan border. Looking for a Starfleet ship that was supposed to be in the area. If she could find them, she would be joining them. But the trick would be to find them.
Service Record 2365 - birthdate
2377 - parents death, dream of joining starfleet ignited
2380 - Admitted into Starfleet Academy
2382 - Joined with the Saxa symbiont
2384 - Graduated the Academy
2384 - Joined the Fighter Corps, aboard the USS Typhon-B with a commission of Ensign. Transitioned to a dual role with the Typhon-B's Flight Control department.
2388 - Re-assigned, USS Hera, Chief of Flight Control with recommendation for promotion based on time served and missions ran.