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Warrant Officer Cato West

Name Cato West

Position Infiltration Specialist

Rank Warrant Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 32
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Character Type pc

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4"
Weight 235LBS
Hair Color Dark Blonde/Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Cato West is 32 years of old; Hazel eyes, Dark Blonde / Brown Hair, 6'4'' 235lbs of muscle. 28'' Biceps.

Cato is a walking art show; The words "Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat" (Fortune Favors the Bold) is written across his shoulders above his backbones, to the left a Reman mask with a snake intertwined, to the right a wolf howling.

Underneath (in the middle of his back) sits a cross with a pair of praying hands in front.

On his left shoulder sits a christian cross. On his right sits a skeleton frog.

Inside left bicep an intricate tattoo of a tree branch with initials and stardates, in total about 19 different ones are tastefully blended into the branches. The roots of the tree continue over to stem from where his heart is.

He has been through the 'meat grinder’, most of his tattoos have been broken by battle scars (large and small).

The only visible one while in uniform is underneath his right eye and is around 3" long.
Specialized Equipment EVA Suit / Armor:

MACO Special Warfare HECA (Hostile Environment Combat Armor) [Based on MACO Tactical Armor]
Enhanced with sub-plated exo suit for compensation / augmentation. The helmet has been fitted with a HUD, reactive orange polarized lens.

This suit is also capable of recording vital data and even storing 2-3 databases worth of information in data-modules. The undersuit monitors vitals and regulates internal temperature of suit.

Boom-Boom Weaponry:

TR-116C2 Rifle
Type 2 Phase Pistol
Modified HK MK23 MOD0
Modified HK 417
Modified Barrett 50 BMG
Plasma Grenades, Frag Grenades, if it goes boom Cato has to have it.

A few other goodies in development that aren't listed.

Bladed Weaponry:

Plasma-Blade Katana (red, unique, engraved with his name in maori on the hilt Haka)

Tops Tactical Anaconda Knife

Clothing / Other:

Adaptive Holographic Clothing (Prototype); Ability to project 4 various clothing arrangements on a given user. Battery life 3-5 hours. Used for infiltration and surveillance operations.


Spouse/Significant Other Single
Children None Known
Father Vice-Admiral James Valentine West (Deceased)
Mother Lieutenant Anna J. West (Deceased)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Samanta A. West (Deceased)
Other Family Grandpa- Major General James Valentine West (II) (Deceased)
Grandma- Fleet Captain Janine Leigh West, MD (Deceased)
Uncle- Captain Caleb E. Danvers, Commanding Officer - U.S.S. John Paul Jones

Personality & Traits

General Overview Cato’s sense of humor is dry and twisted; often to the point of taking things too far. He is a ruthless, cut throat, calculated driven machine. His objective is completed no matter the costs, risks or rewards. He is focused on one thing, to be the best. The two rules he lives by are; "Everyone fights, no one quits." and “Live without regret, live and die on this day.”
Strengths & Weaknesses Education (Overview) -
MACO Basic, Graduate
Ranger 'A' School, Graduate
Delta Warfare 'A' School, Graduate
Special Warfare Operator, Graduate
Officer Candidate School, Graduate

MACO Basic Training-
Armoury: Beam Weapons
Basic Engineering (All Systems)
Computer Ops
Computer Programming
Electronic Operations (Communications, Weapons, Operations, Strategic Ops, Navigation, Transporters, Sensors)
First Aid
Forward Observer
Gunner: Phaser Cannon
Guns: Infantry Anti-Vehicle
Guns: Photon Grenade Launcher
Intelligence Analysis
Language: Federation Standard
Phaser Handling
Pilot: Shuttlecraft, Troop Transport Craft
Small Weapons Combat
Survival: Asteroid/Moons - Class I
Survival: Adaptable Planets - Class K
Survival: Terrestrial Planets - Class M
Survival: Pelagic (Water) Planets - Class N
Starfleet Protocol
Tactics: Small Units
Tactics: Asymmetrical Warfare
Thruster Suit Ops.
Unarmed Combat (Tang-Soo-Do, Krav Maga, Anbo-Jytsu)
Vacc Suit Ops.
Vehicle Driving
Xenology (Romulan)

