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Lieutenant Nathanial Summers

Name Nathanial Kristopher Summers DSci

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 35
Sexual Orientation Gay
Character Type pc

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 203 lbs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Purple implants
Physical Description Being tall and strong, Nathan has a dominating even burly appearance. However, he is surprisingly agile for someone of his stature.

Nathan keeps his fiery red hair relatively short.

Nathan's purple implants make him look more like a Xenexian than a human despite the fact that only a tiny percentage of that race possess such orbs. When he turns on his charm, his eyes, coupled with his trademark smile usually dynamite them. However, when annoyed, a single glare from Nathan would be fatal. His glare is both intense and penetrating and when used, it probably was stern enough to stop the Romulan Battle Fleet.

He is always smiling and seems to be one of those people whose facial bone structure is more inclined to smiling than frowning. Whatever the reason, natural or not, it is unlikely for this smile to wane.
Specialized Equipment Danube-class Runabout Kyrie: a gift from his uncle shortly before he died.


Spouse/Significant Other N/A
Children N/A
Father Dr. Charles Summers, MD
Mother Morgan, JD
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Harriet & Charlotte
Other Family Lieutenant Commander Raymond Grey (deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Fun loving and fond of a drink, Nathan finds it almost impossible to be serious. Though capable, he just finds it easier to be a bit casual. Nathan often finds himself the center of attention due to his bright nature. Constantly trying to entertain these audiences, Nathan sometimes finds himself laughing at the most obscure things.

It is this optimistic attitude that also fuels Nathan's determination. Not willing to give up on something when he has decided upon it, Nathan can sometimes be stubborn.
Despite his uncle's death, which he seems to have gotten over, Nathan still enjoys life and he is rarely pessimistic in any situation.
Strengths & Weaknesses (+) - Dedicated to his work
(+) - Friendly
(+) - eidetic memory

(-) - Scatterbrained at times
(-) - Stubborn
(-) - eidetic memory
Ambitions Would like to command his own research vessel in the near future.
Hobbies & Interests Reading (both real and digi-books), working out, relaxing with his friends, playing holo-novels of his favorite books, playing soccer, swimming and computer programming.

Personal History Born in Annondale, to a well off family, Nathan was fascinated by space at an early age. The Summers family consisted of Nathan, his sisters Harriet and Charlotte, and his parents, Morgan and Charles.

Morgan, Nathan's mother, was a lawyer. Having studied law at the State University of New York, she had been admitted to the bar when her second child, Charlotte, was born. She runs a successful small firm, mainly dealing with conveyancing and corporate cases. Though getting on in her years, she still has an infamous fiery streak that other lawyers fear, and Nathan seems to have inherited.

In contrast to his wife, Charles Summers, Nathan's father, is a calm, easygoing man. Being one of the few doctors in the area where he lives, he is much sought after and well respected and known by those there. He is always smiling and enjoys his job and life in general.

Nathan is the eldest of the Summers children. His sister Charlotte, 28, was always the brightest of the children and followed in her mother's footsteps to become a lawyer. Nathan's youngest sister, Harriet, is 22 and is a hairdresser.

Nathan decided at an early age to become a doctor like his father, and spent the whole of his early life trying for this goal. However space still lured, even then.

His uncle, Raymond Grey, was a lieutenant commander in Starfleet and was serving onboard the USS Republic. Whenever Cmdr. Summers found himself on leave and on Earth, he would always find his nephew latched to his arm, asking him to tell stories about space and what he had seen. Raymond gladly obliged. It was with these stories that Nathan first began to get attracted to outer space. When his uncle was severely injured in action and had to be discharged, Nathan went to live with him in South Africa.

Starting high school in South Africa, Nathan was only to stay there for two years, before his uncle died of complications from his injury. Before Raymond died, he presented Nathan with a gift; a Danube-class Runabout he had procured on a mission. Nathan loved the gift as it was the last thing he ever got from his uncle. Nathan was deeply moved and before long he grew cagey and hostile, to all but his aunt, with whom he seemed to have grown a bond. It was with her that he moved to Australia. While staying with his aunt, he was injured in am accident where he was struck bya bolt of lightening whereby he had to have his eyes replaced by cybernetic implants for which he chose to color purple.

His aunt thought that the sun would be good for him. His parents, seeing no better way for Nathan to recover from Raymond's death, agreed. Completing his schooling in North Sydney Boys High School, Nathan was academically bright enough to achieve the necessary scores for him to get into Starfleet Academy.

His path after high school was predictable. He chose to study the Sciences and for his uncle he joined Starfleet. Nathan's years at the Academy were some of his best. Studying Sciences, Nathan still kept active in his other interests such as soccer. Nathan opted to stay with the Sciences course in order to graduate on time. All those years spent arguing with his siblings had given him a rather remarkable skill in debate but they had also given him a good set of skills in diplomacy as well. Being the eldest he had always played the role of mediator.

He was sent to the USS Republic where he served as a Stellar Cartographer. Unfortunately, the Republic was decommissioned only six months into Nathan tenure. He was then sent to the Magellan and again assigned as a Stellar Cartographer. This tour lasted only a year and he was transferred to the USS Davies and promoted to Lieutenant, jg

Later he was tranferred to the USS Sentinel as an Astrometrics Officer. After three years he was finally promoted again to Assistant Science Officer on the USS Firehawk. Again his skills in Astrometrics propelled him to prominence in the region, attracting the attention of Rear Admiral Jaeden Vorik. Nathan was accompanying the Admiral on a diplomatic mission when their shuttle crashed on a small, densely jungled moon. The Admiral, Nathan and Lieutenant Subaa, their Intel Officer were the only survivors. Both the Admiral and Lt. Subaa were injured. Nathan had been fortunate to only have broken his arm.

What happened next could be considered a miracle. Nathan used what meager tools that were in his field kit to patch up the two as best he could. Eking out an existence on the moon, the three stayed there for three weeks, before Lt. Subaa repaired their communications systems and signaled for help.

Those three weeks were to have a dramatic effect on Nathan's life. He had won the Admiral's eternal gratitude for his work, but he had also, and perhaps more importantly, won Lt. Subaa's respect and admiration. So much so, that the Intelligence Officer named Nathan as his attaché, and took him along on several missions.

Upon his return, Rear Admiral Vorik, now a Vice Admiral, immediately promoted Nathan to lieutenant both out of gratitude for the shuttle crash. Nathan was also offered a position on the Admiral's staff which he declined.

When it looked like his career was at a peak, Nathan returned home to a semi-retirement, refusing all commissions. He had had enough of space for now. He spent the next 3 years earning his Masters in Climatology at Chicago University and DSci in Stellar Phenomenon the Louisiana State University. He was now ready and fired up to return to the practicing his two passions in life He may have aged, but in his mind, his skills are still sharp He asked for a transfer to the USS Hera up hearing about a Chief position. His request was granted and he was promoted to Chief Science Officer.
Service Record Ensign, Stellar Cartographer, USS Republic
Ensign, Stellar Cartographer, USS Magellan
Lieutenant, jg, Stellar Cartography, USS Davies
Lieutenant, jg Astrometrics Officer, USS Sentinel
Lieutenant, jg Assistant CSciO, USS Firehawk
M.I.A, Shuttle crash
Lieutenant, CSciO, USS Firehawk
Civilian student
Lieutenant, CSciO, USS Hera