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Lieutenant JG Telair Rybeena

Name Telair Rybeena

Position Assistant Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species El Aurian
Age 251
Sexual Orientation Straight
Character Type pc

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 205
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Caucasian skin, no scars or distinguishing marks.


Father Dr. Ornlaithen Rybeena
Mother Dr. Sylrea Rybeena
Sister(s) Eintees Rybeena

Personality & Traits

General Overview When on duty, Telair has a tendency to keep to himself, but still manages to keep many friends due to his 'extra-curricular' activities. He spends a large amount of his spare time by himself working on new ideas, although he has been known to get a bit carried away when on shore-leave. He has a bit of a reputation as a "party animal". He also enjoys a unique skill that he learned from studying the Earth archives on ancient air to air combat, a skill called "dog-fighting". He owns a special ship (a retired Andorian combat support shuttle) that he has adapted to practice this skill. Telair is also not afraid to go against the orders of his superiors if he feels it is necessary, and has been reprimanded on several occasions. It is thought that if it were not for his intellect and "special" gifts, he would have been kicked out of Starfleet years ago. Instead he managed to reach and maintain the level of Commander, before the Bajorian incident occurred. It was after this that he was demoted to the rank of Lieutenant, and placed out for reassignment. Telair was then re-assigned to the Utopia Planitia Shipyards. He recently got into a bit of trouble (on shore-leave), in a situation involving an Admirals personal shuttle... and his daughter. He was placed before the Disciplinary Board and was demoted to Lieutenant JG...something which took him a bit of work to recover from.
Strengths & Weaknesses Telair excels in weapon and defense design, propulsion system design, tactical analysis and combat theory. He is also very knowledgeable in the field of Stellar Cartography, due to his extensive travels.

His main weakness is that he just can't seem to keep himself out of trouble. Due to his longevity, he tends to get bored sometimes and do things that go against most peoples better judgment, like making moves on Admirals daughters.
Ambitions Telair is associated with a group of El Aurians that are working toward getting a planet of their own to re-establish the race. His hope is to see that occur so that his people may once again feel like something more than a bunch of scattered refugees.
Hobbies & Interests Dog-fighting, playing piano, climbing, fencing, model building.

Personal History Telair Rybeena was born in Kreeshad, a large city on the Iator continent on El-Auria. His parents both held doctorates in engineering, specializing in starship weapons and tactical systems. Telair showed an acute intelligence from a very early age, and was far advanced compared to his classmates in Standard School, allowing him to graduate early and enter into the Institutional system at a much earlier than normal age. After Basics Instruction, he chose to enter the Military system for Advanced Studies rather than continue with civilian instruction, where his talent in weapons and defensive systems design set him apart from the rest of his peers. Telair also had an adeptness in propulsion system design, but never really pursued it.

After graduation from the Iator Military Academy, Telair was assigned to an El-Auria Defense Force Scout Ship, the EIF Maltus. He was assigned to the Tactical Section as a Systems Officer, where he excelled and made several major improvements to the ships defensive systems. After 2 years, he was chosen to attend the Promarthi Fleet Shipyards Academy, where he received his doctorate in 2208. Telair was then assigned to the Prototype Division in Section 6 (this was the top secret design section, which dealt with highly classified system design), where he was placed in charge of several major high priority projects. It was also during this time that his sister was born, which was the reason that he could not be at home for this family event.

In 2217, several incidents involving the Borg occurred. Several ships were destroyed with their crews assimilated, but the El-Aurian Defense Fleet had superior weapon and defensive systems, allowing them to drive the Borg out of their system. Telair was then assigned to a heavy cruiser, the EDF Raeeshad, as head of the ships tactical systems. During this time, he never was able to visit his family, and never was able to see his sister before leaving, and was only able to visit sporadically during his time on the Raeeshad. The Raeeshad was assigned on deep space patrol missions to search for the Borg, and to destroy them before they could approach the home-world or any of the El-Aurian colonies. It was while investigating an anomaly in proximity to the Cephiraes colony that word came of the attack on El-Auria. By the time that they were able to reach El-Auria, the planet had been completely destroyed. This was in late 2265. The Raeeshad the spent the next year helping to protect the outer colonies, but they were destroyed one by one.

