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Lieutenant Vaemyn

Name Vaemyn

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vorta
Age 23
Sexual Orientation Omnisexual
Character Type pc

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11
Weight 65kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Violet
Physical Description (Image sourced from the very talented Isadorabelle at

Vaemyn looks much like the countless other Vorta that manage the Dominion, despite the differences of his creation. His appearance is entirely artificial: not so attractive as to intimidate other humanoids, not so unattractive as to dissuade interest. He is neither too large nor too small, his height and dimensions precisely calculated to the mathematical average of the Alpha Quadrant species. To most eyes he is simply an ordinary, inoffensive Vorta.
Regardless he still bears the distinctive violet eyes, pale skin and elongated ears of his species, as well as black hair. Vaemyn is immune to most poisons, and indeed is capable of subsisting off minimal food and sleep. Moreover Vaemyn's eyesight is relatively poor, below the humanoid norm and barely adequate for Starfleet service, but his sense of hearing is superb, on par with Vulcan auditory capacity.
Curiously, Vaemyn is also one of the first Vorta in centuries to have a fully developed sense of taste, smell and touch. Even stranger, at the capricious whim of the Founder who designed him, Vaemyn is fully equipped and capable of sexual intercourse, albeit without reproduction. The enhancement was intended to ‘humanise’ Vaemyn and his generation of Vorta, to ease the subjugation of the myriad Federation species by intermingling amongst them as equals under Dominion rule. However it has, as a byproduct, left Vaemyn with a gift that few Vorta have ever experienced.


Father N/A
Mother N/A

Personality & Traits

General Overview Not unsurprisingly, given his origins, Vaemyn is a friendly and personable fellow. However, Vaemyn’s friendliness lacks the shallow obsequiousness that his people are infamous for, as he is surprisingly genuine in his manners. Vaemyn simply enjoys life and those who he shares it with, often opting to find the bright side to any situation, despite (or perhaps because) how he is quite acquainted with the darker acts that one can do. His moral code is self-formed, a result of his own unique experiences and travels, and as is often the case for such things, it is a code that he adheres to with pride.
Vaemyn is naturally xenophilic, taking deep joy in meeting those of other species and cultures. He does, however, have little patience for bloodshed, finding the entire concept to be horrifying in the extreme, and while Vaemyn isn’t quite a pacifist, he is certainly no warrior.
For all the differences to his fellow Vorta, there is nevertheless one thing he does share with them: a deep reverence for the Founders. However, while the Vorta as a whole have their belief programmed into him, Vaemyn was born without such programming. Instead, his reverence is derived from free will, his belief in the Founders based in a more grounded view of his creators. For Vaemyn, the Founders are not omnipotent, omniscient or immortal...but they are nevertheless superior, ultimately benevolent beings to whom he owes his life. It is indeed Vaemyn’s dream that one day, the Dominion and the Federation will join together in common unity, with the Founders taking their rightful place as one of the leaders of a new galactic order alongside the many other species that form the Federation.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
Stamina: Vaemyn has exceptional stamina, capable of functioning at near maximum capacity for days without sleep, food or water. His physical endurance is also surprisingly impressive, capable of matching human and even Vulcan marathon runners with relative ease.

Intelligence: Vaemyn is inherently very intelligent, as are most Starfleet officers. Moreover, as a Vorta, Vaemyn had a vast store of Dominion technology and science programmed into his brain at his creation. In addition to his Starfleet training, his expertise on a vast variety of subjects is quite considerable.

Logistics: Vaemyn was also programmed with a thorough understanding of logistics, politics and management. With his experience in the Dominion, as well as his time serving as a quartermaster, Vaemyn is very skilled at organisation and management.

Naive: Curiously, Vaemyn is very naive in many respects. He is inherently trusting, always preferring to believe the best in people, and is very poor at seeing through deception.

Physical Weakness: Vaemyn is physically weaker than humans, and despite his excellent physical fitness by Vorta standards, he can be overpowered with ease. His reaction time and outright speed is also severely lacking.

