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Lieutenant Ian Dodger

Name Ian Art Dodger

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Catullan
Age 52
Sexual Orientation Hetero
Character Type pc

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 180 lbs.
Hair Color Purple
Eye Color Gray
Physical Description The first thing people tend to notice about Ian is his purple hair; it's really hard to miss unless meeting him someplace dark. The answer to the first question they think of when they see his hair is yes, all the rest of his body hair is purple, too (Although maybe they don't ask it in quite that way). He has a baby face, with rounded cheeks, a somewhat pug-like nose, and soft skin that he does absolutely nothing to maintain, marred only by a faded scar on the tip of his nose. He is tall with broad shoulders and a strong build, but it wouldn't hurt him to hit the gym a little more often.
Specialized Equipment Ian's left arm is a biosynthetic limb, grafted on just below the elbow. He tinkers with it from time to time.

In addition to a few bits of non-standard medical technology he has collected from various parts of the quadrant, Ian maintains a soda bar in his office, with an ice cream machine built in. Behind this is a shelf with various herbal tinctures he uses for flavoring in his unending quest to formulate the galaxy's next big soft drink.


Spouse/Significant Other Chaime Satillu (Divorced)
Children Unlikely. He has a cat named Brigid, though. Does that count?
Father Unknown, Deceased
Mother Unknown, Deceased

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ian is soft-spoken and quiet, so much so that some people think he might be a complete doormat at first, but he is far from that. He's assertive and not afraid to speak his mind, and he's pursuasive enough with his words that, even if he doesn't get his way, it's hard to deny that he made a point with his arguements. He distrusts authority, thanks to his upbringing and his past activities, and he's not particularly fond of taking orders, either. Compassionate and attentive, he is an understanding and caring physician who takes great pains to see to it that his patients get the treatment they need and are treated with dignity they deserve.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Ian is a highly competent and talented physician, dedicated to his patients and to the ideals of his profession. He is well-educated, idealistic, good under pressure, has great determination and brings great compassion and empathy for others to his job. He's also creative and adapts well to new situations and challenges.

Weaknesses: He rankles under authority, dislikes bureaucracy, abhors violence, and isn't fond of the military. Outside of the sick bay, he's somewhat of a mess; disorganized and somewhat absent-minded. Although trained in the use of phasers, he generally refuses to use them unless allowed to "lock out" any setting above standard stun. The only case in which he'd reconsider this policy is if facing a phaser-resistant enemy intent upon harming his patients.
Ambitions To serve out his time in Starfleet and get a new ship, then return to the work he was doing before being drafted.
Hobbies & Interests He enjoys travel, touring and racing motorcycles, formulating soft drinks, playing the violin and reading philosophy. He is a regular practitioner of T'ai Chi and Qigong. He is always reading the trade periodicals to study up on new medical technologies and techniques. He can fly and do some maintenance on older warp-capable ships (2310 - 2360's).

Personal History Ian was born aboard a Catullan colony ship sometime in 2340. Bound for a newly discovered planet on the galactic rim, the ship carried several thousand political separatists who wanted to live outside of Federation governance . However, the ship was swept by a plague called CHF (Candacian Hemorraghic Fever) that killed most of the crew and colonists. Ian was among the fortunate few who was placed in a stasis pod before becoming infected. Ian and the survivors were eventually rescued by the USS Crazy Horse after the fever had run its course, and after being quarantined for the better part of a year, most were sent on their ways. Ian, however, was a conundrum. No living relatives could be pinpointed for the boy -- His parents had died of the plague, and because he had been born without birth documentation onboard the ship, no other relatives could be located. DNA searches were conducted, but none of the distant relatives located were willing or able to take Ian in. He was adopted by two of the Crazy Horse's crew members, Telbin Dees and Arihe Blysh, a homosexual couple who weren't able to have children of their own. They named him Ian, and, because a copy of Oliver Twist was found in his stasis pod, gave him the last name Dodger.

Ian grew up healthy, rambunctious and active aboard the Crazy Horse. Although his adopted parents were in Engineering, Ian, because of the circumstances surrounding his coming aboard the Crazy Horse, grew up with a keen fascination towards the medical field, and constantly lurked around Sick Bay. When Telbin took a teaching position at Starfleet Academy, the family relocated to San Francisco. While there, Ian got drawn in by some cultural practices he found intriguing, like T'ai Chi and Qigong in Golden Gate Park, and hanging out at an old-style soda jerk in the Mission district. But medicine was his first true love, and Ian was determined to someday be a doctor. He pushed himself academically, sometimes to the exclusion of his personal life, and although Starfleet was interested in him, he chose to pursue a civilian career instead.

From pre-med to med school and a fellowship in naturopathic medicine and acupuncture, and an internship at Cedars Sinai, Ian excelled at everything he learned; and graduated in 2366 with honors. He took his residency in the ICU of San Francisco General, and completed his second fellowship there in Xenopathology in 2368.

