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Lieutenant JG Rian Denora

Name Rian Denora

Position Assistant Chief Medical Officer

Second Position Surgeon

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 35
Sexual Orientation Bi-curious
Character Type pnpc
Main Character (Airi Saxa)

Physical Appearance

Height 164cm (5'4")
Weight 117lbs
Hair Color Dark brown / Auburn
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Tall in appearance, but the height numbers work against her. The illusion is fostered by her legs. In good shape, healthy, and physically fit yet very feminine by nature. Don't judge this book by its cover, because it will bite you.


Spouse/Significant Other Denora Ryuga (Deceased)
Children Denora Aguri (17, Cadet Senior Grade at the Academy)
Father Denora Burai
Mother Denora Anne (deceased)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Denora Takeru - Uncle, caretaker for her son
Denora Wataru - Cousin, an instructor at the Academy, teaching her son in his spare time.

Some other aunts and extended family from both sides of the family tree

Personality & Traits

General Overview Confident, calculating, and a good bedside manner. That's what Rian brings to the table first. Also comes off as mysterious, carefree, vain, and having a lot of clothes, which always paint her in the best light. She will come through when it counts, and her attitude is professional during the important parts of her duty.

Also observant and not usually the one to speak first or introduce herself first.
Ambitions To be a good mother, though that is difficult given the separation at present
To be a good medical rather than harm, but be willing to do harm in order to prevent a bigger harm from taking place or to defend others from it.
Hobbies & Interests Reading medical journals, practicing a mix of aikido, the standard self-defense training, and mok'bara. Various games like Anbo-jyutsu and Parrises Squares, along with more competitive entries like baseball and soccer. Also likes to keep up with gossip if she can. Enjoys the use of a katana from time to time.

Personal History She grew up on Earth, though having a poor upbringing. It wasn't that her family wasn't rich, but her parents at least were below the generally accepted standards of living. It made her a bit bitter later in life, as there was some bullying of her that went on. All that remains of her mother, who was her favorite of the two parents, is an ornate headpiece. After showing great potential, she began to come out of her shell, being accepted to the Academy and developing a good social life with the desire to help others.

Rian kept in contact with her high-school sweetheart, and after three years of knowing each other, applied to the Academy together. Upon receiving confirmation they were overjoyed, even if they were older than the other freshmen. The celebration that night culminated in love, and a few months into the Academy, she was discovered to be pregnant. This led to them getting married in a quiet ceremony, and also provided the benefit of additional study during her medical classes. Specifically ones on that subject.

Once born, she took a little time to stay in her dorm and do her classwork remotely, managing to give the child a good start before sending him off to live with her uncle and his lovely family. Until her graduation, there would be several visits from her to check up on him.

Four years had passed, and her graduation was complete, alongside her husband. For a few years they garnered the same assignments. He was in Security, she, Medical...and it was only after being separated by duty that she learned later that he had been killed in a boarding action. He died valiantly, but..she did not go looking for love again.

It's a silent grief that nagged at the back of her mind as she continued to put up the brave front, to improve her work and finally net an ACMO position on a ship like the Hera. Though a planet like New Sydney? One had to be wary of that.
Service Record 2358 - Birth
2372 - High school
2375 - Applied to Academy and Accepted
2376 - Married, had a single child.
2379 - Graduated, Starfleet Academy. Major: General Medical Science, Minor: Surgeon and Delivery.
2379 - Takes her first posting aboard a Saber frigate that was also a training ship with the rank of Ensign
2381 - Next posting to an Intrepid-class exploration vessel.
2383 - Her husband is killed in the line of duty while she is at the same post. In grief, she requests time away, and is granted it. Returning to Earth, she mourns and is reunited with her 7 year old son for a time.
2384 - Return to active duty: Medical Officer and Surgeon-on-staff, Akira-class starship.
2388 - Reprised this role aboard a Nebula-class: Transferred on her request.
2391 - Promoted to Lieutenant j.g. and transferred to a Galaxy-class starship as ACMO.
2393 - Singled out for her medical ability, a few strings were pulled to transfer her to the Hera, given her specific skillset. A ship arrives to pick her up and take her to New Sydney, where there's apparently a court martial going on of some guy that was a planet killer? This interests her, but by the time they arrive, shore leave is on.