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Staff Warrant Officer Nexi

Name Nexi

Position Infiltration Specialist

Rank Staff Warrant Officer

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Brekkian/Betazoid
Age 28
Character Type npc
Main Character [Akira Zhuri]

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Weight 130lbs
Hair Color Auburn
Eye Color black
Physical Description Nexi is attractive when she's not wearing a sour expression. She's always so tense and ready for action, it's hard to tell whether she's actually pretty most of the time. She keeps her long, auburn hair bound just below her shoulders with some scruffy bangs hanging in her eyes. Her black Betazoid eyes often look cold and calculating when she doesn't look dead to the world. She tends to wear clothes that are too big for her, harking back to the days when she wore her mentor's clothing. She does have a subtle nose ridge, a trait of her Brekkian heritage, though many mistake this racial trait as Bajoran. Nexi can also emit an electrical charge from her body, another trait of the Brekkians
Specialized Equipment -Wandering Star, a decommissioned Orion-class runabout that serves as her transportation and home, equipped with some aftermarket Ferengi disruptors and a Klingon cloaking device.

-Personal cloaking device, unknown manufacturer, can provide complete stealth in limited bursts.

-Custom EV suit/tactical armor, based on MACO Operational armor, leather with compressed ceramic plating that provide a level of sensor scattering to aid in stealth. This suit is also capable of recording vital data and even storing several databases worth of data in the plates. the undersuit monitors vitals.

-Unknown variety and quantity of bladed weaponry; just because you can't see a blade doesn't mean she's not armed.

-Custom pike with collapsible staff

-Custom pike with mono-filament plasma blade and collapsible staff

-Desert Eagle 116, mimics the form and function of the 20th century Desert Eagle handgun. Equipped with replicator matter magazines, it can replicate .50 AE and .44 Magnum rounds, propelling them using electromagnetic force. This weapon has a kick similar to the original Desert Eagle, but without the noise. The mark 116 is equipped with a sound emulator for instances of time travel, but this can be disabled when stealth is required.

-The Needler, a tiny pistol capable of firing up to 50 nanotubules filled with neurotoxin. Silent but deadly!


Father Has Larani
Mother Amani
Sister(s) Aewia Larani

Personality & Traits

General Overview Nexi is whoever she needs to be to get a job done. When she's out 'Collecting' she's a masterful hunter, when she's working on her ship she's an ornery 'miracle worker', and when she's dealing with her owner she's pliant and complacent. Who she is outside of whatever job she's doing is undefined as she's always working, but she'll do or be just about anything so long as she's getting paid.

As a Brekkian, she does have the ability to emit an electrical charge from her body. And as a Betazoid, she is telepathic/empathic. Her tools of trade as a Collector: throwing knives and a pole-arm with a retractable staff. She looks down on energy-based weaponry, feeling that they are lazy and ill-suited for her line of work, although she can render someone unconscious with her personal energy discharge. She also has a Ferengi universal translator installed in her ear. It was modified to double as a communicator since a great deal of her missions involve nudity and she wouldn't be able to wear a communicator.

Nexi can't read Standard English very well. In fact, she can barely read at all. If she has to do any significant reading, it has to be in Ferengi or she would require assistance.
Strengths & Weaknesses Nexi is many things, but one thing she is not is a people person. She can pretend to be good with people for the sake of a job, but she doesn't like dealing with people. She's better at dealing with people when she sees them as 'transactions'
Ambitions Nexi's only ambition is the next job. Her only long term goal is to work off her debt and become a freelance Collector.
Hobbies & Interests None that she's aware of, but if she had to name something, then it would be sharp, pointy things (knives).

Personal History Nexi is a result of a single night of infidelity between a prominent Betazoid political figure, Has Larani, and a Brekkian woman, Amani. Nexi was never given the details, she was quite young at the time, but she was told that her father never knew of Nexi's existence, that he never would for fear it would tarnish the reputation of a good family's name. Amani's opinion of this did not change, even in 2364 when the Enterprise would not help deal in the trade of felicium, an addictive narcotic being sold to the Omarans as treatment for a plague they no longer suffered. When the Omarans began to break their addiction to the felicium, the Brekkian economy began to collapse. A lesser woman would have gone to Nexi's father to beg for her well-being, but Amani remained steadfast to her promise that she would not bring dishonor to the Larani name. For certain, she knew Has would have taken in Nexi and loved her, but to do so would have meant revealing their shame and Amani would not do it.

Given the addictive nature of felicium, it was no big surprise that the Brekkians turned to the Ferengi for aid. Many Brekkians worked themselves into an early grave in an attempt to rebuild their economy. Amani was one such victim. Just before her death, Amani regretted not telling Has about Nexi, for not doing anything to assure a safe future for her daughter, but there was little she could do at that point, and with no one to turn to for help Nexi became property of Liquidator Grek. Nexi was only 5.

Nexi spent a great deal of time as Grek's personal assistant, running errands and doing busy work, but she was also used for pleasure, for Grek or anyone who was willing to pay for her. And regardless of the fact that she was not Ferengi, she was held to the Ferengi laws: it was illegal for females to wear clothing. It was not until many years later when a client took pity on her that her future began to change. He had purchased her 'services' for the night, despite the fact that she was still underage, and he saw what was left of her dwindling spirit and was impressed. After so many years as a slave and she still had so much fight left in her... He was willing to go out on a limb for the girl and purchased Nexi for several months to be his personal assistant.

The man's name was Merrit and he was a freelance Collector for the Ferengi. He also dabbled in smuggling and the occasional bounty hunt, and he was good at it and set out to teach Nexi everything he knew. As much as he continued to use her for his own desire, it was still a pity to see such fire wasted. He reignited that fire by giving Nexi purpose; with the skills she was learning, she could one day become a Collector and eventually earn her freedom.

Merrit returned periodically over the years to see how well Nexi was doing with the skills he had taught her and would buy her time to teach her more. By the time she was 18, he deemed she was ready to start working on her own and helped her to confront Grek to negotiate terms to earn her freedom. After suitable terms were worked out, Nexi starting working for Grek as a Collector.

She worked with Merrit for two years before earning enough revenue to buy her own ship, a renovated Orion-class runabout that had been decommissioned several years prior. Since then, she's configured the ship, now named "Wandering Star", to fit her needs. One would think with the level of skill Nexi gained, that she would have a notable reputation, but she's worked hard to remain 'invisible'. For the few in her line of work who knows what she can do, she's known for being able to get into places that one would think impossible, all while remaining undetected. Like her mentor, she deals in heists, smuggling, and any number of odd-jobs outside of Collecting to help earn additional income.