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Commander Rita Paris

Name Rita Helena Paris

Position First Officer

Second Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 30 (164)
Birthday Born 13 Feb 2233, San Francisco, CA, Earth
Sexual Orientation Hetero
Character Type pc

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10" / 177 cm
Weight 160 lbs / 72 kg
Hair Color Short, dirty golden blonde
Eye Color Light Blue
Physical Description "Au contraire, Miss Dauntless. I am a line officer on bridge duty of a Starfleet starship moving through the galaxy at warp 9.2, and everything that transpires on this bridge is of concern to me.” ~Rita Paris

Tall and statuesque, the curvaceous cheerful commander is possessed of a striking beauty. However, she is still quite athletic despite her seeming handicap in her buxom bosom, and can regularly be found jogging Deck Eight, sometime Deck Twelve as that is the largest deck in a Galaxy-class starship saucer section.

Dirty golden blonde hair that she keeps cut in a short but cute style, her full lips and manicured hands would mark her as rather girlish and ineffectual woman, while she is in point of fact neither. She usually wears the high-heeled boots offered as a part of the uniform for females circa 2268, which gives her an extra three inches of height, a psychological advantage that she emphasizes subtly at times by standing close to her fellow officers.

"We are the explorers who find the abandoned base that's been infested by the undead, only to rescue a stranded time traveler inside. We're the the errand runners who get caught when they run into a dark matter ion storm that plays hob with the holographics to run the crew through mazes. We're the planetary liberation team brought in to make contact with the resistance, and lead a rebellion to overthrow an alien tyrant. We've been to worlds that weren't really there, and seen thought manifested as reality. We keep company with beggars and gods. We, Miss Az'Prel, are the USS Hera."

"Fair question, but I doubt you're going to care for the answer," Paris replied calmly. "Our time-traveling niece from the future offered a few cryptic warnings, some spoilers, if you will, before going back to the future. This was one-" Paris tabbed up a brief clip of Kodria offering, "Two, the Saurian Brandy is poisoned. Also-"

Eyeing the six-armed cyber pirate's expression of dubious disbelief, Paris spread her hands and shrugged broadly. "What? I was born 163 years ago in an alternate universe! This sort of thing happens every Tuesday for me. It doesn't make the information any less valid."
Specialized Equipment URBAN DICTIONARY


The ultimate in perfection. A beautiful, hot, sexy, intelligent and successful person that you can't help but, want to be with all the time. She's clumsy, and gets nervous, and scared very easily. She loves surprises, hugs, and loves to be around with a lot of people. She's also very mature, and loves to play around. She makes tons of friends, quite easily. She's very talkative (in a good way) and loves to start conversations. One who thinks she’s not pretty, but is the most gorgeous person you've ever seen. She has big dreams, and will end up with all she has ever dreamed of, because she didn't take advantage of what she had, when she was younger. She's caring and thoughtful. Better not let this one get away. She loves romance, and has to go on the perfect first date. Also known as the coolest girl on the block.

Catchphrase in the command chair: "Let's go!"

Bracers of Hera

On each wrist is a rather large and crude bracer made of bronze. They are inscribed with representations of a sun on the right bracer and a moon on the left. Capable of erecting a 1m diameter shield of blue energy that is resistant to most forms of energy as well as solid matter. The shield can be overloaded if sufficient sustained energy is applied against it, as well as a sudden immediate overload.

The true wonder of the bracers is that they grant the wearer access to 240 kilograms of extradimensional space that is accessed by the wearer's will. Within, she has not only a stockpile of archaic melee weapons of varying sizes and mass, but Paris also stores her EVA armor inside the space. The weapons can be called to the hand by an act of will and a flick of the wrist. So too can the armor be summoned or dismissed.

Standard Starfleet issue they are not. Collected from the Amazons of Meroset 347, they are currently worn by the Security officers of the USS Hera, whose leader is, of course, Paris.


Spouse/Significant Other Sonak of Vulcan, Kelvin Timeline escapee
Children Not yet... Rita plans to kick around the galaxy for another 5 years before they settle down and raise pointy-eared brilliant little blonde kids.

