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Lieutenant JG Vitor Tito

Name Vitor Tito

Position Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 26
Sexual Orientation Straight
Character Type pc

Physical Appearance

Height 1,75 mt
Weight 74 kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Medium height and build. In good shape.
His hair is short and his beard is trimmed.
He has a tattoo on his left arm near the shoulder. The word TRADIÇÃO (tradition in portuguese) with the letters shapped as a chain around his arm.


Spouse/Significant Other Seras
Children None
Father João Tito
Mother Odete Lapa
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Maria Rita Tito (aunt on father's side)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Vitor is smart and sociable, although he often tends to be the center of attention. He is loyal to those that he respects and serves with dedication. But he become a bit more cynical over the years. He is still stubborn and outspoken, giving his opinion or sugestions even if not asked.
However with his career history he has learned to voice them in a more polite way.
He can be inventive and think outside of the box. His research skills are good, in fact if there was something he would be cut out to do is historical research and analysis.
Strengths & Weaknesses Persistent, helpfull, passionate, and with great endurance.
Very proficent in tactical operations, well versed in military history, ships, weapons and combat.
His wife is one of his greatest strengths.

Stuborn, cocky and tends to become very boring if given the chance to speak about History, Politics and Football (also known as Soccer).
Not as self centered as he used to be, he now knows the Universe doesnt revolve around him, but probably the Quadrant does.
Ambitions To go back to active duty and to raise a bit higher in rank.
Hobbies & Interests Military History, reading, board and video games from Earth's late 20 and early 21 centuries and music from the same period, although he is a bad singer (still that doesn't prevent him from singing)
In the recent years he become interested, due to his wife influence, in archery.

Personal History Vitor was born on the 23 September 2365, in one of his mother's comercial freighters.
His parents come from very different worlds, although they both have portuguese ancestry.
His father side of the family comes from a long line of Starfleet members. It is often said that since the begining of Starfleet there was at least one Tito in its ranks. The highest any of them ever reached was Commander. His father is currently a Chief Petty Officer station on Mars Colony.
On the other hand his mother's side are a long line of traders. She has become one of the most influential business woman in the quadrant.

With busy lifes and Vitor as an only child the times the three of them spent togheter were valuable, and none of them wasted it. However it did had a side effect as Vitor was spoiled by them. Fortunatly he spent also a lot of time with his paternal grandparents on Earth, at that balanced things a bit.
He ended up being more pampered then spoiled. That didn't solved one problem. Ever since he was a child Vitor sufered from myopia, but since he was scared of surgery he never corrected it. The problem was solved over the years with glasses and visors.

At the age of 13 his parents split up. The traumas of the Dominion War his father sufered, and the rift that began to appear due to his mother work (she was the first Human business woman to be allowed to trade in the Ferengi home world) finished their marriage, and Vitor spent the remaining school years with his grandparents.
His father returned changed from the war and it took a long recovery for him to deal with it. He saw a lot of action even though his speciality is engineering. The fact Vitor's mother was raising up on the lader and becoming a powerful trader did not helped. She always kept her business clean and honest, but no one could reach so high without friends in both sides of the law, but as the Ferengi say "lobes for business", she actually says "I have ears for business not just the lobes".

The decision to enroll at Starfleet Academy ended up being an imposition, and Vitor got his tattoo because of it. Both his parents believed it was the best course for him, and told him he could follow his passion for History as a Starfleet Officer.
Service Record Vitor entered the Academy in the class of 83/84. He worked hard in his choice of Security and Tactical getting very good grades in the first two years.
But then an unfortunate shuttle craft killed his grandparents and Vitor lost himself. He considered quitting the Academy, but he managed to recover from this loss and graduated, even if he did not excelled and was on the middle of his graduating class.

Vitor's first assignment was the Prometheus class USS Adelaide.
He was assigned as Deputy for the Chief of Security and they began an investigation on attacks in the Klingon border. Standing at the Tactical station as his Chief was investigating a derelict freighter he managed to perform well and they defeated the Bird of Prey.
As they were in the middle of the investigation and in the aftermath of the Hobus explosion the Adelaide was assigned to provide aid and assistance. While they were traveling there Vitor was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.
The Adelaide was then ordered to retrieve a group of Romulan Senators, and in what revealed to be an ambush the Hazzard team and the Chief of Security were killed, and Captain Garrick was seriously injured.
As Commander Broca took command and split the Adelaide using it's multi vector attack mode Vitor stood with the Commander on the main bridge at the Tactical station.
They managed to defeat a Romulan D'deridex and escape back to Federation space.

