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Lieutenant Cassiopeia Yale

Name Cassiopeia Regan Yale Md

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Ventaxian
Age 29
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Character Type pc

Physical Appearance

Height 5'09"
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description The most noticeable feature are her large, blue eyes which dominate her elfin-shaped face. She has a slender figure with long limbs and fair skin.


Spouse/Significant Other Christopher Wood - annuled
Children Alexis Karen Wood (dec.), Christopher Nathan Wood (dec.), Daniel Thor Yale (dec.)
Father Robert Yale
Mother Cassandra Yale
Brother(s) Albert, Ethan, Daniel (dec.), Caleb, Thor, Michael
Sister(s) Savannah, Vivian, Jayden, Sophia, Nadia
Other Family Numerous

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses *Very strong opinion of right and wrong.
*Extremely intelligent and organized. Able to learn new concepts and adjust to changing procedures quickly.
*Introverted - she forms friendships occasionally, but it's difficult to get her to a party setting.
*Physically strong enough to haul patients around but otherwise lacks in sports/combat strength.
*Terrified of the dark.
Ambitions To be able to return the favors she received.
Hobbies & Interests Artist - mostly works in charcoals. Sometimes water colors.
Putting together puzzles.

Personal History Within the boundaries of the Federation, countless colonies and settlements litter moons and terraformed planets. Some are governed by easily recognized institutions, other form laws based on vaguely familiar traditions. Unless something extremely cataclysmic happens on one of these colonies, they are often overlooked, nothing more than a name on a map.

Cassiopeia hails from one of these unremarkable moons. She was raised in a large family where the sole purpose for raising children was for the free labor force they provide the farming industry. By the time she could walk, she was coordinated enough to pick strawberries. And at four, milking the goats was her regular chore.

Education was also important, but technology practically eliminated the necessity of the school room. Cassiopeia always returned excellent grades on the required progress tests and was labeled "advanced for her age level." For several years, she compensated for this anomaly by moving into higher level materials. Eventually, at twelve years of age, Cassiopeia was the equivalent of a high school graduate.

It was with great hesitation that her parents allowed Cassiopeia to leave home for the one university on Luxemgera Colony (because she was the best goat milker of the batch). But, Cassiopeia had drawn the attention of the government through her schooling marks, and the offer was not to be refused.

Also not to be refused was the marriage proposal one of the professors presented the Yale family. A month before her thirteenth birthday, she was married despite her objections. Traditionally, the average age of marriage for the girls of L.C. is seventeen and nineteen for the boys (and the marriage is to fellow farmers). For Cassiopeia being married to a distinguished university professor (in the eyes of her sisters), it was like marrying a prince from a fairy tale. This was not Cassiopeia's view.

The next three years of her life passed quickly as she attended the university. She chose the medical field, and concentrated her efforts pursuing her pre-medical studies and spent any remaining time available avoiding the man she married. She wasn't always successful in that endeavor and delivered two children in this period of her life. Neither infant survived beyond a week and this traumatized Cassiopeia far greater than learning about the marriage rights at such a tender age.

Information about life beyond the Luxemgera Colony was not widely available; but there were rumors, and the whispers titillated Cassiopeia's desires to be free from the life she had come to loathe. It took careful planning to be able to stow away on an export ship. She made it on her first try with the help of one of her brothers and immediately sought political amnesty. She also filed for emancipation from her parents and an annulment of her marriage.

Cassiopeia enrolled with the Bajoran Science Institute medical program in 2381. Her application was accepted, but due to her age, many courses were unavailable unless she petitioned for special permission. Between waivers and transferred credits, Cassiopeia completed her medical doctorate at BSI in just three years, graduating in 2384. Cassiopeia choose to complete a residency in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics with Starfleet Medical. She attended Officer Candidacy School shortly after her graduation from BSI and served in Starfleet while completing her residency from 2384 to 2388.
Service Record 2381-2384 Bajoran Science Institute (Medical School)
2384-2384 Starfleet Officer Candidacy School
2384-2388 Internal Medicine/Pediatrics Residency with additional training in xenobiology (Starfleet Medical, Earth)
2388-92 - Assigned to SB328 - Medical officer
2392-94 - Assigned to SB718 - Medical officer promoted to CMO
2394 - Assigned to USS Hera - CMO