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Lieutenant JG Karina Sha’ha’zen

Name Karina Sha’ha’zen

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Hiigaran
Age 24
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Character Type pc

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7
Weight 132 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Karina is of average height with dark brown hair and brown eyes. Her cheeks are lined with purple freckles that glows depending on mood.

Like most Hiigarans, Karina releases a naturally occurring pheromone that creates an associative dependency between it and the memory engram exposed to it. Lack of exposure to these pheromones causes those memories to break down over time. While this effect is much more pronounced in pure Hiigarans, Karina's mixed parentage has diluted the effect to some degree.


Spouse/Significant Other None
Children None
Father Adam O'Conno
Mother Aren Sha'ha'zen
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Karina considers herself to be a very direct and open individual. She speaks her mind whether it’s good for her or not. She also maintains extremely detailed log entries so that records of her life and activities are retained. These log entries are regularly kept public, meaning that anybody can read through them so long as they have the desire to.

Personal History The story of the Hiigaran people is a distinguished albeit troubled one. The proud benefactors of a small section of the a nearby galaxy, the Hiigaran Republic at one time spanned dozens of worlds across hundreds of light years. It was a scientific, economic, diplomatic, and military power that brought stability and peace to an otherwise tempestuous region.

After almost a thousand years of prosperity, however, the Republic began to fracture from within; member worlds came to suspect Hiigaran representatives and officials of somehow influencing the affairs of their worlds. Agitators advanced this propaganda, eliciting fear and panic throughout the colonies, and turning them against the Hiigaran people.

And in the end, these suspicions were proven to be correct.

Every Hiigaran male and female releases a naturally occurring pheromone that creates an associative dependency between it and the memory engram exposed to it. While this genetic peculiarity was not unknown to the region, the skill of well-trained Hiigarans to amplify it was. Such Hiigarans were able to flush a victim with these power pheromones, causing memory loss within a matter of minutes, while still maintaining whatever suggestive imprint, be it an idea or a philosophy, they desired to impose.

It was a behavior of manipulation and stratagem that the Hiigarans had been using to their benefit since the Republic’s founding. And eventually, many such colonies revolted against the Hiigaran core. After nearly two centuries of near continuous fighting, the technologically superior Hiigaran Navy found that it could no longer withstand the numerically vast armadas of its neighbors.

With defeat looming, the Hiigaran government devised a contingency which would allow it to survive the destruction of its homeworld. A migrant fleet capable of long-term interstellar travel was constructed, and the bulk of the Hiigaran population loaded onboard. The total evacuation of the Hiigaran homeworld was finalized just as the first enemy battle cruisers had begun to arrive inside the system. The Hiigarans abandoned not only their region, but their galaxy in search of a new home.

Five hundred years later, the Hiigaran migrant fleet entered a new galaxy: the Milky Way cluster.

Unbeknownst to the Hiigaran military commanders and civilian leadership, the migrant fleet had crossed into the outskirts of Klingon territory; the Klingons did not take kindly to this intrusion, but the fact that the Hiigaran fleet consisted of more than ten-thousand vessels, a third of which were military, prohibited the Klingons from embarking towards anything less than a well-coordinated armed response. This delay allowed Federation envoys to intervene and de-escalate tensions before a single shot was fired. Once peace was attained, the Hiigaran people were offered a small desert world near Federation/Klingon territory. The Hiigarans chose to call this world, Kharak.

Karina Sha’ha’zen was born on Kharak in 2268 thirty years after land-fall, the product of a marriage between a Human father and a Hiigaran mother. At the age of eighteen, Karina chose to follow in the footsteps of her father by applying for and joining Starfleet Academy.

Karina’s period at the Academy were testing. While she was intelligent, attractive, and exotic in many terms of consideration, her fellow cadets and even several of her instructors were uncomfortable with Karina’s memory-altering trait. They spurned her; not intentionally, of course. But forgetting about her presence on countless occasions had a detrimental effect towards their ability to feel comfortable around Karina.

Nevertheless, Karina received exceptionally high scores along her progression from Academy Cadet to Starfleet Officer. When she graduated from the academy, she was assigned to the USS Valkyrie, a small Norway-class frigate assigned to the Beta Quadrant. But when the USS Hera -- a Starfleet vessel from an alternate space-time – arrived, Karina was reassigned as its Chief of Operations.

Service Record Starfleet Academy – Student – 2286 – 2390
USS Valkyrie – Assistant Chief Operations Officer – 2390 – 2392
USS Hera – Chief Operations Officer – 2292 Present