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Lieutenant Commander Charon Edomar

Name Charon Edomar

Position First Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Ullian
Age 36
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 191 cm
Weight 87 kg
Hair Color blonde
Eye Color blue-grey
Physical Description Charon is a tall and slender man. While he keeps in shape he is not overly muscular. The distinct hairless bulges on the side of his skull do quickly identify him as a non-human. The fact that he keeps his hair short emphasizes this distinct feature. He has a friendly and open face.
His upper back and shoulders are covered in scars which he caries in memory of his past.


Father Leron Edomar - 63 - Captain of a transport ship
Mother Jalara Edomar - 61 - school teacher
Brother(s) Devon Edomar - 34 - teacher of telepathy and telepathic memory retrieval
Georn Edomar - 32 - freelance diplomat and mediator
Kerat Edomar - 32 - frelance diplomat and mediator
Sister(s) Sali Edomar - 24 - student of xenopsychology

Personality & Traits

General Overview Charon is Friendly and helpful. He enjoys conversing with the people on the ship. He is an overall nice and friendly guy with a general concern for other peoples well-being.
While he is a family man who loves and cherishes his parents and siblings very much there is a tension in him whenever the topic is brought up.
He is fiercely loyal to his family and to those he calls friends.
Strengths & Weaknesses He is a very proficient doctor. His insights in medicine are far beyond what Starfleet taught him at the Academy. He does not shy from utilizing exotic or experimental methods of treatment. At times his easy going nature when it comes to experimental treatment can be a bit scary.
While he used to be a capable Counsellor too he seems to have lost his touch there.

His Telepathy is his blessing and his curse. He has an advanced control over it that few other Ullians have but nowadays refuses to use it even if there was a good and logical reason to do so. While he is usually friendly he has certain topics that if brought up shred his composure in no time. His telepathy being one of them.
Ambitions He has a strong sense of duty. He wants to help people. This extends to all living things. He takes the Hippocratic Oath very seriously.
Hobbies & Interests He plays golf on the holodeck. Something he picked up during his academy days. Apart from that he keeps fit with cardiovascular exercise.
He can often be found reading books of both literature or science when he is off duty.

Personal History Charon was born to Jalara and Leron Edomar, to average Ullians. His mother is a teacher and his father a freighter Captain on an inner system ship. After him his parents had four more children and only after his sisters birth did his mother make the decision that five children are enough. His three younger brothers are close to him in age and they grew up wild and free. Early on all of them showed signs of great telepathic potential. Young Charon could often be found fighting mental battles with his brothers and was severely punished on multiple occasions for engaging in such illicit acts. When the boys started maturing their skill grew and they entered a program to teach them the art of telepathic memory retrieval. While the two youngest of his brothers soon dropped out of the program due to a lack of interest in this art Charon and Devon had soon surpassed their masters. While Devon chose to stay and pass on to others what he had learned Charon went on to pursue other things. After a bit of searching he decided to enter Starfleet. His aptitude for Medicine was discovered and he started to actively pursue the idea of becoming a healer. With his telepathic abilities it made sense to him to take psychology and counselling courses on top of his medical ones. He passed his exams with little difficulty, often arguing with teachers about the validity of unorthodox treatment methods.
After finishing Starfleet Academy and earning his doctorate he went on to work for Starfleet medical and spent a few years working on Earth. While stationed on Earth he worked with many patients that had suffered psychological trauma during the dominion war and proved to be very apt at helping patients with PTSD.

He applied for a posting aboard a ship before 2379 and was only given an assignment in 2384 aboard the science vessel 'USS Tikuman' The ship was lost a year later along the Neutral Zone. While all members of the crew were assumed dead in the incident that was labelled an accident a number of them were held captive by the Tal Shiar for the following weeks and months. While most of the Starfleet officers were disposed off by the Tal Shiar the Ullian was kept alive and captive.

He was freed in 2387 during the Algorab Summit as a sign of goodwill from the Romulan Government. After recuperating from his two year ordeal on an extended leave he asked to be assigned to a new ship.
Service Record USS Tikuman 2384-2385
Romulan Captivity 2385-2387
USS Hera 2388 -