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Commander Mal Xustos

Name Mal Xustos

Position First Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Pomtoli (Satyr)
Age 42
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Character Type pc

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 185lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Yellow
Physical Description Like a Satyr. A combination of a Terran goat and a human male. He has long dark brown hair on his head and shaggy white hair on his goat legs, with some white hair on his elbows and forearms. He has horns on his head that curve back from his forehead out behind his ears. His ears are pointed. His short beard is the same color as his hair. He has goat legs with hooves. Instead of pants he wears a utilikilt when on duty and sometimes a loincloth when off duty. He is often seen with his flute hanging from his neck by a leather strap. He has tattoos on his torso as indicated in his profile picture.
Specialized Equipment Kopis, Xiphos, or Gladius, as appropriate for the mission. These weapons have very sharp blades. The blades are frictionless when charged and therefore cut through flesh, bone, and other materials natural and man made, very easily. Phaser or Phasers (Type I, Type II, Type III, or Compression Phaser Rifle) as appropriate for the mission.


Spouse/Significant Other TBD
Children TBD
Father Rux
Mother Sagitise
Other Family TBD

Personality & Traits

General Overview Race Info:

Mal can be very fun loving (and loving in general). As an XO he is fair, though sometimes hard. He is brave and true. While he is a Satyr and has been known to chase ‘nymphs’ be they actual Pomtali Nymphs or just attractive women, he is always respectful and so far no one has complained that he is a womanizer.

Despite Mal's persona as a playful (sometimes even 'goofy' as Nexi often calls him) person, Mal maintains his interest in tactical and strategic studies and in the field of national and interstellar security. He has subscriptions to trade publications in these areas and has been published in a few of them. He regularly scans the news feeds for discussions on these issues.
Strengths & Weaknesses STRENGTHS:
+Physically Strong
+A Satyr’s Physical Attributes
+That Pomtali ‘Certain Something’ that people find attractive, alluring, exciting
+Tactical and Strategic Proficiency

-Often a sucker for a pretty face
-When that Pomtali ‘Certain Something’ backfires, it often backfires spectacularly
Ambitions To command a starship, perhaps to start a family
Hobbies & Interests Music, Acting, Dancing, Seducing and Frolicking with Nymphs, Pankration. Mal can play a variety of musical instruments including the lyre, the pan flute, the Kithara, and the aulos.

Personal History Mal was born in the Earth year 2351 on the planet Pomtol III. His society was created when the alien posing as the Greco-Roman deity ‘Pan’ left Earth with several other Satyrs and Nymphs (also aliens) and in the course of his travels crash landed on Pomtol III. Male Pomtali are always Satyrs and female Pomtali are always Nymphs. For more information on Pan’s race see TOS Episode “Who Mourns For Adonais?”

Rux and Sagitise were very proud of their son from the day he was born. They saw great things for him. Satyrs and Nymphs are natural performers. They both dance and sing and act in their everyday lives. Satyrs are, almost to a kid, taught to play the pan flute. Rux and Sagitise were professional performers and hoped that their son would be as well, and he was talented. Unfortunately for them, he saw acting and music and dance as very enjoyable avocations rather than serious vocations. And let’s face it: he was in it mostly for the Nymphs. From early on, when Mal put his lips to his flute, Nymphs would crowd around to listen. As for a profession…well…his interests lay elsewhere. Mal wanted to join Starfleet.

Mal paid attention to what was happening in the quadrant. The Federation was at war with the Cardassian Union. It was winding down and would likely come to an end before Mal could even get in to Starfleet, but that wasn’t going to stop him from joining. From early on, Mal had been a protector. He protected meeker Satyrs from more aggressive Satyrs and he protected Nymphs from overzealous Satyrs. His ‘protection’ could be speaking on the victims behalf or delivering a swift kick where it was needed. He broke up fights when they started to go too far. Doing these things didn’t make him popular. Mal didn’t care. He just wanted to do the right thing. From what he’d seen in the holovids and what he’d read on the net, doing the right thing was a big part of being a Starfleet officer.

