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Mon Dec 15th, 2014 @ 6:55pm

Ensign Husumi Yaakova

Name Husumi Priest Yaakova HPY

Position Stellar Cartographer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Reptoid
Age 47
Sexual Orientation complete Bisexualy raced humanoid
Character Type npc

Physical Appearance

Height 6.4
Weight 125
Hair Color green
Eye Color yellowgoldenglow
Physical Description -Body-build-unique-thin-extra-trimmed-shaped-male-breast-plate.-tight-clean-always-shapely-scaled-partial
and-unscaled-under-or-lower-body-type-(!)for command of a team of stellar cartographors.

Upper:body-dexterity-well-managed-olympic floor training routine
healthy-physique&stamina of control or flow of movement through balance
from iceskating 100% free form fast learning but safely.
A very mild tempermental status: attitude
-mysterious-eyes-gaping-gazed-like sharp claws.
Eagle eye implants from falcon military institute of technology Tech
Vocational schooling from home town for demolition let to an eye sergery!
the onlything lost after a five year campain of defraging bomb for the local
united front!
genetically maid inside of a labratory for cyborg attachments. A dowling school institute of sergery.
test subject 51 for unique optical cordical implants signed waver with nothing to loose! but the head ekk
from not being blind anymore!

elongated-thined-thick-scaled-bones-of-a healthy-oxyn-breed-tall-brutally-thick-none-anoyed-exoskull-inoskull-100%managed.muscular-lean-longevity-thorax-etc.


Spouse/Significant Other none
Father none
Mother none
Brother(s) none
Sister(s) none
Other Family my private pets,hmph when I feel like it just like my horrible spelling hmmmmmm

Personality & Traits

General Overview -Agressive-,strong-feelings-when-wants-something-
-have-it!"holder-of-the-heel," or "supplanter".also-mean-"God--level-protect. Credos"-
Strengths & Weaknesses Strength-No-tiredness-in-any-forms

Ambitions not to Raajiin myself huhuh,but for real,long turm building a spacestation,short.turm making a new ship or completing a new art work from my self needs on ocation
Hobbies & Interests swimming hologram style
in a holo pool
study of history of othe races and cultures
learning how to play pool
learning how to jump high& run faster then the topist predators alive.grrrrr

Personal History Winner of a pre apocolyptic war torn infectious virus that eats away at your skin is rough enough before becoming a full blown leader of your entire race. Someone what like the jellyfish insident or laughing man chronicle in holo noval my race servived and recovered from 100% of.No one new what to do until there shipments came through. Weather shots or slight hypo spreys a drink of some sort or food ore ven beding in the medical bay on the cleanser bed. I like to call it the spa sona healer.

I met somone one ay who swar me in as a cadet and I never came back from it. Never told my people,never told my leaders.I'm a natural inventor maker and love to travel. I can't go back,but I swar no infections follow my journey hitch hikking around.I've even evolved along the way:"laugh"

Hmm my slef spelling of things is horrible but to my own race im the youngest traveler even though not shunned but slightly outcasted for not shareing the adventure at first. I hope to leave my findings,to a worthy inheritor. Who knows maybe myself in another life to finish more work ahead. I do love setting the chambers up!

The universal challenger for chamber god is create a humongious ideal and invention and give it for free, setting it up for a fee to keep something running or for even personal gain if you make everything yourself is exceptable. I love to gaze at the open vastness of empty and see through eyes of grandure.

prelude to my never death .I wish to be an immortal, stellar map the stars abond but with most cation to thee of grate vastness full of life. My own invented technology become a vizor to see the birthing's and avoid killing of hitting or inter-fearing of this journey man knows!!1

a philosophy major at a universal college is what I use to be. Till the day I decided upon myself to see of something different. Ohh my the bad spelling i give not a care to mawaaha..
Well...lets see what happens but that my personal history log off I go
badass t'uhm
Service Record entrylevel bad ass