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Lieutenant Christopher Cage

Name Christopher Cage M.D.

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 40 Year Old
Sexual Orientation Try-sexual
Character Type none

Physical Appearance

Height 6 Feet (183 Centimeters)
Weight 200 Pounds (91 Kilograms)
Hair Color Jet-Black Hair (Butch-Cut)
Eye Color Dark-Brown Eyes
Physical Description Christopher Cage is a forty year-old Human male of average height, with a rough, dark-chocolate complexion, a muscular, though poorly-toned athletic build, and rugged masculine features. His powerful, lumbering gait would seem confident if not for his poor posture. He would be quite sexually attractive if he ever cared to put more effort into how he looked. He is rather negligent in his appearance, often not bothering to shave the stubble on his face, resulting in a seemingly ever-present five-o'clock shadow. Instead of the traditional blue-accented uniform of a Starfleet medical officer, Cage can usually be seen padding around in light-blue surgical scrubs, a uniform very similar to the prison blues he had been forced to wear on the Tantalus IV penal colony for the past 5 years. Cage carries himself with an apathetic and cavalier demeanor that often disconcerts and worries others rather than reassures and comforts them, as many believe a medical professional should. His big, brown eyes are always either moist with emotion, or glassy from his prodigious use of legalized controlled substances. A stick of stimspice (the 24th century equivalent of a cigarette) can almost always be seen dangling from between Cage's lips.


Spouse/Significant Other Nair Rina — 20 year old Bajoran Refugee, and wife to Doc Cage — DECEASED.
Children Rina Cage — 9 month old Infant Civilian, and daughter to Doc Cage — DECEASED.
Father Unknown Human Male, and Orion Syndicate Criminal — DECEASED.
Mother Unnamed Human Female, and Farian Sexworker — DECEASED.
Brother(s) No Known Siblings.
Sister(s) No Known Siblings.
Other Family Charity Cage, a 40 year-old Human female, Retired Starfleet Nurse, and foster-mother to Doc Cage — DECEASED.

Personality & Traits

General Overview The word that best describes Christopher Cage is BROKEN. Having suffered significant personal tragedy, Cage has become an embittered, disillusioned man, with a bleak, cynical outlook on life, and a penchant for self-destructive tendencies. Once a brilliant Starfleet Medical Officer and Surgeon, Cage succumbed to a ruthless twist of fate that eventually spurred him on to a life of crime. However, Cage has recently been given a second chance at a real life — a second chance he is desperate to hold onto. As a recovering addict and PTSD survivor, Christopher Cage is forced to walk along a knife's edge, afraid that he may eventually lose his balance.
Strengths & Weaknesses Christopher Cage's one saving grace is his undeniable skill as a doctor. Arguably one of the finest medical professionals in the quadrant, Cage is both a brilliant physician and a competent surgeon, having graduated at the top ten of his class at Starfleet Medical. He is also quite a competent medical researcher, whose diligence at his practice is matched only by his confidence in his own skill. Cage's many hardships have, thankfully, done nothing to hinder his abilities as a healer.

If Christopher Cage has any weaknesses, it is that the demons of his past continue to haunt him. His attempts to reconcile himself with his past tragedies and mistakes are touch-and-go, and the chemical addiction he developed along the way does not help matters. If Cage proves unable to hold it together, both his professional and personal lives will fall apart again, this time, irreparably.
Ambitions Christopher Cage's only ambition — if it can be called that — is to try and discover some new meaning and purpose to his life. His only hope to that end is to seize the second chance that he has been given, and throw himself into the profession that once brought him a sense of joy and fulfillment. Becoming a doctor again may be just what is needed to make life worth living again for Cage.
Hobbies & Interests There is very little that interests Christopher Cage these days, besides the urge to numb his emotional pain with almost every controlled substance known to man. Cage used to be interested in exploring his spirituality, and was once deeply involved in a few religious disciplines that he hoped would bring enlightenment and inner peace into his life. However, the tragedy that struck his family and destroyed his career disillusioned Cage, utterly. Even pastimes like sports — once a beloved interest — no longer hold any meaning for him. The only thing that drives Cage now, is the desire to return to practicing medicine — and to resist the urge to anesthetize his soul with heavy medications.

Personal History Christopher Cage was born on the 30th of May, 2346 (Stardate 83495.1) on the planet Farius Prime. His mother, a prostitute in the employ of a faction of the Orion Syndicate, was murdered when Christopher was only 4 years old. Forced to grow up an orphan on the mean streets of the crime-ridden planet, Christopher finally caught a break at age 12, when he was adopted by Charity Cage, a retired Starfleet nurse who was passing through the system. If not for this generous act, the preteen boy and petty criminal would surely have been dead within a year.

Aside from providing a stable and secure home for the delinquent youngster, Charity Cage also first exposed young Christopher to the profession of medicine. Becoming a doctor became Christopher's calling, to which all of the young orphan's energies would be directed. At the age of 18, Christopher was accepted to Starfleet Medical Academy, and at the mere age of 20, he graduated with a doctorate degree in Medicine, and a dual specialty in Emergency Medical Care and General Surgery.

After graduation, Cage's first posting was aboard the USS Mercy, a hospital ship that patrolled the Cardassian Demilitarized Zone, near the occupied system of Bajor. Unofficially tasked with providing treatment and asylum to those Bajorans lucky enough to escape from the Cardassian Occupation, the USS Mercy was where Cage first met his future wife, Nair Rina, a Bajoran refugee. Following a brief, passionate courtship, the two lovers were soon happily married.