As he got closer to graduating from secondary school, Mal began a conversation with an admissions advisor at Starfleet Academy, Lieutenant Esmeralda Sanchez. She helped him pick the right courses and other activities that would make him a better candidate, and tried to help him get past any major obstacles…like his parents Rux and Sagitise. Esmeralda must have really believed in Mal, because she arranged to travel all the way Pomtal III just to talk to his parents. She set their minds at ease and made sure that not only would they not stand in Mal’s way, but that they would support him fully.

When the time came, Mal took and passed the Starfleet Academy entrance exam and was accepted into the Class of 2373. He was proud. His parents were proud. Most of his other relatives were proud…now he just had to pass all of his classes and graduate. And to add to that pressure, Mal was the first Pomtali, Satyr or Nymph, to even go to Starfleet Academy! So, no pressure…right?

The worry turned out to be all for naught. Mal did well at the academy. When he struggled there were people to help him. He wrestled and boxed and did well having a background in Pankration (a Greco-Roman martial art that Pan and his followers brought with them to Pomtal III). He acted from time to time. And that was just his spare time. His actual course of study tended towards tactics and strategy, which he excelled at. In the Spring of 2373, Mal graduated with a respectable class standing. He then attended both Security and Tactical Officer courses, where he also did well. He completed these courses just in time. The Dominion War was already underway.

Mal spent the first year of Dominion War as a junior Sec/Tac Officer aboard the USS Miller. While serving on the Miller, Mal earned a commendation when he led a boarding team onto a Jem’Hadar vessel in the rescue of a group of MACOs who were pinned down after being separated from the main boarding party.

The Miller was destroyed by the Breen at the Second Battle of Chin’Toka. Mal stayed on board until the very last minute making sure his crewmates got to safety, leaving only when his commanding officer agreed to join him, which earned him another commendation. Mal was then assigned to the USS Veasley for the duration of the war. He fought in most of the major battles of the second year of the war, including the Battle for Cardassia. The Veasley was in need of repair and refit after the war. Mal was then assigned to the USS Pastorius.

Mal was given the opportunity to earn a Master’s Degree and he took it. He later served as Assistant Chief CSTO, later Chief CSTO, followed by a stint as Second Officer before being assigned as a First Officer. In 2393, Commander Mal Xustos was assigned to the USS Hera as her Executive Officer.
Service Record 2369-2373 Cadet, Starfleet Academy
2373-2374 Ensign, Sec/Tac Officer, USS Miller, Dominion War
2374-2375 Ensign, Sec/Tac Officer, USS Veasley, Dominion War
2375-2375 Advanced Tactical School
2375-2379 Lieutenant JG, ACSTO, USS Pastorius

2379-2380 Starfleet Postgraduate School, MA in National Security and Strategic Studies
2380-2385 Lieutenant, CSTO, USS Laboriel
2385-2390 Lieutenant Commander, Strategic Opperations Officer/2nd Officer, USS Clarke
2390-2394 Lieutenant Commander, XO, USS Wooten
2394-2394 Promoted Commander, XO, USS Hera

From 2385-2392, Mal pursued a PhD in National Security Studies from the Starfleet Postgraduate School through their distance education program. His understanding of complicated interstellar security issues is part of the reason he was assigned to the USS Hera in the first place.

(OOC: I based Starfleet Postgraduate School on the current Naval Postgraduate School. The MA program Mal completed is based on one that is offered in the current US Navy War College. Since Starfleet is not technically a military organization, I felt that name didn't work, so I just moved the program to the postgraduate school. The PhD program mentioned here is an actual program at NPGS. My reasoning for having it in the 24th Century in Starfleet is that though Starfleet is not a military organization, they are responsible for the defense of the Federation and require officers trained and educated in these issues. For the record, NPGS (and therefore SFPGS) offers many technical and scientific masters degrees and PhDs in case any writers want to consider this kind of advanced education for their characters).