Poor Combatant: While trained in combat, Vaemyn is no warrior. He is a poor hand-to-hand fighter and barely adequate with a phaser.

Poor Eyesight: Vaemyn's eyesight is inferior to that of humans and most other humanoids.
Ambitions Vaemyn has very lofty ambitions. As one of very few Vorta in the galaxy with true free will, he feels it is his duty to repair his people's reputation amongst the Federation, and the best way to do it is by example. While Vaemyn thoroughly enjoys scientific inquiry and exploration, at some point he knows that he must climb the Starfleet ladder, perhaps as high as the admiralty itself. In such a place he might help to ameliorate relations between the Federation and the Dominion, and perhaps even serve as a bridge between the two superpowers. It is a highly ambitious goal and one that he knows will be decades in the future, but it is a dream that he aspires to.

In the short term, Vaemyn wants to be the guy to discover the Next Big Thing. He got a taste for exploration and adventure early in life after being released from prison, and he has no intention of stopping anytime soon.

Personal History Vaemyn is a curious individual indeed: a Vorta who possesses true free will. He was designed and created at the height of the Dominion War to be the prototype of a new type of Vorta, intended to manage the conquered Federation. Vaemyn was given various differences to his Gamma Quadrant brethren: a more honest, cheerful charisma, a more human-like appearance and strangest of all, complete free will. The eccentric Founder who designed him had become enamoured with the humans and their success in galactic politics, and thus he crafted a servant who could emulate the humans’ drive to better themselves. Thus, Vaemyn too possessed a burning desire to learn, to understand, and to grow as an individual...all as an effort to better subjugate the myriad species of the Alpha Quadrant.
The experiment failed. While Vaemyn demonstrated an excellent capacity for interacting with the Cardassians and Breen, as well as a startling aptitude for scientific endeavours and logistical management, he proved far less capable at military matters and interaction with the Jem’Hadar. As the war turned against the Dominion,, resources were allocated from the Vorta cloning project to the Jem’Hadar, and no further clones of Vaemyn were produced beyond the prototype. Thus, forgotten by everyone save the oddball Founder who had created him, Vaemyn simply continued his work as an ordinary Vorta in service to his gods while the war continued.
As a Vorta in service to the Dominion, Vaemyn carried out orders that, while he found distasteful, he nevertheless followed to the letter. It didn’t matter whether those orders commanded him to organise mass executions of prisoners, the subjugation of Cardassian civilians or attacks on Romulan hospital ships; Vaemyn followed his orders dutifully, even if he hated what he was doing. As such, he was on Cardassia during the final days of the war, as the Federation and its allies pushed on to Cardassia, driving the Dominion to a desperate last stand. Vaemyn survived the final battle. After the Dominion surrendered, he was taken into Federation custody along with millions of other Dominion personnel.
Thus came a defining moment in Vaemyn’s life. While all of his other Vorta brethren would be permitted to return home to the Gamma Quadrant, the unique circumstances of Vaemyn’s creation caused him to be judged differently by the Federation tribunal. After much deliberation it was judged that unlike the rest of the Vorta, Vaemyn possessed sufficient free will to be deemed responsible for his own actions, and as such, he was charged with war crimes and imprisoned for a period of five years. Aware that his Creator, the eccentric Founder who had made him, was also being imprisoned, Vaemyn made the request that he be permitted to stay with his Creator and serve him in prison. Bemused, but not seeing the harm, the tribunal granted his request.
What followed was three years that, in later life, Vaemyn would see as his ‘childhood’. Closeted in the cell with the Founder day and night, the two individuals began to form a relationship unlike anything seen between a Vorta and a Founder since the first meeting of the two species. Vaemyn began to see the Founder as a person rather than a divine entity, while in turn, the Founder discovered a Vorta who possessed a keen and multifaceted mind. The two of them read books while in prison, watched films, and learned of the Federation that they had tried so very hard to destroy. Gradually, over the course of years, Vaemyn and his Creator came to regret their actions...and regret the Dominion in general.
