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Hera's Crew Choice

The Hera's Crew Choice award is a very special award. It is strictly decided by the crew through nominations for the award. There should only be one nomination per writer/player on Hera, and the award will be given out a couple times a year. When nominating someone for this award, you should be evaluating and reflecting on the characters that they have created, the writing that they have done with the characters, the devotion that put into these characters, and how essential that they have made themselves. This award may be given to anyone who has been a part of the crew, regardless of time spent or post count.

Category: Both
Awarded: 3 times

Commander Rita Paris
Sun Feb 24th, 2019 @ 11:53pm
For the amazing character examination story, "I Am StarFLEET." A single story that both defined the character of Rita Paris, her friendships and place in the crew and expressed everything that the U.S.S. Hera stands for.
Commander Rita Paris
Fri Jan 11th, 2019 @ 2:26am
Commander Rita Paris is, in many respects, the glue that holds the Hera together and the Engine that keeps her moving.

An instrumental figure in organizing key arcs and keeping stories alive and bringing other characters together.
Commander Rita Paris
Sun Oct 14th, 2018 @ 10:21am
For keeping all us rascals up and going, recruiting new personnel, answering a million questions, and keeping us all feeling good.