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Lieutenant K’a’mirh’un Tenm

Name K’a’mirh’un Tenm

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Klingon/Trill-Human Hybrid
Age 32
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Character Type pc

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2
Weight 244 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Blue


Spouse/Significant Other None
Children None
Father Lok’oh K’I’mez
Mother Aala Tenm (Deceased)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview If Cameron has one major fault that he’s known for, it’s his obsessiveness with being the best. Drawn from his mixed Klingon/Trill-Human genetics, he’s a perfectionist, and doesn’t process setbacks well. Cameron is also a very intense individual, but has learned how to alleviate that tension without resorting to violence. Instead, he views sex as his battlefield, and is almost insatiable in his need to pursue and conquer women.

For a man with Klingon ancestry, however, Cameron is a skilled doctor with a notable bedside manner – likely due to his also being part Trill with a trace of Human. While there has been concern in regard to his age and level of experience since becoming the Hera’s Chief of Medical, Cameron has demonstrated his competence well enough to earn the position.

Personal History K’a’mirh’un Tenm was conceived during a brief sexual affair between a warrior of the Klingon Defense Force, Lok’oh K’I’mez, and a Human-Trill Starfleet Officer, Lieutenant Junior Grade Aala Tenm. The two met on Drozana near the Federation/Klingon border; Aala returned to her duty station aboard the USS Axanar, while Lok’oh resumed his post on board the Ki’Tang.
When Aala first learned of her pregnancy, she attempted to inform Lok’oh, the Klingon reply was met with mixed results. While proud to have become a father, Lok’oh knew that a half-breed like K’a’mirh’un would not be accepted by his house, so he ordered Aala to raise the boy alone, and kept the birth a secret from his house.

When K’a’mirh’un was born aboard the Axanar, Aala gave him his name from a Klingon expression meaning: “A warrior without a house to call his own.” It was as much a way of permanently linking K’a’mirh’un to his Klingon heritage, as it was a slight against Lok’oh and his house.

Raising K’a’mirh’un on her own was no easy task. By the time K’a’mirh’un turned eight, he’d already begun to act out in insubordinate and even violent ways consistent with his Klingon genetics. On several occasions, K’a’mirh’un expressed an explicit desire to visit the Klingon homeworld, Kronos, and meet with his father.

He was unaware that Aala had already tried to facilitate such an arrangement, but that her request was continually refused by the house of K’I’mez.

As K’a’mirh’un’s affinities towards defiance grew, Aala requested a transfer to Chiron, a domed-city near the Martian equator where verteron arrays were used to redirect comets towards the polar icecaps. It was also where her parents, Joshua Chandler and Nizea Tenm lived and worked.

The token Starfleet facility on Chiron was small and consisted only about a half dozen officers and enlisted personnel. It was a less than premier duty station, but Aala’s devotion towards giving her son a healthy upbringing overruled her earlier career ambitions. Together and with her parents support, Aala was able to reel K’a’mirh’un’s behavior in and help him to govern his confrontational tendencies.

Or at least this is what she thought happened.

But unbeknownst to Aala or her parents, the real source of K’a’mirh’un’s sudden increase of self-control had come instead from a girl by the name of Tallara ____, the product of a failed experiment to address the reproductive crisis on the Andorian homeworld. What Aala couldn’t understand was that, while there was no effective way to repress K’a’mirh’un’s urges, there was a way to redirect them.

Once K’a’mirh’un became an adolescent, Tallara turned her body into one such vice for him, and helped to tune his behavior from seeking conquest through violence to seeking conquest through seduction. Between his physical poise and an abundance of confidence, K’a’mirh’un accomplished this with great success – much to the chagrin of Aala and many of the girl’s parents.

When K’a’mirh’un turned seventeen, tragedy struck. One of the verteron arrays experienced a massive failure, causing tremendous damage to the dome structure. Chiron was losing its atmosphere, and as a precaution, an order to evacuate was given. Cameron and Tallara were taken to an emergency beam-out site along with the rest of the civilian population while the small contingent of Starfleet personnel, including Aala, aided the evacuation effort.

There, K’a’mirh’un waited for several hours while more colonists were brought in, including his grandparents, but not K’a’mirh’un’s mother. It wasn’t until hours afterward that he learned that Aala had been killed by falling debris while she’d been leading civilians to one of the beam-out sites. Fueled with rage over her death, K’a’mirh’un found a means to travel to Kronos in order to confront the father he’d never met. But the house of K’I’mez responded to his existence just as Lok’oh had predicted. Cameron was sent back to Chiron with a number of broken bones, a fractured vertebrae, multiple contusions, and a severe concussion. He was forced to recover in a dermal regenerator vat due to the severity of his injuries.

For months afterwards, K’a’mirh’un tried to find a sense of normalcy. But without his mother to guide him, and even despite Tallara’s determination to help him, he began to lash out at everyone who ever cared for him – including her.

On impulse, Cameron decided to apply for Starfleet academy in the hope that by joining Starfleet he would be able to honor his mother’s name. He was accepted – albeit by just barely -- and altered the pronunciation of his first name to “Cameron”, as articulating his name in Klingon was cumbersome for many of the other cadets. He graduated from the academy, and spent the next two years as an Emergency Medicine Resident at the New Hilo Medical Center in Hawaii.

Once Cameron received his final certification as a medical professional, he was reassigned to the USS Proteus as its newest Assistant Chief Medical Officer. For Cameron, the Proteus was everything he’d been waiting for after graduating from the Academy. As beautiful as the tiny island of Oahu was, and as filled as it was with beautiful women, it wasn’t space. And space was where he truly wanted to be.

When the Proteus returned to Sol at the end of its two-year mission, Cameron applied for a fellowship at Starfleet Medical in San Francisco in order to study general surgery. After interning at Starfleet Medical for another five years, he graduated and was offered a CMO position aboard the Nebula-class USS Hera.

There was some debate as to whether Cameron was ready for the position of Chief of Medical, particularly given that he’d just finished his surgical internship, and had only spent two years in space. He accepted nonetheless.

What’s more, he was surprised to find an old friend there waiting for him: Tallara.
Service Record Starfleet Academy – Medical Cadet – 2374 – 2378
Emergency Medicine Resident – Honolulu, Hawaii, Earth – 2378 – 2381
ACMO/EM Physician – USS Proteus – 2381 – 2383
Surgical Fellowship – 2383 – 2388
Chief Medical – USS Hera – 2388 - Present