MACO Ranger Training-
Advanced First Aid
Advanced Phaser Handling
Advanced Unarmed Combat
Advanced Camouflage
Advanced Communications
Advanced Demolitions
Advanced Electronics Operations: Communications
Advanced Electronics Operations: Security Systems
Advanced Electronics: Communications
Advanced Electronics: Sensors
Advanced Fire Support
Gunner: Phaser Cannon
Guns: Infantry Anti-Vehicle
Guns: Photon Grenade Launcher
Advanced Intelligence Analysis
Advanced Interrogation
Advanced Insertion/Extraction
Advanced Navigation
Advanced Orienteering
Advanced Parachuting / HALO / Orbital Deployment
Advanced Reconnaissance
Advanced SCUBA / Amphibious Assault
Advanced Sketching, Photography, Holography
Advanced Small Weapons Combat
Advanced Swimming (Long Distance)
Advanced Tactics: Small Units
Advanced Tactics: Asymmetrical Warfare
Advanced Thruster Suit Ops. / Vacc Suit Ops. / Zero-Grav. Ops.
Advanced Cryptanalysis
Advanced Covert Operation Tactics
Signal Intelligence Collection/Jamming
Advanced Language: (Romulan)
Advanced Xenology: (Romulan)

MACO Delta Warfare Training-
Master of CI/Spec Weapons
Master of Hand To Hand Combat
Master of Starship / Fighter / Small Craft Piloting
Master of Demolition and Explosive Ordinance
Master of Flight & Flight Operations (Combat & Advanced Combat Flight Rating)
Master of Zero-Grav Maneuvers / Combat
Master of Hostile Environment Survival
Master of High Elevation Combat / H.A.L.O. Deployment / Orbital Deployment
Master ofAmphibious Assault / S.E.R.E.

MACO Special Warfare Training-
Classified Contents, all information pertaining has been sealed by Starfleet Intelligence.

=A= Commendations, Medals, Ribbons, Ratings, Achievements & Specialist Marks=A=
1 x MACO Basic Training Graduate Ribbon
1 x MACO Ranger 'A' School Graduate Ribbon
1 x MACO Delta Warfare 'A' School Graduate Ribbon
1 x MACO Special Warfare Operator Training Graduate Ribbon
1 x Starfleet OCS Graduation Ribbon

1 x Romulan Rescue & Relief Operation Medal
1 x Combat Action Ribbon
1 x Conspicuous Medal for Gallantry (Battle of Alpha KS-128 and 129)
1 x Purple Heart
1 x Bronze Star (golden starburst with V-device) for Valor
1 x POW Metal

1 x Marksman Type I -through- Type IV Handheld Weaponry Ribbon with ‘E’ device
1 x Marksmanship Type III - Type VII Rifle Based Weaponry Ribbon with ‘E’ device
1 x Marksmanship Projectile Based Weaponry Ribbon with ‘E’ device
1 x Interrogation Specialist Ribbon
1 x Infiltration Specialist Ribbon
1 x Counter-Insurgency Specialist Ribbon
1 x Counter-Terrorism Specialist Ribbon
Ambitions Cato's only ambition is to be his own man and step away from his family's shadow. He feels that when the situation is at it's worst he thrives and is at his best among the chaos. He lives for the fight.
Hobbies & Interests Weapons(all various kinds and types)
Rock Climbing
Scuba / Technical Diving
Orbital Skydiving
Boxing/MMA/Tang Soo Do/Krav Maga/Jiu Jitsu/Hapkido/Taekwondo/(Capoeira, he tells very few people that he has practices it)
Going Fast
Drinking to excess
21st Century Super Cars
Anything fast enough to get yourself killed on/in.

