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Lieutenant Daln Hadren

Name Daln Hadren

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Betazoid
Age 29
Sexual Orientation Straight
Character Type pc

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11 / 1.8 m
Weight 223 lbs / 101 kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description People in last picture (from left): Dr Ranel Jansum, Vien Hadren, Trei Jansum, Dr Lanaila Jansum, Daln Hadren

Daln is a well built, athletic Betazoid male of average height with tanned skin and black hair and eyes. He occasionally has a goatee around his mouth and chin. Because he and his brother are both younger versions of their father, they look like twins until one realizes that Daln is slightly shorter than Vien.

On duty, his uniform is always immaculate and his hair perfectly combed. He is proud of his uniform and takes great pride in it.

Off duty, he prefers 21st century Earth clothing including graphic tshirts, jeans, athletic shoes, but will occasionally wear something a little fancier like a button down shirt and slacks. His favorite jackets are his jean jacket and his leather jacket.


Spouse/Significant Other Looking
Children Someday
Father Iem Hadren (nee Obran)
Mother Lienna Hadren, Daughter of the Eighth House
Brother(s) Lt Vien Hadren, SCE Chief, USS Archimedes
Sister(s) None
Other Family Aunt Lenara Jansum, Daughter of the Fourth House, and Uncle Lem Jansum (nee Obran), cousins Trei Jansum, Ranel Jansum, and Lanaila Jansum

Personality & Traits

General Overview Daln is an average guy that will be there for a friend, wants to have a good time with a girl who respects him, and wants to get what he wants out of life. He has a great relationship with each member of his family with one exception: his mother. His mother wants him to marry a Betazoid woman with strong telepathy who will take the Hadren name, since he is the oldest child in a family with no daughters. He is constantly telling his cousins, Trei and Ranel, how lucky they are to have a sister.
Strengths & Weaknesses Daln is a good friend, a good listener, and a good officer. He can be very impatient at times, be a little too straightforward at others, or not say it clearly enough. He also cooks great, but has trouble with pastries.

As a result of an alien illness, Daln’s telepathy has been enhanced to where he can make up to three others feel whatever emotion he wants them to. However, he must remain totally focused and thus is vulnerable to attack while performing this trick, and will have a headache for several days afterward.
Ambitions To marry a woman he loves, have a family, and become a Starfleet captain
Hobbies & Interests Diving, swimming, martial arts, pareses squares, poker, pool, anything with wheels and an engine, horseriding, surfing, volleyball, rock and roll from 20th and 21st Centuries, country music from 20th and 21st centuries, dancing of any kind, holodecks, gardening, cooking and baking, restoring his 1963 Thunderbird and riding Lia, his 1974 Ducati GT 750

Personal History Daln was born to the Eighth House of Betazed as the oldest of two boys. He often spent summers at his Uncle’s house where he was sometimes confused with his cousin, Ranel. Both boys looked like miniature versions of their fathers, who happened to be identical twins. But you could usually tell them apart simply by looking at their speech: Ranel was soft spoken and gentle, where Daln was an average little boy and ran it all out, pedal to the metal.

As he became older, Daln became convinced he wanted to join Starfleet. When his mother asked why, he said it would be a challenge to meet new people and their cultures, to keep the Federation safe and to learn new ideas. She eventually agreed when he was seventeen and allowed him to apply for Starfleet Academy. Unlike his cousins, he didn’t get in the first time, but he did get in the second. He spent his Academy days with his nose in the books, trying to keep his head above water. As far as the hand to hand combat was concerned, he did well. When it came to things like engines, he was hopeless. He learned he was good at Security and went into Security and Tactical. He also learned he didn’t want to be married to some girl his mother found for him. He wanted to fall in love on his own and marry that girl.

He was assigned to the USS Everest as a Security and Tactical Officer. He did well and soon was assigned to as Gamma Shift Supervisor. He didn’t like sleeping during the day, but he did enjoy the new responsibility. When he had his first experience of meeting a new race, it wasn’t what he expected. He was onboard the ship the entire time, and was only standing guard inconspicuously. He longed to go over and meet them, but his orders were clear: no contact. He hated it. Within a year of this, he was promoted to Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer of the USS Nile, also in the Eleventh ‘Pegasus’ Fleet. Working Beta Shift he had to adjust his sleep schedule and was soon called upon regularly to go on away missions. He didn’t talk to the new races, but he did read their thoughts, something that Capt Nevski grew to depend on quite a lot.

However, it was not to last. The last away mission he was on aboard the Nile, he became very ill with a telepathic virus from the natives of that world. As the only telepath aboard the ship, he was in no danger of infecting any of the crew. However, if it had not been for the quick action of Dr T’Rana and the native doctors, he would have died. As it is, the illness had a side effect: it had enhanced his telepathy in a strange way. In addition to being able to read other’s emotions, he is now able to force others to feel what he wants them to feel. However, it does have limits. He must be within 10 feet of them and it is only effective on up to three people at a time. While he does this, he is extremely vulnerable to attack as he must concentrate very hard to do this and also has a headache for several days afterwards.

Seeing the possibilities for such an officer, Daln was then made an Interim Chief Security/Tactical Officer. He traveled from ship to ship, filling in where needed until the replacements were able to come. Once, he was onboard an all-Andorian ship. He had never been colder in his life. Finally, having had enough of the wandering, he asked Starfleet for a permanent assignment and was transferred to the USS Palamedes in the Seventh 'Theta' Fleet. He did well there, and met a woman he was attracted to, even if they were both completely inept. Ivy Malaxi was new at treating men as equals, as she was from a world, Cygneti XI, that was very much dominated by women. Coming from a matriarchal society himself, he was probably the best man onboard suited to pursuing her. Unfortunately, the Palamedes was directed to a different part of space under a different captain with a different crew. Now Daln is looking forward to proving himself to his new captain.

Shortly before the Palamedes was reassigned, he was contacted by his mother to meet a Betazoid woman she wanted him to marry, as he was the oldest child of a noble family with no daughters. Daln refused, wanting to marry for love instead of a girl who would take his name.