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Rest and Relaxation and a Wedding

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The crew of the USS Hera finally get a break, or so it would seem. Schwein and Thor finally get married and the crew are invited to Valhalla for a vacation of sorts and to attend the wedding.

Part of Season 5

Valhalla Interrupted

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A few hours after the wedding, a fleet of mysterious, cloaked ships in the shape of manta rays attacks Asgard demanding the remains of Starbase 336 and the body of Iapetus. The Ensuing battle is glorious and dramatic.

Part of Season 5

Hunt or Be Hunted

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Having left the Baroness von Alcott in Valhalla with her husband Thor, the Hera now embarks upon ending the threat of Riov Dalia Rendal once and for all. Intel places her once again deep in Romulan territory, but the information source seems suspicious and is likely a trap. Solution - spring the trap. With the help of the Reunificationists, the trap is sprung and the crew live to save the day again.

Part of Season 5

Final Countdown

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The Hera is in a race against the clock. Dalia Rendal has finally deployed a series of cloaked, long range warp missiles against several targets loaded with protomatter warheads designed to wipe out all life and turn the planets into barren lifeless rocks. Will the crew be able to stop all three cloaked missiles in time or will three Federation applicant worlds be wiped from existence?

Part of Season 5

Showdown at Hera Corral

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Dalia Rendal has finally been cornered in her lust for greed while trying to get more data and a sample of Primordius. Thanks to a trap set up by Admiral Meowlith, The Hera crew are able to savor a final showdown with the Tal Shiar Captain.

Part of Season 5

Something Amiss

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The Hera has finished being repaired from her near destruction during an encounter with pirates and has received her first assignment. Why does it include Top Secret Orders from Starfleet Command though?

Part of Season 2

Devotion of Time

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Interim mission between rescuing Aewia and finding the location of a Romulan research facility.

Part of Season 2

Reman Z

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The Hera investigates the Romulan deep space research station that's developing a deadly and malevolent virus. What they find is something that could change the course of history for the worse and wipe out all life as they know it.

Part of Season 2

Temporal Kickback

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Because of Borg probe vessel 48379 the Hera is pulled into a temporal rift and thrown back in time to the 2240s near a planet called Axanar. Can they figure out how to get home before they get dragged into one of the most influential battles in Klingon-Federation history?

Part of Season 2

The New Sydney Fiasco

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The Hera has returned but it's the wrong year. The ship is sent to New Sydney to both rendezvous with the office of Temporal Investigations and to take another captain into custody.

Part of Season 2

Where Angels Fear to Tread

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The crew is trying to settle into their new place in the year 2392 and though history may have changed a little, everything has settled fairly well. That is, until they receive a distress call from an ancient ship that seems to be at least half a million years old...

Part of Season 3

Talosian Perversions

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It's suspected that ships have been visiting Talos 4 and the Hera as been assigned to resupply these ships and ask a few questions about them.

Part of Season 3

Romulan Brainwashing

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The Hera has to track down a full on Romulan D'deridex in the JFS47 stellar nursery for various reasons. Unfortunately, they find the Hera first and crew members go missing, only to turn up a day later with no memory of their abduction.

In the end, the crew of the Hera will discover something incredibly more sinister is actually controlling the Romulans.

Part of Season 3

Refit Rondo

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After the ship's decisive battle with a mind controlling cockroach humanoid race that had a D'deridex under their power, the Hera limps home and gets a well deserved refit at space station Mckinley.

Part of Season 3

Cardassian Mayhem

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The Hera has finished her Intel refit and has been sent on a mission investigating an old Cardassian bio-weapons facility in the badlands. The last three teams sent never returned and recovery is preferred, but unnecessary. The Hera's new sensor pod may be the only one in Starfleet that can cut through the interference that deep in the badlands, which makes her and her new support craft uniquely qualified for this mission.

Part of Season 3

Death is in the Details

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The Hera is sent back in time using a slingshot maneuver over the sun BEPI 113. Any knowledge of this star has been removed from all known databases so even finding it is nearly impossible without prior 'arrangements' made with secret organizations.

In the year 2160, the crew has to track down the location of an Orion genetic research facility thought to be run by the master of the prior stations. Infiltration and destruction are preferred, but the crew have to maintain temporal isolation during the mission.

Part of Season 3

When Iconians Deserve to Die

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The Master's plans are unfolding and the trail leads into a deadly OORT cloud right into the jaws of a two hundred thousand year old death trap.

