Ensign Oreka On

Name Oreka On

Position Alien Archaeologist/Anthropologist

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Androgyne
Species J'naii
Age 21 years old
Sexual Orientation Complicated

Physical Appearance

Height 5 feet, 6 inches (167 centimetres)
Weight 130 pounds (59 kilograms)
Hair Color Jet-Black Hair (Close-Cropped)
Eye Color Dark-Brown Eyes (Wide-Eyed Gaze)
Physical Description Oreka On is a young J'naii androgyne* with a lithe and limber frame and fresh youthful features. The young ensign carries oneself with a grace and gravity that is both masculine and feminine ... and neither. Oreka manages an attractive appearance despite avoiding the cosmetics, hairstyles & accessories that many gendered species employ. The J'naii ensign takes care to look and behave as proper as possible, and can be fastidious concerning one's clothing. Oreka speaks in a soft smoky tone of voice, and is easily identified by one's wide-eyed gaze and friendly smile.

* As a J'naii androgyne, Oreka does not subscribe to a specific gender, and so uses the non-gendered word 'one' as a personal pronoun. The correct J'naii term has no direct translation into any other known language. The word 'one', when used as a genderless personal pronoun, is the closest and most acceptable approximation.


Spouse/Significant Other Single | No Bondmate
Children No Known Heirs
Father Not Applicable
Mother Not Applicable
Brother(s) Not Applicable
Sister(s) Not Applicable
Other Family Enera On (née El), 50 year-old university professor, and Sire to Oreka On

Unova On (née Ur), 50 year-old linguist, and Sire to Oreka On

Iliris Id (née On), 25 year-old performance artist, and Sibling to Oreka On

Amari On, 17 year-old preparatory student, and Sibling to Oreka On

Personality & Traits

General Overview The word that best describes Oreka On is 'optimistic'. The young J'naii ensign seems ever cheerful, and displays an energetic eagerness at whatever one does. Oreka does one's best to make up for in enthusiasm what one lacks in experience.

Oreka is the Rookie, the Raw Recruit, the Neophyte, the Newbie.

Polite & Proper Manner
+ Dedicated to treating everyone with respect & kindness.
+ Never crosses the line when it comes to civility.

Deferential & Self-Deprecating Character
+ Humble almost to a fault.
+ Tends to over-criticize oneself.
+ Holds oneself & others to high ethical standards.

Innocent & Idealistic Outlook
+ Appreciates & sees the good in different cultural views.
+ Struggles to balance multicultural acceptance with loyalty to own cultural values.
+ Remains at odds with struggle not to betray own cultural values.
+ Guards against outside social influences.

Awkward & Adorable Personality
+ Struggles with complex gender role customs & subtleties.
+ Afraid of accidentally offending others.
+ Still learning social cues common to gendered species.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strength: aided by Lack of Cynicism
Weakness: hindered by Lack of Confidence
Ambitions Concrete Goal: "I want to experience every type of culture there is."
Abstract Motivation: "I need to remain true to my own cultural values."
Internal Conflict: "I must maintain balance between desires & duty."
External Obstacle: "I have to find the confidence to seize opportunities."
Hobbies & Interests Interests: Holonovel Fiction Writing, Immersing Oneself in Other Cultures

Personal History Born on October 10, 2366 in Berdin City on the planet J'naii.

Second-born heir (offspring) to bondmates (spouses) Enera El & Unova Ur.
+ Upon becoming bonded to one another, bondmates adopt a new shared surname.
+ Oreka's sires (parents) chose the surname 'On', meaning 'Balance' or 'Harmony'.

Raised with appreciation for learning & multiculturalism.
+ One sire is a university professor; the other is a linguist & translator.
+ An influential older sibling is a traveling performance artist who specializes in alien dance.

Experienced crisis when older sibling was accused of gender role-playing.
+ Witnessed sibling's indiscretions, but vowed to keep beloved sibling's secret.
+ Sibling's deviant behavior exposed by jealous & embarrassed bondmate.
+ Sibling fled planet to avoid both persecution & prosecution.
+ Subsequent scandal casts aspersions upon all known friends & relatives.
+ Oreka's sires criticized & scrutinized for permissive attitudes on multiculturalism.
+ Oreka learns importance of never betraying J'naii cultural values.

Does one's best to be a worthy heir & make one's sires proud.
+ Excels in academic studies; wins praise for amateur fiction writing.
+ Conducts oneself with the utmost propriety; represses interest in outside cultures.
+ Finds one can no longer deny hunger to experience other cultures.
+ Surprises everyone by announcing application to Starfleet Academy.
Service Record Specialization: Xenoanthropology
Skill Set: Information Management
Trade: Science Officer
Talent: Research Operations
Training: Starfleet Academy