But they does have names already chosen.
Father Clifford Paris, CDR RET 2202-2289
Mother Valentina Vostock Paris 2214-2239
Brother(s) Albert Michael Paris, CDR RET 2235-2346

~All Kelvin timeline. Rita shares no kinship with the Paris family of the Prime timeline, and avoids contact with them~
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family There were various senior fleet officers considered 'uncles' and 'godfathers' about the Starfleet brass who were cordially inclined toward her, all dead for nearly a century now and in an alternate reality. Rita name-drops the golden age of the five-year missions like a champ.

Personality & Traits

General Overview "My name is Rita Paris. I was born in 2233, a month before Jim Kirk. I graduated Starfleet Academy in 2255, went missing in action in 2259, listed as killed in action in a transporter accident onboard the USS Constitution, even according to official records today. I was recently reassembled into matter in the modern day, and reinstated in Starfleet. This is not our reality of origin, however. The reality from which I originate from was an accidentally created and since aborted reality. My husband Sonak was once the sole surviving Kolinahr in the universe after Nero destroyed Vulcan. Both of our local analogues are long dead, and apparently we 'recast' their fates, according to the Master of Gol I married."

Smart, sarcastic, capable and she knows it. Rita has toned down over the years to become more of a level-headed executive officer. She no longer uses her sexuality overtly, though she is intimately aware of the effect that she has on people and is perfectly capable of using it for effect when she chooses. However, she tends to motivate through other means, trying to encourage her fellow officers and crew to work hard out of espirit de corps.

Years were spent learning the command track under Stuart and Sonak, under the glass ceiling that existed in the fleet in regards to women in command of starships in 2268. Back then she was simply biding her time, taking rotations in each primary position. In the Academy she specialized in communications. In her first shipboard command, she served as navigator. Then she mastered the helm position while serving as second officer, defining her career goals which became somehow less important to her with a relationship in her life. On the USS Hera, far in the future from that career, with the reshuffling of weapons control to tactical, Paris returned to take the helm of the Hera. But upon meeting the young Miss Dox, she realized she was not the most skilled candidate for the job, while she had other work to do in simply being first officer. Currently she heads the Security department as well, numbering 47 Amazons and 7 male officers.

After being accidentally catapulted, lost in time and space to the Hera, Rita Paris has adapted to the modern day and become quite the accomplished pilot, and a natural second in command and mentor. Starfleet still boldly goes, and they still need bold explorers, so she has found her own way to fit into the modern day.

Strengths & Weaknesses While she outwardly appears cheerful, confident and friendly, perhaps a bit cheeky, internally Paris tends to be inwardly neurotic, often questioning her own decisions and choices. Perennially fearful of inadvertently offending, her lack of xenobiological knowledge of other species and cultures can be problematic for her. Paris never knows when she might offend or why, and takes pains to explain that she is merely ignorant, not willfully undiplomatic. With the number of planets and races each planet of the Federation has put forth, she's a bit lost at catching up with the rest of the universe.

Lovers for years, Rita and Sonak always comported themselves completely professionally on duty and about the ship. Yet their relationship behind closed doors has ever been one of passion, mutual exploration, personal growth and more- for it seems that even a Vulcan kohlinar can know love. With him by her side once more, Rita's confidence practically redoubled and she is far less prone to anxiety and hesitation.

In the beginning of her career she was not genuinely ambitious, but driven to impress her father, Commander Clifford Paris. She had always been made to feel second best, as her father was deeply misogynistic, and thus dismissive of her achievements, despite her being the eldest child. He had pinned all of his hopes on her younger brother Albert, to carry on the family name and continue the Star Fleet tradition. Which, as it turns out, was a good idea, as the Paris line is still going strong in Starfleet today thanks to Albert Paris and his lineage.

A transporter accident that her father arranged left Rita as a warp ghost; trapped as a sentient energy field that 'haunted' the USS Constitution for nearly the entirety of its five-year mission. When she was reconstituted, the shattered woman spent two years recovering from the madness that overtook her in her isolation, and today she is mentally healthy due in no small part to Sonak's influence.

