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Staff Warrant Officer Enoch Rasputin

Name Enoch D. Rasputin

Position Master-at-Arms

Rank Staff Warrant Officer

Character Information

Gender Neuter
Species Vendorian
Age Unknown
Sexual Orientation nonconforming
Character Type pc

Physical Appearance

Height 175 cm
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Yellow
Physical Description Natural/Vendorain Form:

Vendorians are master shapeshifters with the ability to on the form of hundreds of species and objects with enough time and practice to learn the subject or object in which they are to mimic, and their mimicking abilities are one of the most superior in the galaxy, often described as being in the same league as Chameloids and Allasomorphs. The more familiar a shape is, the easier it is for them to hold it. Constant changing of shape is incredibly draining and ultimately tiring, though holding a single shape for extended periods of time is a simple enough task.

When disguised as a human, a Vendorian replicate voice and fingerprints, and medical examinations find only minor, albeit unusual variations upon the human norm. However, a more in depth analysis may expose a Vendorian for their true nature. When disguised as an object, they are capable of functioning as that object, and even conducting a current through their bodies, though complex mechanisms (such as the control circuitry of a deflector shield) required a greater precision of mimicry and could be quite difficult.

In his natural state, Rasputin looks any other Vendorian which can be rather startling to many species. In their natural forms, Vendorians are cephalopodic, with six tentacles attached to the body and head. Despite an apparently ungainly form, Vendorians actually have extraoridnary agility and grace, and reflexes far superior to those of a human. They are often a shade or red or orange in color, though when agitated or experiencing a strong emotion, their color may change. A small simple and yet effective defense mechanism is a electrical charge that Vendorians produce. The touch of a Vendorian's tentacle (or its hand when disguised) on a human neck could induce unconsciousness for a few minutes, followed by a feeling of dizziness as the victim awoke. They are also strong enough to grapple with. They have five eyes spaced around their head, each covered by a convex lens and faintly glowing. These gave a Vendorian 360ยบ vision, though it could be limited or lost when shapeshifted into other forms.

Assumed Humanoid Form:

In his assumed form, as Enoch Rasputin, the Vendorian takes on a humanoid form roughly 175 centimeters in height with often with dark brown or black hair. This form appears to be nearly human and presents as the 'male' sex of its species. In assumed humanoid form, Rasputin appears to be in his mid to late teens or early twenties. However, the Vendorian itself is actually over a century old. It is unknown to most as to why this Vendorian has chosen to take this form and why it so strongly assumes the identity associated with it. However, it is known that this particular Vendorian was shunned from his homeworld for being a 'mental deviate' as it had grown too attached to its assumed form, taking on a personality and characteristics that were unbecoming of a Vendorian.


Personality & Traits