Part of Season 3

Curing the Black Blood

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The USS Hera searches for a cure for the Black Blood plaguing the crew. Hints and folklore say that the Goddess Danu's cauldron can cure any ailment, but locating it could be harder than they're prepared for. The crew must infiltrate a pre-industrial society and locate Danu in her sanctuary temple on a planet known only as NGC-193475 in the Federation database but known as 'Granweh' to the locals. Blending in and adhering to their customs and rituals to gain an audience with Danu might be the easy part, as the crew finds out.

Part of Season 4

Holographic Horrors

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Due to a freak dark matter ionic storm throwing the Hera into a tizzy, the holodecks malfunction and release several holographic horrors into the rest of the ship. Unfortunately, the ship-wide emitters are locked as well, the safeties off. Will the crew be driven mad by the random holographic scenarios before they can regain control of the ship, or will this be the end of the crew of the USS Hera?

Takes place 2 weeks after the last mission
Stuck in the storm for several days
1 week after escape, we arrive at the Artan Orbital Fortress

Part of Season 4

Hera v Hera

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The crew of the Hera heads to Meroset 347 where Hera herself has issued a challenge to the vessel that has inherited her namesake. There they must overcome Minotaurs, Harpies, Amazons, and marble soldiers in order to sooth the irate woman's anger before she destroys the ship. While they do this, they learn of the plight of the natives to this planet and the hardships they've faced during Hera's reign. The Prime Directive comes into question as they must decide the Goddess's ultimate fate.

It turns out Hera returned because she's pissed at Zeus again because he really couldn't keep it in his pants and she's sending her minions out across the galaxy, harassing civilizations and trying to kill off all his other progeny, including about 40 sentient races, several other gods, etc... Included are Humans, Romulans, Trill, Vulcans, Cervan, Pomtol, and many others.

The initial plan is to go to the planet she's set up operations on currently, a primitive planet of Zeus's offspring that she's torturing, and assess the situation. Use the Selune and Thor to land a covert ops party while the Hera takes a more direct path in. The away teams are to find Hera's power generator and disable it and disable her army's base infrastructure while the ship uses wipe beam phasers to disable her armies and disable her outer defenses using the stealth plating in harrying tactics.

After that, the crew need to reassess the status of the Goddess and determine her future in Federation space. Will diplomacy win out or will Hera's wrath force the crew's hand in the end?

Part of Season 4

Escaped Pantheons

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The Hera is sent to a world in the galactic core where reports of sightings of ancient deities have been made. Not just a few times, either. Hundreds of reports have filtered in through diplomatic channels. Aphrodite, Frigga, Hermes, Hercules, Erebus, Loki, Anubis, Sheva, Ra, Bahamut, and even Molor have been supposedly spotted and identified, along with many others that can not be identified due to a lack of database information. The USS Hera has been dispatched to the New Texas system where they will meet with a diplomatic attache about this and further investigate the issue.

What they find is a world ship with a castle at its core filled with what can only be described as elves with eight meter tall summoning stones summoning them back into this realm using the power of the titans.

Part of Season 4

Section 31-B

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The Hera is sent to a remote planet near Breen space where an old Section 31 facility just transmitted a distress signal. Will there be a rescue mission or will they be wiping out an old experiment gone wrong? What will they find locked in those vaults?

Part of Season 4

Earthly Visitation

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The USS Hera takes a bit of shore leave to visit Earth and while the crew relaxes, a few old friends decide to say hello.

Part of Season 4

Dance of the Valkyries

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Odin, against the wishes of the Federation, has sent his Valkyries to attack Starbase 336 and the USS Hera is one of the only ships in range. The crew will have to fight a prolonged space battle against chariots and pegasus mounted Valkyries in orbit of Galorndon Core as well as ground based boarding action defenses against spear maidens aboard the station itself. Why has Odin ordered such an attack at this time? What does he hope to gain? What is Command hiding in the inner depths of Starbase 336?

Part of Season 4

Recovery Trek

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After the recent mission involving the slumbering Titan Iapetus, Starbase 336, and the Aesir, the USS Hera is headed to DS9 for repairs and resupply. What adventure and insight awaits the crew at this juncture?