Yet she still swears whenever she transports she can feel it taking her apart and reassembling her, and she always feels some of her is left behind somehow. While her recent experience has reinforced her anxiety attacks when even considering or being near transporting, actually transporting would likely bring on a full-fledged nervous breakdown. To Rita Paris at least, it seems the universe keeps upping the stakes with each accident, and she has a not unreasonable apprehension that she is justifiably terrified of what might happen next time.

It is a guarantee that Paris will always seek another way to travel if at all possible, often taking shuttles.

Between being torn from the time and dimension that she knew was jarring, as was being separated from Sonak, fearing him gone from her life for good. But once he received coordinates from her as to where she could be found, he unrelentingly traversed time and space to reunite with her.

At this point, she is still wearing her 'classic' Starfleet minidress uniform, with the addition of black leggings instead of hosiery and pipsd on her collar so her rank can be read by modern officers. A custom comm badge that replicates her 'classic' Starfleet emblem is gravity magnbet adhered to her chest. The look immediately marks her as a living anachronism, but Captain Telvan has allowed it after a heartfelt plea. It sets her apart on the Hera and in Starfleet; but for Paris it was originally an act of desperation, trying to hold onto some shred of her identity. Now it sets her apart, and she isn't certain why, but she feels it is important somehow.

While she has the standard uniform options available, for now she is still wearing her classic TOS uniform. like the living spirit of the 23rd century, as they approach the 25th...
Ambitions For many years her ambition was to command a starship- to be one of the few female captains in Starfleet. Not for herself or the right reasons, but just to validate herself to her domineering father... which, of course, was always doomed to failure. Then she chose to take great pride in keeping the Exeter running for the captain and first officer under whom she served. She enjoyed her education at the hands of her senior officers, and her ambition was to make the Exeter the toast of the fleet.

Then came the next transporter accident.

Lost in time and dimensions, Rita did her best to adapt to a future that wasn't hers, on a ship she barely understood. But being a woman driven by determination, chutzpah and her pioneer spirit that pushes her into the unknown, she strove to adapt and make herself useful. Honest and forthright, she accepted Captain Telvan's offer to be her First Officer, and the cheerful commander is settled into the new routine. For now, her ambition is to serve the Hera, serve Starfleet and do some good in the galaxy. Accolades mean nothing- all of the amazing feats she and Stuart and Sonak accomplished are completely unknown in this timeline, in a dimension that no longer exists. Which just proved to her that fame and glory are nothing- what matters is who you are at the end of the day, and what you stand for. So now, Rita has a new ambition.

To stand for the principles of old Starfleet, from the more innocent times of her day. To make a difference in the universe while exploring, discovering and elevating the experience of sentients everywhere. To do some good, even if no one ever hears of it.

To help usher in a better age... for the next generation.

Hobbies & Interests Running Deck 8 or 12, sexual aerobics, judo, vegetarian cuisine, Starfleet history, 1940s swing dancing. Once collected glow in the dark toys, has not found any in the future but they clutter her anachronistic office. Spends a lot of time crossing the deck moving rapidly at a martial pace from one destination to the next. Workaholic but schedules date nights, runs on the holographic hulls of starships and cooks.

Personal History Pretty much covered above, or will be covered in flashback in some form.
Service Record Rita Helena Paris, born 2233

2251-2255 Cadet, Starfleet Academy
2255-2257 Ensign, Planitia Utopia shipyards, Communications
2257-2258 Ensign, USS Antares NCC 501, Communications
2258-2258 Starfleet Tactical School
2259-2260 Lieutenant JG, USS Farragut NCC 1702, Navigation
2260-2260 Lieutenant, USS Constitution NCC 1700, Chief Navigator
2260-2264 MIA, existed as warp field 'ghost'. Recovered 2264, USS Constitution NCC 1700
2264-2265 Lieutenant, assigned to Starfleet Psych on medical leave, Starbase Command
2265-2268 Lieutenant Commander, 2nd Officer, USS Exeter 1706
2268 Listed as MIA after transporter malfunction on Ajilon Prime, Kelvin Timeline
2395-2395 Lieutenant, Chief Helmsman, USS Hera NCC 79010, Prime Universe
2395-2396 Lieutenant Commander, First Officer, USS Hera NCC 79010
2396- Commander, First Officer, USS Hera NCC 79010