Season 3

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The Master's plans are coming together and the Hera must travel all over the quadrant and even through their own history searching for answers in order to hunt him down before he dooms them all.

Group Post Count: 676

Included Missions

Where Angels Fear to Tread

Post Count: 60

The crew is trying to settle into their new place in the year 2392 and though history may have changed a little, everything has settled fairly well. That is, until they receive a distress call from an ancient ship that seems to be at least half a million years old...

Talosian Perversions

Post Count: 152

It's suspected that ships have been visiting Talos 4 and the Hera as been assigned to resupply these ships and ask a few questions about them.

Romulan Brainwashing

Post Count: 4

The Hera has to track down a full on Romulan D'deridex in the JFS47 stellar nursery for various reasons. Unfortunately, they find the Hera first and crew members go missing, only to turn up a day later with no memory of their abduction.

In the end, the crew of the Hera will discover something incredibly more sinister is actually controlling the Romulans.

Refit Rondo

Post Count: 73

After the ship's decisive battle with a mind controlling cockroach humanoid race that had a D'deridex under their power, the Hera limps home and gets a well deserved refit at space station Mckinley.

Cardassian Mayhem

Post Count: 65

The Hera has finished her Intel refit and has been sent on a mission investigating an old Cardassian bio-weapons facility in the badlands. The last three teams sent never returned and recovery is preferred, but unnecessary. The Hera's new sensor pod may be the only one in Starfleet that can cut through the interference that deep in the badlands, which makes her and her new support craft uniquely qualified for this mission.

Death is in the Details

Post Count: 101

The Hera is sent back in time using a slingshot maneuver over the sun BEPI 113. Any knowledge of this star has been removed from all known databases so even finding it is nearly impossible without prior 'arrangements' made with secret organizations.

In the year 2160, the crew has to track down the location of an Orion genetic research facility thought to be run by the master of the prior stations. Infiltration and destruction are preferred, but the crew have to maintain temporal isolation during the mission.

When Iconians Deserve to Die

Post Count: 221

The Master's plans are unfolding and the trail leads into a deadly OORT cloud right into the jaws of a two hundred thousand year old death trap.