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Lieutenant Taro Ishakawa

Name Taro Ishakawa

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 29
Sexual Orientation Hetero
Character Type pc

Physical Appearance

Height 6 ft 0 in
Weight 192 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description : Taro is a well built human that comes from hours spent in study of Bushido and physical training. There are hair line scars that are all but barely perceivable along his back from repaired scaring. HIS face is chiseled and round; one might say the potential of Jovial if he smiled more, surrounded by the black hair kept in a top knot. His eyes are the piercing type of a man much older and wise from life's experiences. It is said he can look 'through' someone without trying, it is natural for him.


Spouse/Significant Other None
Children None
Father Tendo
Mother Misha

Personality & Traits

General Overview Profile: Taro was a kind child who faced more than his share of pain and has become more of a serious in demeanor, he studied Bushido to be a Samurai from his childhood; this belief system is a center of his being and has carried him through the tragedies of his life. He is somewhat withdrawn and uses a 'proper' front in his dealings with people tor keep them at a safe distance. The Japanese pride in being a good host is apparent within him. He is still learning both 'western and alien cultures. His one 'throw back is his constant adherence and quoting of the Hagakure. (Under the leaves, Bible of the Samauri.

He is also a post traumatic stress syndrome case; his persona that he projects is to keep his sanity after years of enslavement and abuse. His code of Honor was a weakness used by his by Orion Slavers while in captivity; they would put him in situations that were honorable by his standards yet manipulated for him to lose that honor by failure. For two years they tried to break him. There are things he regrets but his Honor smooths it over for the most part.

He believes in Karma and the universal balancing of scales. He is a very proper in an Oriental mannerisms and will show respect to others until proven otherwise. His one fatal flaw is his over protectiveness of women; he will sometimes make them feel he does not respect them as equals while it is his nature to protect the 'weaker' sex, this had been taught to him since his youth.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Code of Bushido
+ Loyalty to crew
+ Dedication to Duty
+ Creative Thinker

- Post traumatic recovery
- Chauvinist
- Socially a loner
Ambitions To uphold the values of the Federation and some day make Executive Officer on a ship of the Line
Hobbies & Interests Bushido
Writes Haiku
Plays staff flute
Cook of Japanese cuisine.
Soccer player
Blacksmith, making a Katana by old methods.
Ballroom Dancer.
Dominoes and Go

Personal History
Taro was the only son of Family Ishakawa, his Older sister of four years was kind to him; she had affections for him that were almost paternal, looking after him as he grew to manhood. Her inflecunces shaped his respect of women; his learning to be a Samauri seeming since he could walk also put a strog part of his future self in order. He was a strong boy and could easily have been a bully but the Code of Bushido maintained his being a well mannered child. Though if a fight was put before him he did end it quickly.

He had an aptitude with machines and especially the Communications field ; his father was a managing Engineer for a communications firm building Subspace relays. He also found that he could adapt things in the replicator to fit his needs. Often 'jury rigging' things to maintain them until replacement parts could arrive. He did not know this would one day be his downfall.

Upon reaching the age of sixteen his sccores were sufficent to enter Star Fleet; following the example of his Sister who had neraly completed her training as a Medical Officer Trainee. Taro took OPS as his chosen career and with his Dedication to completing tasks honorably he always received high marks. He graduated in the top 3% of his class and took a Cadet cruise as a leader of his team, being a focus on Damage Control. His knowledge and experiances helped him and his team become the most effficent among the training crew.

The Cadet cruise had given him a reputation as a fast learner and innovator for the field of ship board 'patching and repair, he had a fine team of people supporting him and was promoted to a shift lead quickly. It was during an Ion Storm that his working in the ; quite literally, hea t of the moment to maintain the Communications Array after the storm that brough him to the attention of his Chief. The ship sustained structural damage and the array was vital in getting help to the nearly crippled ship.

He was a full fledged Damage Control Specialist and deputy OPS on the San Pablo when she was attacked by Pirates, even a defiant class can only take so much abuse, while on operation for the Outpost near the Orion boarders on patrol. The ship was over-whelmed and the people who survived were taken into slavery.

