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Lieutenant Commander Eneas Clio

Name Eneas Clio

Position Chief Intelligence Officer

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Cervan
Age 46
Sexual Orientation Pansexual
Character Type pc

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 167 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Silver
Physical Description Clio is tall and slender but well-muscled. When worn loose, her hair tumbles in unkempt waves, so she often wears it up while on duty. Due to the Vulcanoid heritage of her species, her ears are delicately pointed.
Specialized Equipment Armored EV suit
- Lighter in weight than standard issue Starfleet EV suit
- Dark grey in color with armor plating and heavily reinforced around joints
- Embedded recording devices for gathering and temporary storage of intelligence data
- Stealth module for avoiding detection

Plasma energized mek'leths x 2
- Cauterizes wounds as it cuts when monofilament edge is active
- Carried only in the field during dangerous away missions

Projectile revolver
- Contains miniaturized variant on same technology in the TR-116
- Capacity of 6 rounds

Assortment of small to medium bladed weapons
- Useful for close quarters combat
- Easily concealed
- Even when otherwise unarmed, Clio carries at least 2 blades at all times


Father Unknown
Mother Eneas Adonia
Sister(s) Eneas Nani
Other Family Adoptive Father - Brian Johnson
Adoptive Mother - Camille Johnson

Personality & Traits

General Overview Though innately aggressive, Clio tends to be withdrawn and is often considered by others to be anti-social. She has an intense dislike of crowds and will try nearly anything to avoid social functions that require her to be surrounded by people. However, when she is comfortable with her surroundings, she can be quite warm and friendly. Any insecurity can cause her to withdraw again.

Due to having been forced to play the enemy role in a Starfleet Intelligence camp, Clio carries several of the markers for post-traumatic stress disorder, despite never receiving an official diagnosis. Her typical symptoms mirror those of an anxiety disorder, and anti-anxiety medications are enough to manage any attacks she does have. Because she is intimately aware of her triggers and early symptoms, she is often able to prevent the attack by removing herself from the situation.
Hobbies & Interests Intense combat holosimulations, drawing, reading, intellectual games

Personal History Clio's early life is shrouded in mystery. Long before the Cerva conflicts, she was found alone in an unfamiliar escape pod, and the ship that found her took her home. Clio was very young, still a toddler, and at the time an unknown race. When efforts to find her people failed, the ship took her back to Earth, where a sympathetic couple took her in. The only thing they knew about her was her name and her birthday; Eneas Clio with a date next to it was stitched into the blanket she was found with. They quickly discovered that her given name was Clio and that the name was structured in the fashion of a Bajoran or Asian name.

Clio was an inquisitive child, always poking into things. She was fortunate to be surrounded with non-judgmental people who took her slightly "different" appearance as a normal variation for most of her childhood. While many of the children at school began to make fun of her silver eyes and slightly pointed ears, she still didn't really know anything about what she was. She'd rarely been hurt that she remembered, so she didn't realize she was a Vulcanoid species until the Federation made contact with the Cerva several years after she'd been rescued. Even after her people had been discovered, she chose to stay with her adoptive parents.

At the age of sixteen, Clio expressed an interest in Starfleet, which her adoptive parents encouraged.

At the age of seventeen, Clio became the first Cervan student to attend Starfleet Academy. She double majored in Sentient Intelligence and Signals Intelligence, graduating from the academy with two degrees, with high scores in both. Because of this, Clio was awarded the Commandant's Ribbon. Clio was also trained in the Intelligence Department's sleeper assassin program, and later achieved a third degree in Computer Intelligence.

Upon her graduation from Starfleet Academy, Clio was posted aboard the USS Archimedes as the ship's lowest ranked Intelligence officer. She quickly proved to be an asset to the department, excelling in the "dirty" jobs that no one else liked to perform. Even so, other officers were promoted over her in the department, officers who were less proficient and were more recent graduates. Less than a year into her assignment on the Archimedes, Clio began requesting transfer to another ship. Her transfer was delayed by the start of the Dominion War; however, a year into the war, she was transferred to the Orion, a ship in desperate need of Intelligence officers.