After three years, Vaemyn was judged by the Federation judiciary to have been fully rehabilitated, and after a moving testimony from the prison warden who had witnessed Vaemyn’s growth as an individual, he was released from his prison. Rather than return to the Dominion, however, Vaemyn accepted a new path, a path that his Creator had encouraged him to take: freedom. For a few years he wandered around, exploring various places in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, from the farthest reaches of the Federation to the wildest parts of the Klingon Empire. He partook in the dubious pleasures offered by the Orion Syndicates, saw the extraordinary Horta-dug caverns of Janus VI and even snuck into Romulan space (only to run straight back out with the Tal Shiar on his heels). Finally, wanting something more in his life than aimless wandering, Vaemyn contacted the prison warden who had vouched for his early release. With the warden’s endorsement, he did what he had discussed doing with his Creator all those years ago in their cell: he applied to Starfleet Academy.
The application process was severe indeed, with considerable resistance to the idea of letting a convicted war criminal into Starfleet Academy. Vaemyn was required to undergo even more stringent testing than normal, including evaluation of his character and moral fibre, but Vaemyn passed all the tests with flying colours. A joint hearing was held by Starfleet and the Federation Judiciary, with an eye to setting a precedent for the future. Ultimately it was deemed that Vaemyn's sentience at the time of his war crimes, while fully formed, was nevertheless infantile, and he should be permitted to prove himself.
While Vaemyn faced some prejudice as the first Vorta in Starfleet, he nevertheless strove to succeed. He soon found that despite the vast store of scientific knowledge that the Dominion had programmed into his brain, there was a world of difference between knowing a thing and understanding a thing. Intrigued, Vaemyn found himself drawn to the sciences, and there he found his calling unravelling the mysteries of the universe. Despite their parity in technology, he found that Federation science was often much further advanced than that of the Dominion, and he threw himself into his studies with enthusiastic fervour. A natural polymath, he strove to develop a comprehension of everything he could discover, from astrophysics to anthropology to biology, and so he began his career as a Starfleet officer, eager to learn and explore.
Service Record 2372: Vaemyn is first created on Cardassia Prime as the prototype for a new generation of Vorta.
2373: After extensive testing, Vaemyn is assigned to work in a variety of Dominion postings under supervision to assess his capabilities compared to other Vorta.
2374: The Alpha Vorta project is discontinued. Vaemyn is reassigned to work as a normal Vorta within the Dominion infrastructure.
2375: Following the end of the Dominion War, Vaemyn surrenders to Federation custody alongside millions of other Dominion personnel. He remains in Federation custody when the rest of the Dominion forces return to the Gamma Quadrant.
2376: Vaemyn is charged with war crimes against the United Federation of Planets, Cardassian Union and Romulan Star Empire. Due to extenuating circumstances, he is sentenced to five years in a Federation penitentiary.
2379: As a result of exceptional good behaviour and the testimony of the prison warden, Vaemyn is released early. Now free, he begins roaming the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, earning his way on various ships via his technical expertise.
2382: Vaemyn secures a permanent berth on the civilian survey ship Chercons as the quartermaster.
2384: The Chercons enters Romulan space. Vaemyn’s presence is discovered by the Tal Shiar, and he flees Romulan territory after being chased by Romulan agents. Vaemym applies to Starfleet Academy.
2388: Ensign Vaemyn graduates from Starfleet Academy as a science officer. He is assigned to the USS Pax.
2390: Ensign Vaemyn is assigned to Deep Space 8 on a long-term assignment to study nearby solar anomalies.
2391: Ensign Vaemyn is promoted to the rank of Lieutenant (j.g.).
2392: Lieutenant (j.g.) Vaemyn is assigned to the USS Wado-Ryu as Deputy Chief Science Officer.
2394: Lieutenant (j,g,) Vaemyn is officially commended for his work studying the indigenous population of the Kenk IV.
2395: Lieutenant (j,g.) Vaemyn is promoted to Lieutenant and reassigned to the USS Hera as Chief Science Officer.