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Lieutenant Elodie Raintree

Name Elodie "Elle" Raintree

Position Chief Counselor

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid
Age 35
Character Type pc

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Weight 115 pounds
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Gray
Physical Description Anyone on the home world would think of her eyes as arresting; certainly being one of the very (very) few Betazoids with gray eyes meant that she got noticed. Slender (or too thin if you're talking to her guardian or his friends) and graceful owing to years of dance lessons. Generally neat and presentable; eclectic wardrobe when off duty. Generally one more layer than everyone else as she tends to be slightly cold.


Spouse/Significant Other None
Children None
Father Belyle Rynn/Elias Raintree (Guardian)
Mother Danica Rynn
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Extended family on Betazed and members of the crew of the USS Barham

Personality & Traits

General Overview Elle is compassionate and caring, always willing to listen. There is a gentleness about her that is evident in the way she treats others. Her attitude and demeanor naturally invite confidences; she gives the impression that whoever she's talking to is the most important person in the universe at that moment. She wants people to feel at ease around her and she works hard to overcome the fears that crop up among non-telepaths. She uses a variety of techniques to deal with her own issues as they arise -- sometimes, its just a matter of going camping for a couple of days, to gain some space and perspective. She has a good sense of humor and is quite social.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
- Compassionate and caring, highly motivated to help
- Intelligent
- A good listener, able to draw people out, get them to talk
- Fluent in Betazoid and Federation Standard though can speak some Vulcan and Bajoran, and knows a few 'choice' words in Klingon

- Firing weapons/martial arts - its always been hard for her to cause someone else pain especially when she can feel the pain she inflicts
- Spider venom - highly allergic
- Doesn't like to give up - can be a bit stubborn

- Helping people - seeing what her guardian's friends went through when she was growing up, feeling the pain they tried to hide after difficult missions, left a mark and formed her desire to become a counselor
- Music - especially live performances. Her guardian plays the violin and she grew up dancing to the music he played
- Peaceful, isolated places where she can relax/unwind. She hikes, swims, and camps as a way of getting away from the press of the minds of others
- Spending time with friends
- Discovering new places/things - she's a bit of an explorer

- Her first name which is why most people call her 'Elle'
- Packing light; she likes to be prepared
- Ruffles and bows ... prefers a bit of slink when she dresses up
Ambitions Understands how difficult service in Starfleet can sometimes be and is committed to helping however she can -- and if she gets to see something new at the same time, well, even better.
Hobbies & Interests - Interested in criminal and forensic psychology; continues to study
- Dancing - she'll never be a professional but she's good enough, loves the way she can express through movement, and is always trying out new forms of dance.
- Hiking/Swimming/Camping - the more isolated the better
- Reading
- Social events - she likes to cook
- Exploring the culture of worlds she visits

Personal History Elle was born on Betazoid to parents who served in Starfleet aboard the USS Barham in the Science Department. During an away mission, investigating the archeological signficance of ruins found on a deserted world, Elle's parents were killed by raiders who were employing alien technology from those ruins to evade the away team's sensors. Elias Raintree, a security officer from that away team and a close friend of the Rynns, was named as Elle's guardian when she was six years old. With her parents' death, Elle became the only Betazoid on board. Elias was a good man and while he would never replace her father, they both understood and agreed upon that, he became someone very important to her. Over time, as she got past the grief of her parents' death, she learned how to fit in on a ship of non-telepaths and by the time she was entering her teens, she was adept at shielding her mind. She could keep the thoughts of others out well enough that it became this soft background murmur.

Eventually, her guardian became the Chief Security officer and being the kind of man he was, would often invite members of his department home for dinner, or a game of poker, or a night of watching horror movies (his personal favorite). She enjoyed those evenings and came to care about the crew and their wellbeing. Now and again, she could sense the pain and grief they carried after a particularly difficult away team and while she would not intrude, she came to want very much to help. Once, when she felt the pain in one her guardian's men reaching a breaking point, she contrived to be at the replicator just as the ship's counselor was approaching. Quietly, so that no one else could hear she suggested the counselor eat her meal over by the viewport ... the place where the young security officer sat staring out at the stars, his meal forgotten. The counselor understood and a crisis was averted though Elle felt guilty about it for days, finally confessing what she had done to her guardian. There were many talks after that about boundaries and limits but also about acting to save a life. It was that event that finally made clear to her what she wanted to do with her life. She was going into the Academy and she was going to be a counselor.

When she became 17, her mother's family on Betazed reached out and invited her to spend some time with them. She talked it over with Elias and eventually decided to go though it was hard to leave him. Betazoid proved to be challenging. Her gray eyes set her apart as did the strong shields she had learned to develop as a child. After a difficult beginning, she made friends and learned to let down the outer layer of her mental shields which seemed to be enough.
Service Record - Attend the University on Betazed for her bachelor's and master's in psychology.
- Attended Starfleet Academy, Counseling Major
- Assigned to the USS Vanguard as Counselor/Diplomat. Participated in a number of away teams and became a valued member of the Captain's Senor Staff.
- Promoted to Chief Counselor, USS Vanguard.
- USS Vanguard lost, rescued from an escape pod, treated for injuries and returned to active duty.
- Assigned to the USS Hera