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Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Stanson

Name Jennifer Stanson

Position Starfleet Intelligence Liason

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human, British
Age 32
Sexual Orientation Bisexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5ft 8in
Weight 132 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Jennifer has silky blonde hair that continues shortly below her neck. She has crystal blue eyes that tend to captivate most people she meets.

She has a somewhat physically built body due to extensive exercise, although she does not overwork herself. She has fast reflexes and a great sense of hand eye coordination. She has a huge amount of physical endurance that has built up over the years doing her job.


Father John Stanson - Deceased
Mother Ashley Stanson - Deceased
Other Family Commodore Connor Russo - Adoptive Father

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jennifer is seductive and manipulative with almost no conscience or sense of guilt. She has a code of ethics and morals that guide her through her everyday life. Her true self is buried under walls of protection, only a select few ever get to see it.

She does not follow the chain of command, however if you can earn her respect then she will show it to you. Her trust and respect is hard earned and easily lost. She constantly questions the acts of her superiors due to a sense of self righteousness.

Jenny enjoys the work that she does, as odd as it may be. She will do anything to protect the United Federation of Planets and the crew or team that she serves with. If you lie or cheat her, she will ensure that it is a decision you will regret until the day you die.

Personal History

Classified by Starfleet Intelligence

Jennifer was born to John and Ashley Stanson onboard Starbase 818. Both of her parents where deep cover operatives working for Starfleet Intelligence, however they exited their field work for a brief time to have Jennifer. They gave Jennifer to a friend who was working in a less secretive Intelligence position. When John and Ashley returned to their work an informant had found the true identity of both John and Ashley, both where killed. As Jennifer had no other family she was left in the hands of Connor Russo.

Jennifer was raised on the Starbase and spent her time with the other kids on the station. Somehow Jennifer could always get her way, either by her looks or by her charm that also made her popular at school. Connor was constantly on missions outside of the Starbase, which gave Jennifer some more independence. She used this time to learn and train herself in preparation of following her parents footsteps.

As soon as she was of proper age she applied for Starfleet Academy. She took Tactical Training, Basic Medical, and a Flight Control class. She excelled so well that a Starfleet Intelligence official took interest in her. She was enlisted into a training facility from Starfleet Intelligence. She took the same courses, however they where by far more advanced then what was taught at Starfleet's Academy. She was also trained in some seductive techniques and deception strategies.

After she graduated from the Starfleet Intelligence Training Program she was sent into field work. Her first mission was to gather information on the C'hakilian Empire's activities. She was sent into cover with another agent after some genetic alteration. The reason Starfleet wanted information was because a minor war had just ended with them and Starfleet wanted to know if they where rebuilding their ships and preparing for another attack. After several months in cover they found nothing so Starfleet decided to extract her and place her on another assignment.

She was given a few weeks of leave in which time she went back to visit Connor, who was now making his way up the ladder of command. Connor introduced Jennifer to Commodore Ryan Evans who was heading up the sector's Starfleet Intelligence Assets. She found that Ryan would also be the person who would be advising her assignements and deep briefing her once they where complete. After the visit she was sent back to an Intelligence Facility for a deep brief for her next assignment.

She was sent into cover on assignment with several other agents to the Ratarian Republic who Starfleet Intelligence believed could be a threat. They had equal technology to the Dominion, both of military and civilian uses. First contact had only been made a few years ago from then. She stayed in cover with the Ratarian's for several years in order to make a full assessment of the Republic.

In 2387 she was assigned to infiltrate a Romualn Senator who was opposed to the Federation helping them rebuild their empire after the Hobus event. She was placed to be his mistress and try to convince him otherwise as well as learn any information on Romulan activities and future plans. A year later, after gathering information on the Romulan Senator and a few weeks after the Treaty of Nelvana was signed, she was extracted and reassigned.

Starfleet Intelligence sent her to Faltan Station to act as a Liaison from Starfleet Intelligence's Special Operations devision. However, once she arrived at Faltan, the Deputy Director Starfleet Intelligence Operations met with her and reassigned her to a starship. As much as Jennifer protested her presence was needed greatly.