In the 3rd month of 2267, while Telair was at an automated defense station on an outer moon making some repairs, the Raeeshad was called to aid a colony (Xaliryeum IV) under attack, where the ship was destroyed, marooning Telair for 9 years until he was able to modify an old shuttle found abandoned at a minesite to transwarp capability. After encounters with the Klingons and the Cardassians, he finally made contact with the Federation. In 2306, he discovered that several ships of refugees had made the trip to Earth, and immediately searched them out, hoping to find his family. While Telair did not find any of his family, he did find an old family friend, Dr. Fverian Maltietra, who was working for Starfleet at the time as an Engineer at the Utopia Planitia Shipyards. It was he that put Telair into contact with Starfleet, where he was accepted into Officers Candidate School.

After graduation, he was assigned to the Utopia Planitia Shipyards to work with Dr. Maltietra, but Telair also worked for other Starfleet divisions on special assignment, including Starfleet Intelligence. Telair also attended several specialty schools during that time, including Intelligence and the Logistics and Materials Specialist Academies, and was sent out on several field assignments. It was while on Bajor on an Intelligence assignment that he learned of a group of Ktarians that had designed a new bio-neural weapon.(Ktarian bio-technology was blacklisted in the Federation). It was while making contact that he was caught by another intelligence officer, who was working to expose the Ktarians and arrest them. Telair was placed under arrest and sent to DS9 for holding and trial. This trial never occurred, and the only punishment that Telair received was a demotion to Lieutenant (which he agreed to accept) and reassignment. On 2382.09.17: Telair was re-assigned once again to Utopia Planitia Shipyards, still as a Lieutenant, in the Shipboard Emergency Systems Division. He was assigned to the development team for the new Nova Class.

During his time at the shipyards, he was in placed in temporary command of the USS Liberator during her speed trials and initial shakedown cruise. It was during this assignment that they received an emergency summons to report to the Wolf 359 system. They had been in communication with another vessel, the USS Lalo, which had been requesting emergency assistance, but they had to leave her behind on direct orders from Starfleet. The Lalo was lost with all hands (although Telair would once again have an encounter with the Lalo...many years later). Telair then returned to Utopia Planitia to head the Nova Upgrade project. It was during this assignment that he had the encounter with the Admirals daughter and received his demotion to Lieutenant JG. Telair was then assigned to the USS Archimedes as Chief of Operations, where he was once again promoted to full Lieutenant. After serving on the Archimedes for less than a year, he was once again called back to Utopia Planitia as Director of the New Orleans Class upgrade project. Here he would spend the next several years, with only a 6 month break from the yards to serve on the Akira Class vessel USS Nagasaki as Chief Engineer, and this was only to allow him to gather research data for the future Akira Upgrade Project slated to begin in late 2386. He returned to Utopia to bring the Nebula Class Upgrade Program to operational status, then was moved to the Akira Upgrade Program.

In late 2387, Telair was selected by Admiral McLaughlin to head a joint program with Cerberus Logistics Corporation to create a new logistics system that would focus on interoperability across all Starfleet assets. The outcome of this venture was Starfleet's Cerberus Logistics System, which included several new craft and vehicles being added to the fleet's operational assets list, plus significant modifications to current inventory. The Cerberus Logistics System has allowed for starships of all sizes to enhance and expand their capabilities, and allows for operational continuity across the fleet.

2186-2195 - Engineering/Temporal Mechanics Major, Quoresaum Institute
2195-2201 - Advanced Weapons and Propulsion Studies, Iator Military Academy
2203-2208 Advanced Starship Tactical, Defense, And Propulsion Systems Design and Integration, Promarthi Fleet Shipyards Academy
2306-2309 Starfleet Officers Candidate School
2318-2320 Starfleet Intelligence Academy, Technology Division
2335-2336 Starfleet Intelligence Academy, Operations Division
2341-2342 Starfleet Logistics and Materials Specialist Academy
2355-2358 PhD, Starship Systems Design Program, MIT, Active Starfleet Officer Program
2372-2377 PhD, Starship Engineering and Design Program, MIT, Active Starfleet Officer Program

Recent Fitness Report

Dr. Telair Rybeena (Lieutenant Commander) is found to be competent and both physically and psychologically fit for duty as of his last review. No special notations or exceptions documented.

