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Commander Angelica Fairchild

Name Angelica Elizabeth Fairchild

Position First Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 37
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Character Type pc

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 129 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Gray
Physical Description Angelica has an average build despite rigorous training to enhance her muscular strength and stamina. Unless her work requires otherwise, she often wears her hair loose. She tries to maintain a meticulous appearance at all times.


Spouse/Significant Other Sinek
Children Only the tiny one that's still baking
Father Steven Fairchild
Mother Elizabeth Fairchild

Personality & Traits

General Overview Angelica can come across as cold and calculating, more likely to shoot first and ask questions later. She takes her responsibilities very seriously and has no qualms about killing in order to protect the crew or her own personal mission. She does not make friends easily and responds to antagonism with snark (or matching antagonism). Once someone manages to befriend her, however, she is loyal unto death.
Strengths & Weaknesses Angelica is a crack shot, fast and deathly accurate with a variety of weapons. She also has a highly skilled tactical mind, making her quite a force to deal with in combat. However, her "people skills" and social graces often leave much to be desired.
Ambitions Angelica aspires to one day be a starship captain. She also dreams of owning a remote plot of land where she can live in utter peace.
Hobbies & Interests Angelica mostly keeps to herself, turning to books for relaxation and entertainment. She can also often be found on the firing range. Recently she has begun learning how to meditate.

Personal History An only child, Angelica could be described as spoiled in her youth. Even well into her late teens, she often had access to even the wildest things her mind could conceive to ask for, so it was quite the shock to her family when she chose to join Starfleet. She left home with little fanfare and settled in at the academy, where she made only a few friends. Deciding early on that she was at the academy to learn a job, she devoted time to that rather than being social. Due to this, her "people skills" rapidly grew rusty, and she graduated from the academy with suitably high scores but a cold and abrasive attitude.

Fortunately, her icy nature served her well in the field, as she quickly discovered she had very little issue with handling the minor security matters the Bachman's security chief allowed her to manage. However, officers or passengers who dealt with her often reported her behavior as "too cold" or harsh. Though she protested, the ship's captain made notes of this in her dossier, effectively stonewalling her future promotions. Finding this incredibly unfair, Angelica turned to the only coping skills she truly possessed, those being shooting at things and getting drunk. She did not always accomplish them in a safe order or manner, further worsening the problem. When this finally led to her spending some time inside the brig she often placed other people in, she became angry and depressed... and therefore vulnerable to the preying eyes of Section 31.

Angelica was on leave between assignments when she was approached by a man in a jet black uniform. He called himself Sloane and offered her a chance to use the skills and talents she was not able to use in her daily work. Intrigued, she immediately accepted and would later discover that this side job was with the agency known as Section 31. The agency quietly lobbied for her to be placed in a senior officer role, but Starfleet denied it, citing that she was too inexperienced. As such, her time on the Tereshkova began with a bitter heart. However, she found solace in her work for Section 31, sending them data about the ship, its crew, and missions it was sent on.

Socially, the Tereshkova was no different from the Bachman. This time, however, Angelica stuck merely with shattering things on the ship's shooting range, honing her skills until she had earned the expert qualification on most of Starfleet's standard weapons. Quickly becoming bored with directed energy beams and energy bolts, she turned to projectile weapons, first the TR-116 and then various replicas of old Terran weapons. She enjoyed these more, finding they did more satisfying damage to her targets on the range. Still, shooting at stationary targets alone did little to help her social isolation and deteriorating social skills. Her inability to deal with people again delayed promotion, and she transferred to the Mako still at the rank of ensign.

Disenchanted with the fleet, Angelica had little trouble reporting all of the Mako's activities back to Section 31. She remained somewhat socially isolated, branching out only when her job absolutely required it. Slowly, her social skills started to evolve again, though she still spent many hours on the shooting range to blow off steam and frustration. Eventually, shooting became boring and only good for this stress release, and Angelica rediscovered her love of reading in order to entertain herself. When she became immersed in a book, she no longer felt the driving need to be social, and much of her frustration and icy attitude melted away. Though she was considerably calmer, her intolerance of ignorance and stupidity remained, often resulting in reprimands or outright disciplinary action.

Just as Angelica was giving up on the idea of having a successful Starfleet career, her contacts inside Section 31 finally succeeded in getting her promoted and transferred into a more senior position. Though it was only an assistant chief position, she suddenly blossomed as her leadership skills were finally allowed to cut through the cold barrier of isolation. She rapidly demonstrated a talent for holding a team together, despite her tendency to respond abrasively to mistakes rather than provide constructive criticism. This would prove to be a problem that would plague her continuously, one she soon decided to stop trying to fix as her attempts to do so only made things worse.

In 2388, Angelica was assigned to the Hera, a ship with a secret mission. While the mission and its orchestrator had not been revealed, Angelica seemed to have a bit of a clue... up until the ship was accidentally transported back in time and the return to their own time didn't go quite so smoothly as everyone might have liked.

Upon the Hera's emergence in the year 2392, Angelica replaced Commander Aelyn Radt as the ship's XO, following Commander Radt's demise. Soon after, she cut her ties with Section 31, having become uncomfortable with reporting on the Hera's location and mission.
Service Record 2373 - 2377: USS Bachman, security officer
2377 - 2380: USS Tereshkova, security officer
2381 - 2385: USS Mako, security officer
2385 - 2387: USS Andrew Jackson, Assistant Chief Security Officer
2388: USS Hera, Chief Security Officer/Second Officer
2388 - 2392: time travel nonsense
2392: USS Hera, Executive Officer