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Tallara Lifal-Lesteh

Name Tallara Lifal-Lesteh

Position Counselor

Second Position Civilian

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Vulcan/Andorian hybrid
Age 16
Character Type pnpc
Main Character (Enalia Telvan)

Physical Appearance

Hair Color Pale Blue
Eye Color Lavender
Physical Description Tallara is a unique individual, being a lab created half Andorian, half Vulcan. She was an attempt to assist in the research to aid in Andorian reproduction and turn around the decline in birth rate and population. Unfortunately, she was born barren. She has the blue skin of an Andorian but rather than the antennae of the ice-planet race, she got the ears of her Vulcan DNA. She has the strength of both races and while she understands and accepts logic, she prefers the cold passion of Andorians over pure logic. Unfortunately, this has led to some rather severe emotional outbursts. She looks 26 even though she's 16 because of age and knowledge enhancement therapy. Her first 6 years of life, her growth and learning were stimulated so she was physically 16 years old.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Uses Vulcan logic and Andorian passion equally. Prone to emotional outbursts, but overall stable.
Strengths & Weaknesses Enhanced mental acuity.