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Ensign Eames Eldritch

Name Eames Eldritch

Position Yeoman

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Betan
Age 23 Years Old
Sexual Orientation "Private"
Character Type pc

Physical Appearance

Height 6 Feet (183 Centimeters)
Weight 120 Pounds (68 Kilograms)
Hair Color Jet-Black Hair (Worn Slicked Back & Parted)
Eye Color Stone-Grey Eyes (Deep, Dark Gaze)
Physical Description Eames Eldritch is a young Betan male of slight and sinewy build. He has a pale complexion and devilishly debonair features. Eldritch's good-natured and gentlemanly demeanor is reflected in his cultivated tone of voice, and in the composed way he carries himself. As well-groomed as he is well-mannered, Eldritch is a measured young man with never a hair out of place, and never a word out of turn.


Spouse/Significant Other Single | Never Married
Children No Known Offspring
Father Eddard Eldritch, 57 year-old senator & father to Eames Eldritch
Mother Ester Eldritch, 53 year-old public relations consultant & mother to Eames Eldritch
Brother(s) No Known Brothers
Sister(s) Everly Eldritch, an 18 year-old anthropology student & younger sister to Eames Eldritch

Personality & Traits

General Overview The word that best describes Eames Eldritch is 'steady'. The young Betan ensign is always measured, and comes across as surprisingly mature for someone his age. An excellent student & model cadet during his time at Starfleet Academy, Eldritch earned the praise of many instructors, for his academic excellence and exemplary conduct. Conversely, he has also earned the resentment of many of his fellow classmates, for being seemingly unable to do wrong. Cordial to everyone, but not really close to anyone, Ensign Eldritch is best described as a capable young man full of promise & potential.

Eames Eldritch is the Golden Boy; a Gentleman and a Scholar.

Courteous & Composed Manner
+ Gentlemanly in appearance, addressing others.
+ Comports himself with dignity & deference.
+ Remains calm & collected no matter the situation.

Easy-going yet Emotionless Character
+ Effortlessly pleasant & polite to everyone, anyone.
+ Wears a practiced, patient smile almost like a mask.
+ Does not ever betray inner thoughts, hidden feelings.

Approachable yet Somehow Aloof
+ Too comfortable socially to be considered shy or awkward.
+ Keeps distance from others beyond usual pleasantries.
+ Seeks no relationships beyond casual acquaintances.
Ambitions Eldritch's current ambition is continued success in Starfleet as he heads down a career path on 'the Command track'. The young Betan shows the diligence and determination needed to become a worthy future command officer.
Hobbies & Interests A bit of a renaissance man, Ensign Eldritch appears to have many talents and interests, from the arts to athletics to academia. He can be seen participating in relaxing yet respectable diversions in his down time, and gravitates toward those customs and amusements favored by polite society. An intelligent and erudite conversationalist, Eldritch is at home engaging in light banter, or discussing weighty philosophical debates. It has been rumored that he also quite enjoys the holodeck when off duty, sometimes locking himself within for hours-long marathon sessions at a time. The young Betan seems hesitant to discuss his holodeck activities with others, however, as he is a rather private person.

Personal History Eames Eldritch was born in 2369 on the planet Beta III of the C-111 system. His father, Eddard Eldritch, is a celebrated senator and member of a wealthy patrician family. His mother, Ester Eldritch, is an accomplished public relations consultant who helped run his father's first campaign. Great things have been expected of Eames Eldritch since birth. He was placed in all the best schools, despite remaining an average student for most of his scholastic career. Halfway through 5th year at a preparatory academy, Eldritch suddenly began to live up to his family's expectations. He became a brilliant student, and earned a scholarship to his planet's most prestigious law university. However, Eldritch surprised everyone when he deferred that scholarship in order to attend Starfleet Academy instead. Only Eldritch's mother seemed to support this unorthodox decision. With Beta III's recent admission to the Federation, opportunities for advancement beyond local government suddenly became a real possibility for young Betans. Eldritch's efforts and ambitions are encouraged by his mother, who has been grooming him to follow in his father's footsteps. Eames Eldritch hopes to parlay a successful career in Starfleet into a future in interstellar politics down the road.
Service Record
2388 - 2389 — Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, EARTH
* Declared Studies in Political Science as Major
* Declared Studies in Interstellar Law as Minor
* Enrolled in Advanced Starship Command Training Program
* Member of Academy Debate Club
* Member of Academy Battleball Club

2389 - 2390 — Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, EARTH
* Enrolled in Red Squad Elite Recruit Officers Training Program
* Enrolled in Nova Squadron Advanced Flight Training Program
* Member of Academy Mixed Martial Arts Club
* Member of Academy Honor Guard
* Inducted into Theta Delta Phi Social Fraternity

2390 - 2391 — USS Virgo, NCC-79097
* Enrolled in Active Duty Starship Operations Program
* Assigned as Chief of the Boat
* Appointed as Second Officer

2391 - 2392 — Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, EARTH
* Completed Nova Squadron Advanced Flight Training Course
* Completed Red Squad Elite Recruit Officers Training Program
* Completed Active Duty Starship Operations Program
* Completed Advanced Starship Command Training Program
* Graduated Summa Cum Laude with Valedictorian Honors
* Promoted to Rank of Ensign

2392 — USS Hera, NCC 79010
* Appointed as Yeoman