Personal History Born June 16th, 2362 to First Lieutenant James Valentine West, III and Second Lieutenant Anna J. West, Cato was the product of an 'Academy Relationship' seven years before the outbreak of the Dominion war.

With full scale war, his parents were deployed to the front lines. Though it was said that his Mother along with his sister were killed in the Breen attack on earth.

Cato was raised by his Grandfather, General James V. West, II. He was forged and hardened into a lethal weapon by the Major General and his Father who made the occasional appearance; Who had quickly risen to the Command of multiple Special Warfare units and eventually a starship during the war.

At the age of 16 (almost 17), Cato passed the entrance exam to the academy and began his first year at the Academy along with his High School sweetheart, Isabella Royce Stone. Things couldn't be going more perfect!

During Cato's 17th birthday (Just two weeks into the Academy), Isabella gave Cato his birthday present, a kiss and then proceeded to go up to Cato's room and have sex with his best friend in Cato's bed.

Cato, unsuspectingly walked in on the two. Putting his former best friend though a transparent aluminum window, which nearly killed him in the process. Cato and Isabella's relationship had quickly turned sour and twisted his emotions beyond his grasp of reality.

Two days later, Cato dropped out of the Academy and Enlisted into the MACO’s. Cato was disowned by his family, his Father being hurt the most by his actions and had taken Cato's decision the hardest.

Shipping out to Mars just two days after the twisted turn of events, Cato shocked everyone with his actions. The sudden change, the first member of his family to have Enlisted in Starfleet in nearly a century. Reporting to Mars for his Basic Training, it was a new dawn for Cato.

Through his Basic Training, Cato showed qualities of an Officer and was pushed by his superiors to attend the Academy. He declined, respectfully. Stating that he wanted to earn his way up to the top; and he did. Cato showed extreme proficiency in almost every area save for Higher Sciences and Advanced Medical.

His training Officer noted that Cato was beyond skilled in the art of Tactical Combat and Interrogation. It was because of his Combat skill and prowess that he was nicknamed 'Ares'. His violent tendencies, extreme aggression and brutal mentality made Cato a perfect candidate for Special Warfare service.

Post Basic Training, Cato graduated as Private First Class; Though none of his family were in attendance for the ceremony. After which, his group headed back to Earth for a few drinks before shipping out for their new assignment. It was here that he had a run in with Isabella for the first time in nearly four months.

Though she was with his former best friend (both were in Uniform). In his drunken state, Cato proceeded to start a bar brawl. Nearly beating half the bar to death (or so he thought), he got his ass handed to him. He was outnumbered by Cadets, but didn't fail to put most of them all in someone's sickbay before Starfleet Security showed up.

Cato awoke the next day on a transport shuttle bound for the U.S.S. Ronin with Admiral Blackwood (The Ronin's CO) aboard, trying to convince Cato to stop wasting his life and get his ass to the Academy. Though, Cato wouldn't have one word of it, he reported to the 173rd MACO Platoon.

Serving with distinction under Admiral Blackwood for nearly six months, Cato requested a transfer to the 177th MACO Platoon on the U.S.S. Rodger Young; Which was approved. Serving first as Fireteam Delta's Automatic Rifleman, Cato was quickly moving up the ranks and soon became the Fireteam Delta Leader.

His dedication and Command ability was noted, he was promoted again and sent to MACO Ranger 'A' School on Wolf Station within the SOL system. Upon graduation, Cato was assigned to the U.S.S. Century to Ranger Unit 213 "Merrill's Marauders", serving as their Interrogation and Infiltration Specialist. Cato found his true calling.

Cato found joy in inflicting pain upon those who deserved it most, he quickly developed a skewed and twisted mindset to put the needs of the Federation before all others. His mindset became so warped and twisted, he quickly became one of the most notably brutal Interrogators known within the Starfleet Marine Corps. His uncanny ability to blend in made him nearly impossible to detect by his enemies and objectives. He worked almost entirely alone, save for a few times when he worked with an expendable asset.

