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Ensign Julián De Rivera

Name Julián Antonio Morales De Rivera

Position Flight Control Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human / Betazoid
Age 25
Character Type pnpc
Main Character [Ginifred Klem]

Physical Appearance

Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown


Father Marco De Rivera
Mother Dr. Bethany Lau
Other Family Leandro "Leo" De Rivera (Uncle)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Julian De Rivera is a very driven, thrill seeking type A personality with a lust for adventure and an unyielding thirst for exploration. He is still very bright eyed about seeking out new life and new civilizations and about continuing the mission of the Federation and Starfleet to the full extent that he's young and inexperienced, and has not faced the darker sides of space exploration such as the death of a shipmate, the destruction of planets, and the blood shed of wars.

De Rivera's uniform is still rather academy fresh despite having graduated four years ago. The USS Hera is the most field experience he's ever had away from the safety of the class room or holodeck simulations aside from a few away missions. He has stellar charisma matched evenly with excellent stamina and physical prowess. Inside of him lies the potential of an inspiring leader and exemplary officer of Starfleet. However, he has a lot to learn and a significant amount of maturing to do.

A young man with as many virtues as he does vices and a personality that often makes a jumble of things. What could very well be one of De Rivera's virtue can quickly turn into a vice yet the same also holds true to one of his vices quickly turning into a virtue. He is known to be a bit of a risk taker and a gambler, and someone who likes to live on the edge, but he somehow manages to have a bit of luck following him around.

As much as Julian De Rivera is brawn he is brain as well. Though a strong believer in physical exercise and physical discipline, much of his muscular build and athleticism stems from rock climbing, hiking, and diving for scientific exploration. He first an foremost a scientist and explorer at heart with a passion for Botany and Archaeology. Julian chose the scientist path at Starfleet Academy, but he minored in Astrophysics and Navigation. So, he knows his way around plotting a course and taking the helm if the need arises.

Though his a brainiac with the brawn to back it up, De Rivera is significantly more physically disciplined than he is mentally. He unfortunately can be arrogant, self-centered, and egotistical. He knows how to pick up arms in the means of a hand phaser or phaser riffle, but his accuracy is not the best and he seriously lacks the mental concentration and emotional control it takes in martial arts and hand to hand combat. Being half Betazoid, he is also empathic which leads to being emotionally jeopardizing. He is extraordinarily sensitive, but masks it well enough. Due to his personal and spiritual beliefs, Julian De Rivera considers himself a humanist and pacifist.

Personal History Nobody has time to say Julian Antonia Morales De Rivera in a tense situation or even a calm one, and though Julian loves and respects his heritage, he fully expects people to simply call him Julian when off duty or Ensign De Rivera when in uniform performing his duties. However, a few people have given him the nickname “River” which he has grown rather fond of. Julian was past his entrance examination and was accepted to Starfleet Academy when he was seventeen, turning eighteen during his first year at the academy. Choosing to double major in Archaeology and Botany, Julian had the career of a Starfleet science officer in mind. However, by his second year at the academy, he added Astrophysics and Navigation to his studies as declared minors.

Growing up Earth, Juian and his family lived in El Salvador in the region of Central America. His mother was a Betazoid scientist conducting archaeological digs on Earth and his father was a human security officer serving in Starfleet at the time his parents met. Julian does not know much about his mother except that she was a scientist from Betazed who had a relationship with his father though the two never married. Their relationship lasted a couple of years and resulted in Julian's birth, but before Julian's third birthday, his mother left Earth to participate in an archaeological dig on another planet and was killed in cave in.

Julian's father did his best to raise his son on his own with the help of Julian's uncle. Even at an early age, Julian wanted to know more about his mother. He became interested in the stars and interested in rocks and fossils. Science really caught Julian as a child and stuck with him for years to come, even more so after his father was killed in the line of duty several years after the loss of his mother.

For the remainder of her adolescence and into his teenage years, Julian lived with his uncle, Leandro De Rivera. Uncle Leo taught Julian a lot about his Hispanic cultural heritage and quite a bit about the long held traditions and religious beliefs of their family. Uncle Leo, however, could not supply Julian with much about Julian's mother or her culture. Julian often had to read that on his own, consulting the Federation Library to learn as much as he could about the planet Betazed and the Betazoid people. Growing up Empathic was difficult and Julian had to see a counselor often to help him through his abilities.

After four years at Starfleet Academy, Julian De Rivera graduated and earned his Starfleet commission, holding the rank of Ensign and receiving his first assignment to the USS Garza, a Sabre class starship. Ensign Rivera was assigned to the Garza's Science Department as a general science officer though after a few weeks aboard, he worked his way into the department's Anthropology division. Julian spent a couple of years aboard the Garza before putting in for a transfer.

Julian's next assignment was to the USS Mjolnir, a Norway class starship where Julian was posted a the head of the starship's Anthropology/Archaeology division within the Science Department. Thought the Mjolnir conducted several scientific missions, the Anthropology/Archaeology division did not see much action. There were no outstanding finds and no need to spend prolong time on a planet's surface for any digs. The most excitement that Julian and the couple of crewmen under him saw was studying a small artifact retrieved from the surface of an alien planet.

Still serving aboard the Mjolnir, Julian transferred out of the Science Department. He put his navigation and astrophysics knowledge to practical use by taking on the position of a flight control officer. He found that his new position had interesting duties and an unexpected charm to it. Occasionally, he piloted a shuttle and was part of a few away teams. He actually got to see alien planets up close and personal which was a change.

When the USS Bonchune underwent a refitting and renaming at the Utopia Planetia Fleet yards, becoming the USS Hera, Ensign De Rivera left the Mjolnir having his transfer request approved for the newly named USS Hera. He arrived aboard and participated in her maiden voyage as the Hera, serving under Lieutenant JG Airi Saxa, the Chief Flight Controller at the time. When the USS Hera was thrown into the future by the 'temporal vagina,' Ensign De Rivera was left wondering what his future aboard the Hera would be like.
Service Record 2380-2381: Starfleet Academy
2381-2382: Starfleet Academy
2382-2383: Starfleet Academy
2383-2384: Starfleet Academy
2384-2386: USS Garza; Anthropology & Archeology Officer - Ensign
2386-2387: USS Mjolnir; Head of Anthropology & Archeology - Ensign
2387-2387: USS Mjolnir; Flight Control Officer - Ensign
2387-2388: USS Hera; Flight Control Officer - Ensign
Temporal Change
2392-xxxx: USS Hera; Flight Control Officer - Ensign