Part of Season 4

Gaia Reborn

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After having dealt with the remains of the Titan Iapetus, which was being experimented upon by the Tal Shiar and Starfleet Intel Command and assaulted by the Aesir, the crew of the Hera get an urgent call to arms. Gaia has reformed from the dark matter ion storm the USS Hera previously encountered, and is using a protomatter 'weapon' similar to the Genesis device to not only wipe out any life on planets and moons she comes across, but reseed life on it afterwards, leaving behind a utopia of flora and primitive but deadly fauna.

Part of Season 4

Primordial Mysteries

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The Hera is thrown out of the frying pan and into the fire when the crew use an experimental quantum jump drive, taking them to the location of Primordis. Within a day, the Titanic being is finished consuming the local system and is preparing to move on to another star. Will they keep him from consuming all the stars in the sky? Will they return him to his slumber before trillions are left to freeze to death? Or will he just go on consuming every star in his path like an angry, all consuming ice cream cone of death and destruction?

Part of Season 4


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A collection of side stories while the USS Hera makes its way back from the encounter with Primordius to the Artan family orbital fortress.

Part of Season 4

Fractured Fairy Tales

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The Tribunal started by Enalia Telvan against her mother has come to a head and the family is split so that eight of the Baronesses support the Princess but the four old guard Baronesses still support the retired Queen Artan and support her outrageous plan of forcing Enalia to give up genetic material to create an heir so the Queen can raise it.

As this has caused a loss of stability in the sector, Intel Command has authorized a covert mission to deal with it... But not with the USS Hera. The command crew and hand picked members of the USS Hera will have to enter the world of the Artan family and not only complete the Tribunal, but board the Captain's personal Miranda class ship and battle it out with her mother for the control of her own fate and the fate of countless others.

During the space duel, a crescendo of plasma fire will rake across each ship, the Princess in her Miranda class and the Queen in her hers, proving the command abilities and skills of each, but it won't be until the boarding action until we see the final death blow. What chaos, mayhem, and sorrows will await us in these corridors?

Part of Season 4

Mudd on the Souls of Mankind

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A warning from Kodria that seems to be from before she was frozen but contains clips from after she was frozen and in the future is delivered warning of Mudd and his daughter changing the Federation's future to try and create the Terran Empire. The crew of the Hera must travel through time to stop him.

Part of Season 4

Family Detention

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Senator t'Ruul, Dox's grandmother, and Dalia Rendal, a Captain in the Tal'Shiar has kidnapped Lieutenant Dox and her mother to help complete her research into the Titan Gaia's protomatter weaponry. The crew of the Hera must rescue them and prevent that data from falling into the hands of the Tal Shiar. Unfortunately, goodbyes may need to be said before we are ready and Riov Rendal escapes with a significant amount of data.

Part of Season 5

Neutral Zone Neutrality

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The USS Hera performs an incursion into the Romulan Empire, making a risky crossing of the neutral zone and deep into Romulan space to meet with Reunificationists to learn about the Tal Shiar and specifically about Dalia Rendal. The stealth plating works admirably other than for people looking out a window so little trouble is had.

Part of Season 5

Bachelorette Bash

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Loki appears with Baroness Schwein von Alcott and declares himself the organizer for a traditional Asgardian Royal Bachelorette party.

Part of Season 5

Dedjoy System Mystery

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A missing science vessel dispatched to the Dedjoy system is cause for investigation and the USS Hera is the only ship equipped and authorized to investigate.

Part of Season 5

Back Down the Long Ladder

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The USS Hera and Captain Telvan specifically is asked to investigate some issues on a backwater Federation member planet.

Part of Season 5

Born and Reborn

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Dox, Mona and their entourage go to Miradon for the birth of the chicks and a small vacation while the Hera investigates Rendal's latest shenanigans.

Part of Season 5

Return to the Core

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The crew of the USS Hera are ordered to secretly investigate the recent transgressions of the IRW Iurret and several other of Rendal's allies at the former location of Starbase 336, galorndon Core. They find that she's been testing similar singularity technology to what Gaia used to leave this universe and they've been sending probes in and out of the singularities they've been creating.

Part of Season 5

Heart and Soul

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Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Hera. Its continuing mission: to defend the Federation from threats within and without using those same founding ideals and with freedom of heart, mind, and soul.

This mission details the daily lives of the crew of the Hera - their hopes, dreams, goals... Because those are the hopes, dreams, and goals of the great vessel herself.

Part of Season 5

The Bulikaya Particle

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The dimension-spanning adventures spawned from the mysterious dimension-spanning particle.

Part of Season 5