It was during the last month of his tour on the Century that he was recruited and hand selected by Starfleet Delta Warfare. The tides were changing in the Alpha Quadrant and they needed a man like Cato to step up to the plate and lead. He accepted and was quickly pushed to Delta Warfare 'A' School.

Upon graduation Cato was recruited by Commander Edward Hall, a notorious special warfare commander at MACO JSOC. ‘Viking Squad’ was assembled, hand picked men to serve under Cato’s lead. He was promoted to Warrant Officer and under classified orders, the Vikings headed back to the Rodger Young. Cato and his elite team of twelve were destined for the unknown.

Though when he and the ‘Vikings’ arrived to the Rodger Young, Cato was greeted with an unpleasant surprise. Isabella Stone was one of the ship's Fighter Pilots. It had been nearly six years since he had seen Bella, and that pain hand't gone away. It had been festering under the surface all this time.

He did his best to avoid her and anyone related outside the course of his duty. Though, It wasn't long until the Rodger Young moved to provide aide to the Romulan Empire with many other ships.





Cato and his team were re-tasked to non-uniformed service. They were to undergo cosmetic surgery and infiltrate a Romulan Tal Shiar cell on a 'refugee' planet. The intelligence gathered during their six month infiltration proved to be invaluable. Though a month before Cato and his unit were scheduled to pull out, they fell victim to a Reman I.E.D. (Improvised Explosive Device) attack.

Nine out of twelve were killed during the initial attack and it was suddenly obvious they weren’t Romulan. Cato and the other two survivors had held out in a eight hour fire fight with Tal Shiar agents until ammo ran dry and charlie fox-trotted up the day.

Finally, they were captured and tortured in secret for just over seven months. Caged like animals, kept in the depths of caves and tortured to their limits; HIs captivity proved Cato to be as strong as he thought himself to be.

Cato and his men waited, endured and stayed strong. Finally, the Tal Shiar made a mistake… Cato's Interrogators left Cato unrestrained believing that he had finally succumbed to his wounds and died during the course of Interrogation. Though this mistake would be their undoing.

Cato managed to gather his strength, pulling his ability to kill his captors and ultimately freeing all of the other POW's at their facility (including his two team members). Proceeding to steal a Romulan Scout Ship and escaping the planet; Cato and his two men proceeded to the nearest Starbase. This incident became known as the Ver Dasla Incident.

After serving with distinction for two years assigned to classified postings, Cato applied and was accepted for Officer Candidate School on Mars. Pushing past his boundaries, Cato sought to evolve himself from a roughneck into something more.

Cato successfully graduated from OCS and was granted a commission as a Lieutenant Junior Grade.

Post graduation, Cato was recruited and transferred to MACO Special Warfare. Attending operator training and graduating within the top 10% of his class.





Cato had many interesting assignments while assigned to MACO Special Warfare, his most notorious assignment being in command of MACO Special Warfare Team Three, attached to the nonexistent U.S.S. John Paul Jones. The ‘jones waged a secret one assault against the Va’Karan Empire in the Gamma Quadrant. The Va’Karan Empire had attacked and destroyed the U.S.S. Miranda while exploring the Gamma Quadrant the year before and had declared war against any “outside invaders”. The technology of the Va’Karan Empire proved to be vastly superior to that of the Alpha Quadrant / Federation.

The primary objective was to steal technology from a research lab on Oovoo Six, technology that was being used to build an invasion force to occupy the Alpha Quadrant. Overall, the operation had been a success. While the technology had been secured, Cato had been left behind after an intense fire-fight. After being re-programed by Va’Karan brainwashing technology, he was placed to lead a team of Bezerkers (equivalent to MACO Special Warfare).

During the bloody rematch, the John Paul Jones was able to subdue Cato and his team. Turning the tides, Captain Caleb Danvers used a trojan horse tactic to get close to the Grand Emperor of the Va’Karan empire. Ultimately, after some negotiation the Va’Karan Empire decided to join the Federation and the aforementioned events never happened.

