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Crewman Draex Ashir

Name Draex Bree Ashir

Position Security Officer

Rank Crewman

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 22
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Character Type pc

Physical Appearance

Height 6'7
Weight 235
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Draex is tall and muscular, built about like you would expect a heavy weight boxer or a stubborn mule. Because of his usually stand offish listening rather then talking demeanour, he tends to blend 'into the background' in-spite of his large build. He does not have any tattoos or birthmarks, but on his left arm there is a scar running down the back of his wrist. A burn mark from a welding accident when he was a teenager. There is very little fat on his body, the vast majority of his mass being dense muscle.
Specialized Equipment Phaser Pistol, Security Tri-Corder, Hand Communicator, Stun Baton


Spouse/Significant Other None
Children None
Father Alive, Yael Ashir
Mother Alive, Rane Ashir
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Grandparents are alive on both sides, fairly large branching family in spite of him being an Only Child himself.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Draex was raised in a family who did not much care for worldly things and he was brought up to listen first, ask any questions he had and besides that stay quiet and listen. That is generally how he will be found when working, silent and attentive. Though he will both on work and off duty crack the occasional joke or comment in, he will not derail the topic or conversation at hand in any major way. If he has an idea on his mind that might help the team or ship in any given situation, he will tend to share it at the soonest possible chance he can get. While he does tend to be more of a introverted person, he is plenty capable of working with others to get a job done even if he would prefer to be doing the work on his own. He does not do much with his fellows outside of work, tending to prefer to return to his quarters and study or relax on his own then mess around in the lounge. While he will normally be silent and quiet, if anything he has a personal interest in comes up and he starts talking about it, he can go on 'rants' for quite a while if not stopped.
Strengths & Weaknesses As a person, Draex is fairly easy to get along with. Hard working, quiet besides the occasional few remarks and prone to listening when orders are given out. Because of how he deals with people however, he will tend to 'white wash' issues or not deal with people issues on a personal level as seriously as he should.

Physically, he has a great deal of physical endurance and strength, not particularly surprising given his large physical size. While he is in better physical shape then for example your average Enlisted soldier, he is not anything out of the normal physically for a human in terms of physical capability. His Agility is average for your standard Enlisted soldier.

As far as skills go, he has plenty of skills in how to jury rig and make fixes for Engineering and repair related issues. He also has his Security training, meaning he is a well trained shot and capable in basic hand to hand combat if the need arises.

He lacks skills in the area of Sceince or medical fields, knowing basic first aid and more or less how to operate and understand basic scanners. But anything more advanced then that in either area and he would be lost and not know what to do.
Ambitions To get proper engineer training and become a Engineering Officer in Starfleet. Potentially become a Warrant Officer and get more specific, specialized training.
Hobbies & Interests He has interests in medieval Era history, old firearm based weapons, old military history, strategy and tactics both in space and on the ground. He also has hobbies in older skills such as leather working, sculpting and hand engraving.

Personal History Draex grew up on the Lunar Colony in a remote, off the beaten path area. It was a newly established community that did not see much in the way of travelers or traders, leading Draex to grow up relatively sheltered from the outside world. Growing up he learned the crafts of his father, engineering, jury rigging, welding, various hands on skills like that for maintaining the place with minimal proper tools and supplies. The colony itself did not have much so they had to smartly use what little they did have for the best effect. This has given him a more grounded, basic view of engineering and repairs then your standard Engineering Officer from Starfleet would have, but he can get a good enough of a job done in what ever you might need as long as it is not overly complex.

Rather then having much schooling growing up, most of what he did was hands on learning by working and doing. This was both because his father needed the help and because they did not have many educational facilities for him to learn what he would need to know. This would come back to bite him when he would try and apply for a Engineering position in Starfleet, as he lacked any actual official Engineering training and had no official certification of any proper schooling.

When he was not learning the trade from his father on how to operate the station, he would likely be found playing around with other kids when he was younger. As he grew up he gradually became a bit more distant and more introverted, going from heading out to play to staying at home, reading through old books on wars long past and battles long finished. The Medieval era especially held a kind of allure for him, something about how things were different and far simpler. The idea of being a traveling trader especially always appealed to him, sitting at the head of a horse and cart, carrying around his goods and peddling them from town to town. His interest was strong enough that he actually set about to make a European longsword in a German style. It came out fairly well and he keeps the blade with him as a sort of good luck charm. During this time was when he learned how to work leather, sculpt and engrave as a past time. He learned those skills mostly from older adults who did various reinactment styled events, leading to him as a teenager mostly hanging out and learning from adults, rather then people his own age. He considered for a time trying to become a Merchant, but his family lacked the money to even get him started and when he tried his hand as a pilot, Draex found he lacked the skill to be able to pull it off.

In the end his lack of piloting skill and pressure from his parents and peers lead him to deciding to try and pursue Engineering as a career in Starfleet, but without the ability to get any proper training or schooling his options to join Starfleet were limited. In the end he decided to join up as a Security Officer into Star Fleet and work on getting into a position to switch his MOS to Engineer and prove his capabilities in the area, thereby getting the proper training he wanted.

He did the standard Training one would expect a Security Officer to go through and ended up getting assigned to where he came from for two years, the Lunar Colony. He was assigned as Security for the Space Port, which came as something of a kick in the teeth to him since he had worked hard to leave the Moon, only to end up stuck there for two years in a job where nothing happened. After those two years were up however, he ended up getting reassigned to the USS Hera, a event that felt like a promotion all on its own to him. He naturally jumped at the chance to work on board the ship along with all the potential for getting rank but more importantly, proving himself.
Service Record Entered Starfleet at 19 Years of Age.

Trained through Starfleet Basic Training, Survival Training, Master at Arms A School. Total One Year of Training Time

Assigned to Lunar Colony Star Port as a Security Officer for Two Years. During those two years he made several arrests for misconduct by Traveling Civilians and a few Enlisted men, put a stop to three fights and played a minor role in several investigations. Overall his post was peaceful without much going wrong.

At the end of the year 2394 he was reassigned to the USS Hera. For him it was something like a promotion, going from working on board a Ship from the backwater Lunar Colony.