In the third year of his residency (2371) Ian was contacted by a fellow student from Stanford who had joined an organization called Hospitallers Ambulent -- A modern-day descendant of Médecins Sans Frontières. The doctors in this organization bought up small freighters and traveled to systems that had been devastated by war, disease or poverty, and offered them medical treatment and humanitarian aid. Among the places HA operated were Bajor, the Cardassian Demilitarized Zone, the Archanis Sector and several other hotbeds of military activity. Ian was soon given command of his own ship, an Antares Class freighter that was equipped with several dozen decommissioned EMH units bought from the Federation.

In 2374, Hospitallers Ambulent was accused of trafficking information to the Dominion under the guise of providing medical treatment to the needy. This was proven to be true when hyposprays seized aboard several of the HA craft were discovered to have been programmed to encode information into proteins in the immunizations they gave out on war-torn worlds; information on Federation ship movements and supply lines which were archived in the HA crafts' databases. Several hundred doctors, nurses and medical personnel were put in front of a military board of inquiry and, because the Federation could not trace the information to any single individual or group of conspirators, all were indicted. However, because medical personnel were in short supply, the board offered them a deal: They could enlist in Starfleet and serve the medical needs of the fleet for twenty years, or they could face trial, which would probably result in life sentences at best or death sentences at worst. The lawyers appointed by HA's management recommended, in the wake of the hysteria following the Dominion conquest of Betazed, that they take the deal and enlist.

What many of the doctors and nurses suspected (but had no way of proving) was that Starfleet had left a nested program in the decommissioned EMH's they'd been given, causing them to fabricate evidence against HA so that the fleet could bolster their ranks of medical personnel with trained, seasoned professionals who had seen some of the worst conditions around. Without proof, however, all they could do was take the deal they'd been offered and make the best of it. Ian joined Starfleet, and after an accelerated 6 week training program (with his Med School training and fellowships counting towards Academy credits), was commissioned as an officer and assigned to the USS Flamberge, just in time for Operation Return. Halfway through the operation, he received his first transfer to the USS Compagnie, which had taken heavy casualties in the operation. Despite the fact that the Compagnie was falling apart, Ian acquitted himself well with only three nurses and the EMH to help him stem the tide of the wounded. He'd seen worse.

Ian was transferred to several starships and starbases during the course of the war, as skilled medical personnel of his caliber were in great demand. When the war came to an end, Ian and many of the other HA personnel tried to muster out of the fleet, or at least transfer to core world positions, but were sternly reminded of the deal they had made. The Federation had not gone public with the deal they'd made, and if they did, no reputable authority would license them to practice medicine, and no civilian medical center would employ them.

After the war, Ian was assigned to the USS Pitcairn, a Nebula-class starship assigned to picket duty along the former Cardassian border. Settling in for what he believed to be the long haul, Ian tried to get to know the crew and make a go of having a normal life in Starfleet. After two years aboard the ship, he was made Chief Medical Officer, promoted to Lieutenant (J.G.) and he began an ill-advised romance with the ship's captain, Chaime Satillu; a Risian/Human hybrid. Their marriage was tempestuous at best, and each of them cheated on the other at one point or another. Things came to a head during a tense and heated battle with the Tzenkathi in which Chaime was wounded. Thinking her ill-suited to continue commanding the ship in her condition, Ian relieved her of command, leaving the ship in the command of her very-inexperienced second officer. Although the ship won its way clear of the battle, and mopped up the Tzenkathi, Chaime angrily demanded a divorce from Ian. In turn, Ian demanded a transfer off of her ship.

Ian was reassigned to the USS Bowditch in 2383. It was little better than being on the Pitcairn because the two ships patrolled overlapping territories, and stopped for leave at the same starbases. So Ian and Chaime had many opportunities to engage in all the sorts of unhealthy behavior that new divorcees inflict on each other. In 2387, the Bowditch was attacked by a trio of automated weapons platforms left over from the Dominion war. The Pitcairn came out to aid the Bowditch and sometime after the platforms were destroyed, Ian transported over to visit Chaime. Despite having a very passionate weekend, things soon exploded into their worst argument ever. Wanting to just get the hell away from Chaime, Ian requested a transfer to Starbase 357, far away from his ex-wife.

Towards the end of his required stay in Starfleet, Ian was assigned to the USS Katana. As he draws near to mustering out, he is both exhilarated and a little frightened at the prospect of what he'll be doing when he leaves Starfleet.
Service Record 2374 - Enlists in Starfleet, commissioned as an Ensign.
Temporary Billets - USS Flamberge
USS Compagnie
Starbase 251
USS Calodosi
Rank - Ensign Position - Medical Officer

2375 USS Arrowsic
USS Evea
Starbase 223
Rank - Ensign Position - Medical Officer

2375 - Assigned to USS Pitcairn
Rank - Lieutenant (J.G.) Position - Chief Medical Officer

2383 - Assigned to USS Bowditch
Rank - Lieutenant (J.G.) Position - Chief Medical Officer

2387 - Assigned to Starbase 357
Rank - Lieutenant (J.G.) Position - Chief Medical Officer

Present - Assigned to USS Katana
Rank - Lieutenant (J.G.) Position - Chief Medical Officer