On the last day of the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor, Cage and Rina discovered that they were expecting a baby. The happy news was soon shattered, however, when it was revealed that Nira's pregnancy would include dire complications. It turned out that, while interned at a Cardassian labor camp, Rina and scores of other Bajoran women were exposed to atrocigenic gas, an experimental biochemical weapon that produced devastating side effects, from sterility to birth defects. Pre-natal genetic testing confirmed the horrible truth: Rina's exposure to the gas had produced severe genetic deformities in their unborn child. To make matters worse, when the time came for Rina to give birth, there was a 96% chance that she would not survive the delivery.

Unwilling to terminate the pregnancy due to emotional and religious reasons (Rina was a devout Follower of the Prophets), Cage was forced to watch as his wife struggled through an agonizing labor, only to die on the operating table as her child was delivered by Caesarean section. Left only with the memory of his loving wife and the pitiable, deformed state of their new-born daughter, Cage resolved to do whatever was necessary to repair the damage done to the infant by the atrocigenic gas.

Taking an extended leave of absence from Starfleet, Cage took his infant daughter to Metis IV, where he sought out doctors who could provide his ailing baby daughter with a highly-illegal and highly-controversial genetic enhancement therapy. The Federation had long ago banned genetic enhancements of any kind, and Cage knew that the procedures could earn him a lengthy prison sentence, as well as cause his daughter to be ostracized from society. Still, Cage reasoned, all that and more was better than leaving his daughter to suffer in the wretched state that she was in.

Sadly, as with most genetic enhancement therapies, the treatments were a failure, and Cage's infant daughter did not survive the attempts to improve her quality of life. To make matters worse, Starfleet soon discovered what Cage had been up to, and had issued a warrant for his immediate arrest. Charged with his own daughter's death, and unable even to attend the infant's funeral, Cage was forced to flee from Federation space. The fugitive doctor soon found himself back on the crime-infested world of Farius Prime — his old stomping grounds. Having lost everything in the universe that meant anything to him, Cage soon descended into darkness and villainy.

Taking on the alias, "Doc", Cage's career as a criminal was colorful, to say the least. He began by setting up shop as a back alley doctor, providing cheap, confidential care to impoverished street people, jaded prostitutes, and hardened criminals. Doc would also procure illicit controlled substances for addicts, in exchange for money or sexual favors. After being recruited by a particularly ruthless faction of the Orion Syndicate, Doc was put to work with an illegal organ harvesting ring. This deep, dark, downward spiral was, at last, halted by his eventual arrest by Starfleet Security.

Doc was imprisoned in a Federation penal rehabilitation colony on Tantalus IV, where he underwent extensive psychological and behavioral therapy, and treatment for drug addiction. Although his harsh experiences had not driven away his humanity fully, the man that emerged from Tantalus IV, though no longer a threat to himself or others, was now a true cynic, with a bleak outlook on life. But now, the hard-luck doctor, still one of the most gifted surgeons in the Federation, was going to receive a second chance. The crew of the USS Hera, a new starship bound for places unknown, are in need of a decent Ship's Doctor, and a sympathetic Starfleet Admiral has seen to it that the former convict has been reinstated and recommended for duty — strictly on a probationary basis.
————— Service Dossier and Criminal Record —————

2364-2366 — Starfleet Medical Academy, San Francisco, EARTH

* Completed Starfleet Corps of Engineers Extension Course
* Graduated with Doctorate Degree in Emergency Medicine
* Graduated with Certified Specialty in General Surgery
* Graduated Summa Cum Laude with Salutatorian Honors
* Promoted to Rank of Ensign

2366-2368 — USS MERCY, NCC-41703

* Appointed as M*A*S*H Unit Assistant Chief of Surgery
* Served as Infantry Combat Medic Instructor
* Promoted to Rank of Lieutenant Junior-Grade
* Appointed as Chief Medical Officer
* Married to Bajoran Civilian Refugee, Nair Rina
* Delivered an Infant Civilian Daughter, Rina Cage
* Memorialized Deceased Spouse, Nair Rina

2368 — Missio Genetic Therapy Clinic, METIS IV

* Charged with Third-Degree Manslaughter (Negligent Homicide)
* Charged with Unlawful Use of Genetic Technologies
* Charged with Resisting Arrest and Obstruction of Justice

2368-2378 — Seventh Street Infirmary, City of Serai, FARIUS PRIME

* Established Charity Clinic for Impoverished Citizens
* Appointed as Clinical Administrator
* Charged with Illegal Practice of Medicine
* Charged with Conspiracy to Commit Fraud
* Charged with Distribution of Illicit Controlled Substances
* Charged with Conspiracy to Commit Organ Harvesting
* Charged with Aiding and Abetting of Human Trafficking

2378 — Starfleet Military Stockade, JAROS II

* Court Martialed for Gross Negligence and Dereliction of Duty
* Convicted of Third-Degree Manslaughter (Negligent Homicide)
* Cashiered and Stripped of Rank, Commission and Citations
* Sentenced to Serve 10-Year Rehabilitative Term

2378-2386 — Tantalus Rehabilitative Penal Colony, TANTALUS IV

* Admitted for Comprehensive Psychiatric Therapy
* Completed Behavioral Corrective Rehabilitation Program
* Treated for Severe Depression and Chemical Addiction
* Granted Suspension of 10-Year Rehabilitative Term
* Reinstated with Starfleet Medical Licensing Board
* Recommended for Probationary Duty as Starfleet Officer

2386 — USS HERA, NCC-79010

* Appointed as Chief Medical Officer
* Service Contingent Upon Continued Psychiatric Therapy
* Service Contingent Upon Officer Performance Evaluations
* Service Contingent Upon Meeting Parole Conditions