On the Orion, Clio thought her luck might finally change, as she was finally promoted to lieutenant junior grade, in the heat of battle no less, but many of the crew were still prejudiced against her. She still had few people willing to work with her, and even fewer friends. She earned some respect on the battlefield, but beyond that she was still an outsider.

**Just before the end of the Dominion War, Clio was pulled from the crew of the Orion and sent on her first classified undercover mission, an attempt to infiltrate Cardassia Prime and retrieve weapons and defense data that could be used to defeat the Dominion. Despite the obvious drawbacks of sending an inexperienced officer, the mission succeeded and the war ended soon after.**

When Clio returned from her undercover mission in late 2375, she was assigned to the Avalon as the Deputy Chief Intelligence Officer. Though it was a step up, Clio still felt that she was being unfairly held back, as most officers she'd graduated with had been granted senior staff positions. When she protested the unfair nature of Starfleet, she was denied her next promotion for nearly two years. This experience embittered Clio toward the fleet. Though she chose to remain in Starfleet, she began to develop a rather abrasive attitude toward her superiors.

**Just after Clio was finally promoted to full lieutenant, she was again pulled from regular duty and sent on a deep cover classified mission. Information pertaining to this mission is classified Top Secret and not available to view.**

Clio returned from deep cover in the spring of 2378 and joined the crew of Starbase Republic, finally with a senior staff position. Only a short time later, the Cervan Conflict began, threatening to divide Clio's loyalty. Dismayed and appalled by her people's behavior, Clio remained loyal to the Federation, an act that deemed her a threat to her people. Though the Conflict ended quickly, it had been a taste of what her people were capable of, and the thought frightened her. However, despite the conflict, not everyone on Starbase Republic feared her.

Clio earned a great deal of respect from Starbase Republic's commander and crew, and something more from one of the male civilians on board. She began casually dating a young restaurant owner, though she was very careful not to touch him when things became too heated, knowing what the consequences would be. Unfortunately for them both, Jackson Brown knew very little about Cervan physiology and trapped her in a kiss at dinner one night. That kiss would prove to be problematic, as neither of them were prepared for the bonding that served as a Cervan marriage. It was only with help from the station's Vulcan first officer that Clio managed to sever her bond with Jackson. It was then that she decided to take telepathic coaching lessons from the Vulcan commander.

It was also around this time that Clio accidentally ran afoul of the Romulan commander assigned to command one of Starbase Republic's defensive ships. The altercation ended badly, with the Romulan commander eventually losing her rank and ship and being reassigned elsewhere.

**In the fall of 2387, Clio was pulled from Starbase Republic to work directly for Starfleet Intelligence. Due to the recent Cervan Conflict, Starfleet Command had instituted a training program to prepare officers - particularly those in Intelligence - for capture by the Cerva should aggression break out with the Cervan Empire again. Though Clio expected to be in a training camp, she did not expect to play the enemy. When Command justified casting her in the role by saying she was the closest they had to a real Cervan soldier, she filed a complaint, requesting that she be removed from the training program. The request was denied, forcing Clio to continue breaking many of her personal rules and triggering a very dark time for her. She remained assigned to the camp until 2389, until the admiralty intervened and arranged for a transfer from the camp to a starship.**

The emergency transfer took Clio to the Banshee, where she served as the ship's assistant chief intelligence officer. On paper, the reasoning for the apparent demotion in position was because she desperately needed a transfer and this was the only position available. Unofficially, the decision was made by Starfleet medical to give her time to recover from a serious illness and several injuries she sustained at the camp. She remained in the assistant chief position until 2392, which she became eligible for transfer.
Service Record 2363 - 2367, Starfleet Academy, student
2367 - 2368, USS Archimedes, Intelligence Officer
2368 - 2375, USS Orion, Intelligence Officer
2375, undercover mission to Dominion-controlled Cardassia Prime
2375 - 2377, USS Avalon, Deputy Chief Intelligence Officer
2377 - 2378, CLASSIFIED
2378 - 2387, Starbase Republic, Chief Intelligence Officer
2387 - 2389, Starfleet Intelligence SERE camp
2389 - 2392, USS Banshee, Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer
2393 - 2394, USS Katana, Chief Intelligence Officer