Once fully debriefed and recovered from injuries sustained, Cato was assigned as Commanding Officer of MACO Special Warfare Team Nine attached to Triton Seabase on Triton moon. After a boarder dispute erupted from the Kzinti Empire, they banded with a rogue Klingon faction and invaded Triton moon.

Cato lost three close friends (Danny, Lizzie and Amanda Hunter) during an attack after the invasion force had been defeated.

Cato had been hurt emotionally and physically from the stress over the past five years. He requested a transfer out of Special Warfare. He requested to be placed back inside a MACO Delta Squad, however the remainder of the MACO force was in the process of being officially disbanded and reabsorbed into the fleet.

At the request of Starfleet Command, he was transferred back to regular Starfleet Intelligence.



After teaching for just over a year, Cato became romantically involved with a female cadet. It wasn’t soon after that their relationship was discovered and he was brought before an board of inquiry by the JAG for conduct unbecoming and fraternization with a subordinate.

During his hearing, a full psychological assessment was ordered; counselors noted he showed signs of severe mental trauma and PTSD. His toxicology reports showed signs of substance abuse - he had become hooked on stems / alcohol to stay awake and avoid his nightmares. So, he was also ordered to weekly group addiction counseling and daily personal sessions with a counselor to seek peace inside his mind.

His commission was revoked due to the substance abuse and he was reduced in rank to E6; the proceedings were unusually harsh and were kept secret to not further destroy Cato’s career. Cato was assigned back to regular Starfleet Intelligence shortly after.

Cato’s downward spiral had begun, pushing into “the void” as he likes to call it. Attempting to find anything that was close enough to his old posting as a MACO. His reliability as an officer was in constant question from Commanding Officers during selection processes; He suddenly started to self combust, he was meant for war during a time of peace.

Slowly coming to the realization that he wasn’t going to get his commission back anytime soon, Cato decided to seek life elsewhere; rather than push a desk on earth. If he had any chance at salvaging himself, he had to tame his demons and push forward.

Serving as an Infiltration Specialist with distinction among his last three assignments, Cato’s reputation was slowly starting to build again. Cato was recently assigned to the U.S.S. Hera on a standard duty rotation cycle while the ship underwent a refit.
Service Record 2378 Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, Sol System

2378 Starfleet Basic Training @ Mars, Orpheus Colony, Recruit

2379-2380 U.S.S. Ronin, 173rd MACO Platoon, Marine

2380-2381 U.S.S. Rodger Young, 177th MACO Platoon, Fireteam Delta, Automatic Rifleman

2381-2382 U.S.S. Rodger Young, 177th MACO Platoon, Fire Team Delta Leader

2382 MACO Ranger 'A' School, Wolf Station, SOL System

2382 U.S.S. Century, MACO Ranger Unit 213 'Merrill's Marauders', Interrogation & Intelligence Specialist

2382-2383 U.S.S. Century, MACO Ranger Unit 213 'Merrill's Marauders', Interrogation & Intelligence Specialist

2383 MACO Delta Warfare 'A' School, CLASSIFIED, Student

2383-2385 U.S.S. Rodger Young, Viking Squad, Delta Warfare, Team Leader

2385 Officer Candidate School, Terranova Colony, Mars, Officer Candidate

2385 Special Warfare Operator TRAINING, Classified, Student

2385-2390 MACO Special Warfare, Classified, Classified

2390-2391 Starfleet Academy, Intelligence Instructor, Earth


2391-2392 Starfleet Intelligence Command, Field Operative

2392-2393 U.S.S. Valkyrie, Infiltration Specialist

2393-2394 U.S.S. Michael P. Murphy, Infiltration Specialist

2394 U.S.S. Hera, Infiltration Specialist

2394-Pres U.S.S. Hera, Infiltration Specialist