It was during this time that Taro tried to be a fine Samauri and follow the orders of the ranking officer; mostly he had to serve the Slavers that kept him on the ship to effect repairs. What he did is mostly kept in his own head, but some occasions he had relayed were the times he had been in coma. The Pirate vessel was severly damaged and while trying to save fellow slaves a plasma line burst in the bay ; spewing the molten liquid all about. The Orions slammed the bulkhead closed just a split second before the plasma hit, washing over several of his fellow slaves who screamed for help as they died and all Taro could do is watch.

His actions damned him to another larger and more aggressive Pirate marauder, on this one he was respected and almost feared; even in his bonds his spirit was still strong, though the Orions used his 'Honor' to manipulate him in various ways like not enough food, beatings of fellow slaves and flogging of females; which is where he would instinctively step in and take a brunt of the abuse. He is assigned females to his work team and they are absurd and made to work as well; Taro did more work to compensate and allow them what he thought was relief. The rumors that the ship was attacking Federation merchant vessels was nothing new until the Main Reactor powering the starboard array went on the glitch. Sonja on his work team had gotten close to him; more so than the others, she was the ploy to get him to work. It was during this time that the Pirate raider often attacked Federation vessels. Taro had sabotaged the equipment a little more than they were damaged to make it need replacements rather than repair. During one task briefing it was told the Reactor was down and needed to be back up; Taro stuck to his story of parts needing replacement, but the Orions dragged he and Sonja to the reactor. They shot Sonja with an anti-coagulant weapon and said she would die in half an hour and that reactor being operational would mean medical aid for her before death. Taro went to work and while glancing to her Sonja professed her belief in him, that he could do it. He watched her slowly bleeding to the laughs of the Orion Pirates. He concentrated on his task and with the cross wiring he managed to get it running, slamming the gate closed he noticed Sonja had stopped breathing and the blood slowed in the flow as the last bits seeped out. Thirty secnds he guessed; he missed it by thirty seconds. Later he found outr the USS Ferrigate was crippled with a barrage from the port array.

Not long after he was rescued as the raider bit off more than it could handle, the ship was commandeered and the slaves rescued. Taro could almost relax as he went through the debriefing and lengthy mental rehabilitation. He also found out his sister had dies with the loss of her star ship and all hands. His parents were long dead and he had no one else to turn to. He focused on his training and part of his recovery in a Japanese Dojo for the physical rehabilitation.

When the time came for him to be reinstated he was put before a Counselor that saw his 'Bravdo of the Samauari' as a crutch and that he was hiding. During the sessions with a Telepath it was learned he was suppressing memory caps and the Counselor felt needed them dealt with. Taro refused quoting the Hagakure and honor as his only driving force.
“Counselor, have you ever had to watch a plasma leak in a section of the ship where people are scrambling to get out; have the captor slam the Bulkhead shut and listen to the last screams of the dying? Or have the oppressors shoot a woman in the leg and tell you that her only hope is my repairing a dead reactor before she bleeds to death only to be half a minute late. To find out later that weapon was used on Star Fleet Vessels? Would you want to remember those things?” His eyes stare at the counselor. “My sister is dead and my Parent died when I was in the academy. All I have is Bushido and my Duty to the fleet; those alone remind me to take care of myself and get out of bed everyday.” He started to rise. “If you wish to wash me out on a section 8 excuse, and that I would not give all that I am for my Commanding Officer and crew as a Samurai then you might as well point a phaser at me and touch the trigger. “ He then left the room as he said all he could in his defense.

He was cleared two days later as a second evaluation showed he was capable, he was given a promotion for his deeds and assigned as Operations Chief of the USS Hera
Service Record USS Moscow: Cadet Cruise
USS Keplar : OPS /Communications specialist
USS San Pablo Assistant Chief OPS
(Time as prisoner/ Slave)
USS Hera : Chief OPS