Captain Steven Eldridge

"While Telair is found to be an incredible engineer, he tends to let his mouth move faster than his brain.

*Unofficial Notation*
Admiral Seth Graingersfield

"That man had never get within a star system of my daughter again, or an encounter with the Borg will seem like a playground spat."

Special Notes
Something that is not known about Telair is that he has several unauthorized connections with several other races, the most notable of these being the Cardassians. He also spent several years working on special assignments for the Starfleet Marine Corps and Starfleet Intelligence (while officially being assigned to the Utopia Planitia Shipyards), and even spent a few years working for the Klingons (before joining Starfleet). The "Bajorian Incident" is where he was caught making contact with the Ktarians while on a special assignment to Stations DS14 and DS9. The only reason he was not put in prison for life was attributed to both the need for his continued research, and his many contacts within Starfleet's highest levels. The entire incident was kept secret, and nothing is known to anybody except within the highest command levels about the reason for Telair's demotion and reassignment.

Telair has worked on the following ship classes during his tours at the shipyards: Nova, Nova II, Akira, New Orleans, New Orleans Refit, Nova Refit, Liberator, Ambassador, Nebula, Nebula Upgrade, Akira Upgrade, Curry Upgrade, and Aerie Class Upgrade. He was also in the development and implementation of the Cerberus Logistics System, the Type 11-A Shuttle, the Northstar, Polaris and Titan Transports, the Volga Class Runabout, and the Scimitar Fighter/Bomber & ground ordnance program.
Service Record 2195-2217 - El-Auria Defense Force, Second Interdiction Group
2217-2267 - El-Auria Defense Fleet, First Task Force

2195-2201 - Iator Military Academy
2201-2203 - Tactical Defense Systems Officer, 2nd Class: EIF Maltus
2203-2217 - Promarthi Fleet Shipyards (2203-2208: Fleet Academy), Prototype Design Bureau, Section 6, Ships Systems Officer, 1st Class
2217-2267 - Command Section, 3rd Division, 1st Class: EDF Raeeshad

2306-2309 - Starfleet Officers Candidate School
2309-2342 - Lieutenant Commander, Advanced Weapons Division, Utopia Planitia Shipyards (official assignment)
2342-2374 - Commander, Starship Defensive Systems DIvision, Utopia Planitia Shipyards (official assignment)
2374-2379 - Starship Propulsion Division, Utopia Planitia Shipyards (official assignment)
2379-2382 - Starfleet Shuttle,Auxiliary Craft, and Fighter Craft Division, Utopia Planitia Shipyards (official assignment)

2382.03.17: Demoted to Lieutenant and placed in Starfleet Unassigned Personnel Pool
2382.09.17: Re-assigned to Utopia Planitia Shipyards, Lieutenant, Shipboard Emergency Systems Division
2384.07.16: Disciplinary Review Board hearing, demotion to Lieutenant JG. for indefinite period of time

2384.09.13: Assigned to the USS Archimedes as Chief of Operations
2385.01.22: Promoted to full Lieutenant
2385.05.15: Assigned to Utopia Planitia Shipyards, Director of New Orleans Class Upgrade Program
2386.01.14: Assigned to USS Nagasaki as Chief of Operations
2386.05.30: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
2386.07.05: Assigned to Utopia Planitia Shipyards, Director of Nebula Class Upgrade Program (This project included several POD re-designs as well)
2386.12.09: Nebula Class Upgrade design phase completed, assigned as Director of the Akira Class Upgrade Program.
2387.02.06: Assigned to Utopia Planitia as Director of Cerberus Logistics Joint Venture Program