As the newly promoted Captain Broca took charge of the Adelaide he gave Vitor a promotion to Lieutenant and he become Chief of Security. While they were heading to the next assignment, reviewing the proposal of a former Romulan colony to join the Federation, he took command of one part of the Adelaide as they were attacked by Orion raiders who were intended on raiding the colony. The arrival of a Romulan fleet after they defeated the raiders and subsequent destruction of the colony gave their mission an abrupt end, but with the intel they had gathered the battered Adelaide set forth for her last mission. The destruction of Tal Shiar base where they were developing a Borg based weapon that could threaten the Federation.

On their way to their objective Vitor was assigned has Second Officer and he would lead the second away team on the assault.
This mission is still considered classified and Vitor had to left behind two of his man behind. Although they finished the mission the loss of these two hit hard on Vitor. With purpose of the mission to destroy the base and retrieve the data on the Romulan weapon complete Vitor and the Captain thought it best to destroy the data they retrieved as the Adelaide headed back home.

With the decommission of the original Adelaide Vitor was assigned to the new Adelaide. The NCC-80026 was an Intrepid class and Vitor kept his positions of Chief of Security and Second Officer.
Their first mission was to be his last on the Adelaide. They were assigned to investigate subspace anomalies formed on the wake of the Hobus incident. Vitor ended up leading a First Contact mission as he entered one of the anomalies and meet a ship on the other side.
Meanwhile Captain Broca disapeared from the Adelaide whitout anyone knowing how or why. Vitor still blames himself and suspects he was kidnaped, so Vitor chose not to stay on board and asked for a transfer.

He was assigned to the Stargazer NCC-74655 as they were about to embark on their first mission.
The Stargazer was to escort a Cardassian convoy, although in truth their mission was to serve as decoy for a Cardassian terrorist group that was attacking Federation and Cardassian targets.

The mission end up in more complicated then they expected. There was an infiltrator already on board and only the crews quick action allowed them to survive.
Vitor was injured as he followed the saboteur and due to that he finally got his eye surgery.
It was also then that he meet Seras, the Stargazer Operations officer. And he began to feel atracted to her.

After the repairs they were assigned to patrol duty. It was then that they found Kemocite on of the planets in their area.
As the Gazer went into orbit they also discovered that they weren't alone. Vitor joined the away team The natives were still in a pre-warp stage, but they had been dealing with Ferengi traders.
The planets cave systems permited the evolution of a reptilian like species. As the away team suvived a cave in, they were taken by natives, but the situation was solved when the Ferengi trader offered his aid and spoke in their behaf.

Then the Gazer was sent after the saboteur and terrorist group that they confronted on their first mission.
During a reconnaissance flight Seras was taken hostage by them and Vitor went down with the assault team to recover her.
By then they were already a couple and her near loss shook Vitor badly. Although with heavy casualties and the destruction of the Stargazer in the space battle, the assault on the terrorist base allowed Vitor to save Seras.

They were both reassigned to the Nebula class, USS Lexington NCC-61832, again surving with Captain Dunway.
They spent almost a month recovering the old ship and getting it ready to trail off the final cells of terrorist.
It was when they were about to embark in the mission that an altercation between Vitor and the Chief Medical Officer regarding Seras ended up with Vitor treathning the Doctor.
That was the final straw for Captain Dunway and she demoted Vitor back to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

They went on the Lexi's first mission but Vitor followed Seras when she took a Medical LOA to recover from her brain damage.
Since she lost her telephatic habilities she went back to her homeworld for recovery.
Vitor managed to transfer to the Federation Representation on the planet and was there to help her when she needed.

They got married in 2390 and although he enjoyed his time there Vitor was eager to return to active duty asked for a transfer.

2387- assigned to the USS Adelaide NCC-81556
-rank:Ensign - position:Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer

- promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade

- assigned position of Chief of Security/ Chief Tactical Officer
- promoted to Lieutenant
- assigned position as Second Officer

- assigned to the USS Adelaide NCC-80026
- position: Chief Tactical/Security Officer and Second Officer

2388- transfered to the USS Stargazer NCC-74655
-rank: Lieutenant - position: Chief Tactical/Security Officer

2388- reassigned to the USS Lexington NCC-61832
-rank: Lieutenant - position: Chief Tactical/Security Officer

-demoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade

2389/2392- transfered to the Federation representation in the Cairn Homeworld
-rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade - position: Security Officer