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Akira Zhuri

Name Akira Zhuri

Position Chief Operations Officer

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Hologram
Sexual Orientation still experimenting
Character Type pc

Physical Appearance

Hair Color black-blue/ black-brown
Eye Color dark brown
Physical Description Akira is a hologram of relatively short stature with a petite figure. She has modeled her appearance after her paternal contributor who was half Bolian and half Trill, so she has blue skin and pale Trill spots, and like her father her hair is a near black shade of blue. To mix things up, she attempted to make another appearance profile in which she adopted a different skin tone, but she didn't commit to this change until she came across the Iconian Dyson Sphere where she came into the possession of an Iconian Herald Probe android body; this body was redesigned to match her appearance profile without the blue skin, though she retains the Trill spots. She does not inhabit this body full time and decided to continue using her blue-skinned profile when not in the android body so that people could see clearly when she has a physical form and when she does not.
Specialized Equipment customized Herald probe android body


Father Arivek Azhuri
Mother Maica and Andrea Carter

Personality & Traits

General Overview