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Lieutenant JG Seras

Name Seras

Position Assistant Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Cairn
Age 30
Sexual Orientation bisexual
Character Type pnpc
Main Character (Nexi)

Physical Appearance

Height 5'3"
Weight 125lbs
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Seras packs a lot of punch despite her small stature. She keeps in shape through vigorous exercise and archery and is not afraid to tell you what she thinks. She has long blond hair and slate grey eyes and her features are fine and delicate. She has te cranial protrusions above her ears as characteristic of her race and speaks through the use of a vocal synthesizer implant. She also has a biosynthetic prosthetic right ear.


Spouse/Significant Other Vitor Tito
Father Liten
Mother Nilla
Sister(s) Aida (twin)

Personality & Traits

General Overview In the past, Seras was a vivid and outspoken personality with a love for life, but after the events on the Stargazer where she was captured and tortured by the Order of 12, she's become withdrawn and silent. Her vibrant personality still shows itself from time to time, but much more subdued. Even still, she's straightforward about her opinions when she does speak and she loves her work. She can be something of a work-alholic, but she just can't stand being idle. Dedicated and loyal, there just about nothing she wouldn't do for a friend.

As a Cairn, she has trouble remembering her boundaries when it comes to privacy. Since her people evolved without the ability to speak, she makes use of a vocal synthesizer implant to communicate. Since spoken languages are not natural for her, she can and often does make mistakes when talking.
Ambitions She's not sure about her ambitions at this point. Seras just loves ships and she loves her work, so long term goals are something she hasn't given much thought
Hobbies & Interests Work. More work. Archery. Did she mention work? Music is appealing to her, but she can't sing, although she is fascinated by a cappella. She finds reading utterly boring. Before her interest in the Federation was sparked, she was studying alongside her twin sister to become a weaver, a family tradition.

Personal History In her youth, Seras was part of a foreign exchange program to help the Cairn adjust to verbal communication as well as Terran culture. She was hosted by a family in Montana where she learned about school and verbal socializing. She improved her vocabulary and interactive skills dramatically through the program and developed a deep love of her host family. While in Montana, her 'family' sparked her interest in bow hunting and eventually an interest in Starfleet. They took her to San Francisco to see Starfleet Academy and it was then she decided that this was something she wanted to do. After returning to the Cairn home world, she shared her experiences and helped to improve her culture's ability to communicate with outsiders. When she was old enough to join Starfleet, she left her home world and never looked back. To date, she's the only Cairn to join Starfleet and been able to adapt and graduate to become an officer.

During a mission on the USS Stargazer, Seras was captured and tortured by the rogue Cardassian Faction, the Order of 12. She was rescued during the attempt to destroy a weapon the Cardassians, but this ended with the destruction of the Stargazer. The few surviving crew members, including her boyfriend Vitor Tito, were transferred to the USS Lexington. Things did not go so well for Seras during that time. Her recovery from the torture and subsequent psychic damage caused something of an identity crisis and Seras nearly resigned from Starfleet. Instead, she took an extended Leave of Absence to return to her homeworld to reconnect with her people and heal. Vitor chose to go with her, getting transferred to the Federation Represenation on her world so he could remain by her side. They were married in 2390, then both returned to active duty in 2392.
Service Record 2379-2383 - Cadet, Starfleet Academy
2383-2385 - Quartermaster/Transporter Chief, USS Avalon
2385-2387 - Assistant Chief of Operations, USS Avalon
2387 - Assistant Chief of Operations, USS Stargazer
2387-2388 - Chief of Operations, USS Stargazer
2388 - Chief of Operations, USS Lexington
2389 - 2392 - Extended Leave of Absence, Cairn Homeworld
2392 - present - Assistant Chief of Operations, USS Hera